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  1. I have one sniffing around at the moment. Ed Woodward has been considering his options during the off-season, and his status now says, 'In the process of a Board takeover." Has anyone had a tycoon take over your club, or at least had strong rumours doing the rounds about one sniffing about. It's making me think of various outcomes, from being sacked by the new owner, to getting a rather large financial injection.
  2. Thanks for the replies. My overall confidence rating jumped to 68% end of last season, but had dropped down to 61% now in the pre-season. Is that normal? I sold Kagawa who was nearing 30 and who had an average season in the last one. I brought in Viktor Fischer as a replacement, who looks really good to fill in his boots. Outside of that, not much else has happened apart from bringing in a few young highly promising lads, and those who just came from loan spells. I'm just wondering what the dynamic was to drop my Confidence level 7 points from 68% to 61% overnight; just a curiosity.
  3. I was wondering if you guys have a system you follow when answering media questions, and when your assistant recommends you have a team meeting. I find the latter to be a shot in the dark most times when giving an answer, in hope the team will gain a benefit from it. Most times my assistant reports that the majority of the squad failed to benefit from it. I recently stumbled across the feedback areas on player's screens, where the assistant gives reports about their recent mood, what they looked like before the recent game etc. I noticed my strikers were looking cocky during warm-ups before recent games, and feeling we could win just because of our recent form. I guess I'm not stamping down on complacency very well.
  4. That's what I was saying. To expect to get to the final of the UCL every season, and then downgrading their confidence in you if you miss that for the first time in 4 seasons as an example, imo is a bit harsh. I'd be bored if we won every thing each season irl, so I don't get all bratty on the side if we don't win anything for a season. The fall from grace we've had irl this season is a reason to be worried, and lose confidence in the manager, but only when it gets as bad as is has. What's a high Confidence rating for this game btw? After all I've won with Man Utd (late in season 5 atm) on this save, including 4 straight EPL titles, a 5th looking on the cards, three UCL titles (currently in the Semi's this season), 3 FA Cups, 3 Capital One Cups, 3 CWC, 2 Super Cups, my Confidence is at 62%, dropping down from 66% at the start of the season. I'm not sure what I'd have to do to raise it even over 70%, looking at it's drop this season, with just the 6th rd exit in the FA Cup at City being currently the only thing we've been knocked out of.
  5. I find the minimum expectations from the Board to be overly optimistic, even for my Man Utd side. In the first season, the UCL minimum expectation was the final. I laughed when I saw it. It was the same with the FA Cup. Every season these are our minimum expectations, which is rather a tough task to live up to each season. The FA Cup draw is a real crapshoot, riding on a wave of good or bad luck, depending on whether you're drawn at home against an L2 side, or away at Stamford Bridge or the City Ground. And then there's the UCL, the toughest competition of all, with the likes of Bayern, Madrid, Barca, Juve, PSG etc. Having our minimum expectation as the Final was laughable in season 1. Even with winning it 3 times out of 4 seasons, I still find it's a tough mountain to climb to reach the final, knowing that winning such a tough comp. will only satisfy the Board, as they expected to win it from the start. We were just knocked out of the FA Cup by City at their ground in the 6th round, but we played well and it easily could have gone our way. I then noticed my Confidence rating dropped from 63% to 62%, obviously because we were knocked out before our Board's overly optimistic Final expectation. It means that winning these tough competitions is only meeting a requirement, rather than accomplishing a great feat.
  6. In some of my games, I will go to the quick subs part, make my selection, go back to the game, and it takes like 7-10min for the substitution to take place. I've even had some games where I did that in the 84th minute, like in my most previous match, and the game continued until the 93rd min with, 'cancel pending changes' sitting in the top right corner the whole time, with the sub not even coming on. I know subs don't come on straight away irl, but 7-10 mins is silly. Watching the ball go out, time after time, and the change not being made. It happens a little too often for my liking, with subs averaging out at around 5mins after making the selection (I play on Extended btw). I have similar issues late on in games where my tactical changes sometimes don't get implemented, if I say make a change around the 88th min. My worst one was where I made a sub in the 73rd minute and it took until the 87th for it to be made.
  7. Thanks Lucas, but what I meant was, what percentage of the training goes toward the focus area? If you have, 'Attacking' selected for say a week, what percentage of the training that week goes toward Attacking, compared to the rest of the areas? I was also wondering if there could be a feature in the calendar where you can set the training you wish to change to, on selected dates. I like to switch between Balanced, Attack, Ball Control & Fitness, giving equal amounts to each in a given month. But sometimes I forget to do the switch as I forget, and end up leaving the training on one area for longer than I wished, until I remember to change it.
  8. When you do Balanced training, it should split the training equally between the 7 areas, meaning that approx. 13% of total training goes toward each of the areas. So, when you select a focused training area for a week, say, 'Attacking,' how much of the total training for that week is dedicated to that focus area? Does it make it so that 50% of the training that week goes toward the focus area, for example?
  9. I'm not sure about uploading pictures to here, if you can or not. I would just supply a link to the picture, so upload it somewhere.
  10. I'd post about this in the bugs forum, as it sounds like a major one is happening in your game.
  11. This is a thread for any interesting events that have happened in your games. I'm currently managing in England with Man Utd (just beyond middle of fourth season), and Guardiola was sacked by xmas in the first season, with Bayern missing the knockout stages of the UCL. He then went to Arsenal at the start of the second season and only lasted until xmas again, being sacked. He immediately joined Man City and lasted two full years, from xmas of second season to xmas of fourth season before being sacked again just recently. He's currently unattached to any club. It's been funny to see his name mentioned three times in less than four seasons with the word, 'sacked' following it.
  12. Are you saying the youth intake are disappearing or others in your existing squad? I would check your Transfer Centre to start with. Click the down arrow next to your team name up top, and scroll down to Transfer Centre. Then on the menu, click on Transfer History. The players who have left will be there on the right, ones you have sold and those who's contract was up and left. Unless you're suffering a bug, there's a chance those players who disappeared simply had their contract run out and they all left.
  13. I've found you have to be dynamic with your tactic, just like teams irl. Making slight changes to the formation here and there, changing the shouts from game to game, or the main team fluidity and/or mentality can help. I also think that once you've become successful, and especially when you become favourites for the title, No1 ranked in Europe etc, is when you have to become even more dynamic with the tactic, making changes on a game to game basis. I'm noticing all teams now adopting a narrow diamond formation against me, which is something I had to adapt to myself, and look at what shouts to use to try and counter that. I find that my starting team mentality needs constant changing, most times not knowing what's appropriate for the current game, until the game is well into the first half, usually having to change it to find the right one. I'm also noticing we have to start with Attack more often, and have Hassle Opponents selected for longer periods when at Home to get some action happening, when in the first 30mins nothing much was happening, with say, Control, selected. In other games, Balance works great, but I may not know until I switch to it after 25mins. It does get a bit irritating after awhile, as you feel a lack of control of how to play each game, seemingly having to constantly adapt to what the opposition is playing, when you're the much stronger team. But I guess even when you're the No1 ranked team, you can't just play your style every game and expect it to be great all the time. Dynamic is the name of the game when playing FM14.
  14. My last FM game before this was FM07. This is much tougher, you can't run away with titles, and creating a really strong side takes way more time and is harder to do. I find now in season 4 after winning the EPL all three seasons, as well as the UCL (which I'm amazed we have), that I have to be very dynamic with the tactics, as AI teams are really gunning for us and are changing their tactics against me noticeably. I still haven't found a tactic I can stay with as I'm having to tinker from game to game. It can be frustrating to have to change so often, but I guess that's modern football.
  15. This thread may help: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/379130-Recall-a-player-from-loan
  16. This might be old news, but I've found that setting all your starting players to a 2 day rest, right after the match your team just played, will help out greatly with their fitness recovery for the next match, especially if just 3 days away. I was finding with the more realistic fitness levels on this version, compared to say FM07 which I played for years, makes it harder for your players to recover from the most recent match. We just had a tough UCL match against PSG which went down to the wire, and we now have Liverpool in the league, just 3 days later. I set all the starting eleven to a 2 day rest right after I clicked, 'Leave Game.' Now, three days later, they are all either 96% or 97% for the Liverpool game. This has been a great find for me, as I was rotating like a mad man in the second half of seasons.
  17. Well, db updates for older FM games will have the new players from say, a season ahead, in your team from the start.
  18. I'm sure many full version players would say so, because FMC is looked on a casual gamers game, and thus looked down on. Seeing as the Tactics is the same as full, it's still a tough game at times, with all the intricacies of the tactics, from players roles, formations, shouts, individual instructions etc. And then there's the Team Talks, just that alone can swing a result your way in the second half, which on FMC is not possible. There may be no punishment for changing formation for example, but that's the same for the AI teams, so a level playing field. I've watched some full version games players upload to youtube, and from what i've seen there, it doesn't look too much harder than FMC, if at all. Only way really to judge would be to play an FMC save and a Full version save with the same team, same tactics etc over a few seasons, and from that see if there is much difference. But then again, variable such as injuries can blight one of those saves, as well as the schedule of games etc.
  19. Interesting question, never though to think if they are at the club at the start or join in the January window. I'd guess they'd be there at the start, but this is the first FM i've played since FM07 so I wouldn't know if I'm right or not. It would surprise me if they didn't do the update for FMC to be honest, I see no reason why they wouldn't.
  20. Click the down arrow next to your name in the top menu, and then when the drop down appears, highlight 'Actions' and select, 'Go on Holiday'
  21. I tend to play a 4-2-3-1, mostly due to AI teams playing a 3-man midfield all the time, which can cause issues for a 2-man midfield, especially when playing against strong sides. I will change the shouts within games if the team isn't going well, to try and initiate something. If I have Counter selected, and we're not getting any, I will switch to Standard or Control to see if that helps. Back when I didn't have, 'Retain Possession' clicked, if we were being out possessed quite badly, and my assistant was telling me that as well, and the opposition as a result was dominating the key moments, I would click, 'Retain Possession' as an attempt for my side to get the ball and settle the game down. Once we had, and turned the possession back, I would then un-click it and usually carry that newly-gained control and confidence back to more flowing style and we'd keep the possession and attacks going our way. Sometimes I will also click, 'Hassle Opponents' as a short term use, maybe just 15mins here, or 15mins there. I watch all my games in Extended Mode, which allows me to do such things. With Transfers, I have total control of that. I send scouts out to the main regions, searching for players no older than around 21 or 23. I place all highly rated players on my shortlist, usually 4.5 and 5 star PA due to being Man Utd manager.
  22. Rooney managed to score in the next game against Man City to get us a 1-1 at their ground. He put in another quiet performance in the next game at Forest, and this below happened in the game after, home against Norwich: http://gyazo.com/46e9114bbe062ef2c031882977b827fa
  23. Here's my standard tactic I use in most games of late, which I used in the 4-1 win over Liverpool, 5-0 win over Chelsea in the next game, and the 3-1 over Arsenal in the game after that. Rooney scored none of the goals, averaging about one shot per game: http://gyazo.com/80678cf75dcb2bd5349b3934a2c1cbd5 I'm sure some would ask why I'm complaining after 3 big wins like that over rivals, but why does my striker not score and hardly ever have a shot? I'm sure my tactic is nothing supernatural, to be able to make everyone in my side score goals.
  24. I tend to play Rooney as an AF mostly, and have now made all my midfielder players as Support, with just one wide man and Rafael as Attack. Still, in the latest game where we thumped Chelsea 5-0, Rooney didn't manage a shot. My team seem to be assisting one another and Rooney seems like a ghost that no one sees. He's only had one assist and it's now near xmas in the season, so he's not just assisting the others.
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