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  1. I'm increasingly finding in my save that my striker (4-2-3-1) hardly ever shoots at goal, let alone appears in key moments. I find that 95% of the team's shots come from the two wide men or AMC and the two central mids. I have tried Rooney as AF, CF and now trying F9 just in hope he actually shoots at goal for once. Even in games where we have 30 shots, Rooney will have no more than 1 or 2 of those.
  2. I haven't used any unlockable, don't want to. It was silly in season 1 that the Board had the Semi's of the UCL as a minimum expectation for Man Utd. I have somewhat built a good team but it's much harder on this version to do so with the spiralling cost of transfers these days. A £60mil budget is not what it used to be, to say the least.
  3. If team talks get added, they should be more simplified as well, not a hundred options of what to say, but just a few, half dozen or so. I agree with individual training, again simplified as mentioned above.
  4. The Fan's Confidence in me has dropped even further since my last post, going from 49% down to 44%, even with us still leading the title race and making the Semi's of the UCL, by dispatching the powerhouse of Bayern Munich in the quarters, where we had a rousing 3-0 win at home to win 3-2 on agg. What did the fans think of us beating the powerhouse Bayern? They said it was, Okay. So, leading the EPL ahead of the strong Chelsea, beating the strongest team atm in Bayern, reaching the Semi's of the UCL where we just beat Dortmund 2-0 at home in the first leg, means the fan's confidence continues to drop in me, at an all-time low of 44%. Makes me wonder what they expect from me.
  5. I get this a few times a season when we draw or lose. Just got a 2-2 at Villa and they were devastated. Okay, Villa aren't going that well this season, but we got a 2-2 result during a busy time of the season away from home, with the UCL quarters being the next game. Whenever we draw away to a rival, they're devastated as well, to lose to a rival, yes, lose, when the score was 1-1. I was looking through my recent results for the fan's reactions to each one, talk about hard to please! Aston Villa 2 - 2 Man Utd - Poor Reading 0 - 1 Man Utd - Okay Man Utd 2 - 0 Juventus (on agg) - Okay Man Utd 3 - 0 Norwich - Good etc... The only time we get a good, or very good is when we hammer opponents, by more than 3 goals. I've even had results where we won 4-1 and the reaction was just okay. The Fan Confidence, overall for this season, is just Okay, at 49%. This is with us leading the League with 6 games to go, and in the Quarters of the UCL after beating Juve in the first knockout. We were unlucky in the Quarters of the FA Cup due to the awful scheduling of having the 5th Rd FA Cup each season just three days before the first leg of the UCL knockout stage. We've won 7 games this season by 5-0 to 7-0, and only conceeded 16 goals in the League from 32 games. I don't know if the Fan's Confidence thing is buggy or not, or they're just incredibly hard to please. We lose by a goal, or battle to an away draw and they're devastated, we win by 3 or 4 nil and it's just good, and sometimes just okay.
  6. My assman says the same a lot in matches that we're being seriously overrun in midfield, at a time when we've had 65% of possession, 13 shots to 2, and leading 3-0, in the 65th min. You can guess that I don't change things to suit his advice.
  7. Thanks tieio, I dont actually know what FMRTE is. It's a risk I'm not sure I wish to go for, especially it causes problems for the team.
  8. Yeah, FMC. I've found playing around with it can do certain things differently to just having the assistant do it.
  9. I managed to recall Angelo Henriquez in the January window, the option became enabled under, 'More Actions.' We were paying all his wages.
  10. Found any funny named regens? I noticed this guy on Chelsea's roster, quite a good PA for him too. His name is priceless, sounding like some character you'd see on Sesame Street or a kid's show. I still find great enjoyment whenever I see his name. Here he is: http://gyazo.com/c80b900c50fd476194b91cbeb4e6c1b6
  11. This is my first FM since the beloved FM07 which I played for many years. I want to know some things about this training system. I will put the side on Fitness training for about the first three weeks when they come back from holiday, and then choose Team Cohesion leading up to the season start. After that, I usually switch to Balanced. When you have one of them selected, say, 'Attacking', does that just mean it's a focus area, and they continue to also work on the other areas as well, but not as much as the focus? I did notice recently that when I tried the, 'Attacking' focus, we scored 6 goals in the next game, just 5 days after switching to that as the focus. It gave me ideas to maybe switch the focus to say, 'Tactics' with a tough away fixture 4 days down the road, etc. I was just wondering if I am on the right track with my thoughts or am I wildly off course? I did notice an array of goals when I switched to Attacking, though.
  12. I was looking around for a new Assistant but couldn't too many with the stats I was after, just looking for Assistant Managers. I then decided to look for Head of Youth Development and found some that had rather tasty stats for being an Assistant, though their star rating for being one was very low. In this game, is it best advised to just search for staff titled as Assistant Manager, or can you sign one that isn't, put them in the role, and they will adapt to it? This guy below has fantastic stats for an Assistant, and when I clicked on, 'Approach to Sign', he went into talks about it, so was interested in the job. I saved the game at this point and not sure whether to go for him at end of season, worried that his low Assistant star rating might be an issue early on. Here's a pic of the guy's profile and ratings: http://gyazo.com/2fd6b71084eb2cb8f192123433aaef39
  13. I've read some posts on other forums by the more hardcore, full-version crowd, where they look down on FMC, like it's some diet version for the annoying casual gamers crowd. I wouldn't give a flying toss if anyone made such comments at me, that I was some baby who couldn't handle the full version man's game. Play whichever version suits you, that's all it comes down to in the end. I applaud SI for creating Classic, as some players had lost FM due to the rising level of commitment the game needed, which was beginning to become overwhelming for some, due to several reasons. As far as some who say it's easier, let them sit in front of an FMC game and watch their team playing well below expectations, and then realise they can only fix it with tactics, not by some well chosen, or luckily chosen team talk at half time. A good way to look at it, is us FMC'ers can actually have a life outside the game
  14. Have people had a funny named son in the game? Seeing as I use Distant Sounds as my manager name, I have wondered what funny name could arise for mine if I decided to activate it one day.
  15. I looked under, 'More Options' yesterday and didn't see it, thinking that's where it would be.
  16. When I do the right click, all I get is Offer a new contract. I did read somewhere after I posted this that you may only be able to do the recall when the transfer window is open, January for example.
  17. Thanks for finding that tieio. What's England doing below the USA?? And where's Belgium? They have talented youngsters coming out every season, rivalling nations like Spain & Germany at present, I though FM14 would have them on that list in a high spot.
  18. I need to recall a player from a loan spell where I set the option in the clause for them to be able to be recalled. I can't find where the option is to do this. We're paying his wages for the loan spell.
  19. I set many of my players to play for the reserves until match fit, after injuries most noticeably. This setting stays with them and there's seem no way to undo it. I ran into issues with it at the start of last season when players who had that set in the season before, ended up playing for my Reserves in the pre-season Friendlies when I didn't want them to, and had to leave them out of First Team friendlies. Players I set this to in the first season still have the icon next to their name and it's start of 3rd season. Am I missing the way to take that setting off to avoid problems in the future like I mentioned above?
  20. I wish I could switch off the unlockables feature, hate seeing that Sponge one appear especially, when I get news of an injury to one of my players. It makes me feel like I've installed some cheat program into the game to use them when things goes awry or something.
  21. How is Stamina improved using this system? I tend to just use Balanced for training to make it more simple, only focusing on Fitness & Team Cohesion in pre-season. An example, Adnan Januzaj, 5 star PA with stamina of 10. He's recently turned 20 in my save so would playing him for a full game most times help out with raising that? Or is it more a case of a natural rise with age?
  22. I don't know if it's the new patch or not, but this season, penalties are mostly saved when my team gets one. I have Van Persie & Rooney taking mine, and 6 have been missed this season, with 4 going in. Whenever we get one now, I initially love seeing it appear, but a second later realise it will likely be missed.
  23. It got Welbeck to score two goals for me in the first game after the patch was installed, so 14.2 has supernatural powers
  24. How is it affecting your experience in that save? It's been enough for me to stop mine, even though I was having a great time playing it before I realised the issue. I am an FM player who prefers long saves, so hence why it's been bad enough for me to stop. It would have started to feel like some naive football sim, where just a few nations dominated the game after a period of time, when all the real life players retired. I seriously hope it will be remedied, as it stands out like a sore thumb. I posted about it to the bugs forum earlier, in chance that it may be found out and fixed as soon as possible. It's a real pity as FMC had re-found my love for this game, but it feels badly broken now.
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