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  1. As Man Utd manager, with lots of success, clubs hold a gun to my head when I'm looking to buy players, wanting over-inflated sums. It seems they know we have good money and can can leech us for millions and millions. I have been able, though, to offload players for good money. Rafael went for a bit over £30mil, Fellaini the same. With the current market irl, transfer fees are much higher than they were a few years back.

  2. I've noticed a sharp spike in offside calls against my team since the new patch came out. This one takes the cake. I call for an investigation of the linesman on this one, I sniff match fixing at play.

    Verratti (7) passes to Terzic (15), who is quite a way onside: http://gyazo.com/9faeee4b2eb89959ca79e39f54734366

    Here's the pass now on it's way to Terzic, who is still way onside: http://gyazo.com/f365eb66ce531236a278e587cc65c867

    Terzic rifled in the shot as soon as he received the pass, but to my horror: http://gyazo.com/b13ae68e71c8876fab5b98be838fa59c

  3. I should have asked what the fitness level is of your defenders before games. Are they around 95-100% fitness for each game right before kick off? And your training, what level is it set at? I always have mine set to Average throughout the season. When there's a game three days after the one that just finished, I always select the whole first 11 who started the game that just ended, right after I click, 'Leave Game', and set them to 2 day rest from the team screen. If there's 4 days to the next game, and it's amid a series of many games in the month, I will do the same, yet set the 11 players to 1 day rest.

  4. Never had that issue with my Man Utd side. I've played with both a back 4, and a back 3 (all DC's). Rafael has a stamina of 13, so sometimes I may have done so very late in games, but not often at all. With the three DC's, I never have to for stamina reasons, only if they are injured or playing badly. One option you could employ is to select Fitness as a focus in training for at least a week a month, see how that works. Apart from that, I'm not sure what advice to give.

  5. For young promising lads, in regards to loan spells, I always add them to the Development List. That usually works for most of them, but some do end in failure. Best thing then is to delete them from the list and re-add, in hope it works later on. For older players, I transfer list them, select 'Not needed by club', select their amount around what their value is, and if no interest coming after a while, I lower in below the value in hope that triggers interest. If there are a few clubs interested, but no bids are coming in, I select, 'Offer to clubs' on their transfer info window, using the amount I have them set at.

  6. If Wenger played FM, this update would seriously **** him off no end. "Mata is not cup tied?!?! oh this is going too far!!!"

    Twitter: Arseneabolishjanuarytransferwindow The update is BS!!! Mata not cup-tied??? I am fuming!!!

    Miles replies: LOL@Arseneabolishjanuarytransferwindow needs to settle down, this is how we do the updates. It's not like he's going win anything anyways...lol"

    Seeing as Mata is there right from the start for United, is he cup-tied like irl, or is this a bonus for a United save that he isn't?

  7. My starting db size was around 55,000. I noticed early on the absence of some more well known staff when doing searches. I've remained with my starting ones at Man Utd, except that recently I brought in a new Assistant who was better than Round. I guess on FMC they aimed the game more at players than staff, maybe, especially that you only have one staff member for each area.

  8. He's not in my game either. I have many Leagues loaded too. I've noticed a few well known managers, coaches, scouts etc are missing from FMC. Had a friend who's playing the full version ask me to check on a coach once, pretty well known one. Told him I couldn't find him in my game. I guess it's due to the lower db size. I guess because you're a MUFC fan, you wanted to get him back to the club?

  9. I have checked my team and noticed that at least 7 of my regular starting 11 players have this issue on a fairly regular basis. I just got a media question which I linked below which is an example of a media question that may affect cockiness/complacency depending on how it's answered. By answering the second option, which says my teams knows not to be complacent, and thus they work hard every day, wouldn't be the ideal answer to give due to half the side showing cockiness before most games, believing we can win without much effort. (i.e they don't know how to not be complacent because they show outward signs of being so on game day.) If I then chose option 4, saying it's going to be hard to maintain such a high level of form over a whole season, would this bring negativity to the thoughts of my players, making them feel it's going to be tough to keep up at this level, and thus lowering their mood? Or would it snap them out of their complacent behaviours and make them work harder and take it more seriously?


  10. Whenever I check some of my players, Mitrovic & Welbeck especially, the reports of them always say they are cocky during warm-up and feel we can win every game because of our form, or without much ease. Seeing as there's no way to cut this out via team talks or individual player talks, what options are there left to do so? Do I have to be more harsh when answering media questions about the side's form, but then risk upsetting the team by doing so? I'm sure this is affecting the players and team in general, but how can it be stamped out?

  11. I survived the takeover, but the new owner had to be persuaded to keep me on as manager. If a manager irl got booted out by a new owner, after winning 5 EPL titles, 4 UCL trophies, 3 FA Cups, 3 Capital One Cups, 3 CWC's, 3 UEFA Super Cups & 4 Charity Shields, in just over 5 seasons, which I've achieved on this save, the new owners would be run out of the club by the fans in mass protests. FC United would have gathered a few million new fans overnight if that happened. It was a nervous time for me, playing games while all the talks were happening, not knowing if I was going to have a job at the end of the next match. I sat there looking at the screen seeing that we had broken the run of winning League games, 17 wins straight in the EPL, whilst looking at the screen showing, '25 Trophies' won, in a touch over five seasons. If they were gonna boot me out, after what the club had achieved under my tenure, I think Santa would have faced the axe next...

  12. I tend to go for an Assistant who has good stats in Man Management, Judging Player Ability & Potential, Tactical Knowledge & Motivation. If you notice on the Staff Screen, the two listed stats for the Assistant are Man Management & Motivation, making them two obvious important stats. Tactical Knowledge will allow them to offer better comments to you during games (you can believe them more when they offer advice in-game), and they are the one at the club who rates your players (star rating), hence they should have solid stats for Judging the CA & PA of your squad. You have a coaching pool that will train the other areas.

    Here's the guy I just signed recently, to show those areas I highlighted above:


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