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  1. Not sure I've seen that issue in my save so far. It would be like your assistant saying to concentrate more on getting the team talks right... what team talks??
  2. I'm currently in mid March, second season, with Man Utd. My scouting pool has filed 111 reports from South America, 108 of them Brazilians, and just 3 from Argentina. I have both leagues loaded there, including the Chilean one. I set the filters of the scouting in that region, as with all regions I scout in, to no older than 19, with a PA of at least 4 stars. How the hell are there that many quality Brazilians popping up over there, miles more than other countries there, and even way higher than all of Europe, where my scouts do Central Europe, Eastern & Southern. There was 46 reports in total from Central Europe, Southern & Eastern combined, but 111 in South America, finding players from just two countries. My scouts are not finding any Spanish ones for example, even though I have a Central Europe assignment in place. I had to manually set one for Liga Adelante and the Spain Under 19's just to find some. With limited scouting assignments on FMC, it's makes it a tad tricky to find regens when your scouting pool seems greatly lacking when doing their rounds in Europe. I keep seeing players appearing at City, Arsenal, Chelsea etc who I don't know about at all, because my scouting pool is missing regens in Europe quite badly. That's nowhere near an issue, though, as the cloning factories they seem to have built in Brazil, as I mentioned above. I am really enjoying FMC, but the regen issue is becoming exactly that, a real issue. Are others finding the same to be happening?
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