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  1. I decided to delete my cache and preferences. Everything solved, running well now
  2. Just bought the game, installed it, installed all my graphics and after pressing continue, I get a crash.
  3. I think that link has made me more confused than ever
  4. So I'm playing an online save with 2 friends and I just got promoted to the Premier League with Norwich. Finished 2nd last season and the problems are kinda carrying on to this season. The problem is: I dominate every game but we don't score. I know I'm not supposed to always win or score but damn, not this badly. Most of the games we end up with 30 shots, about 10-13 on target and we only score once or twice. What can I do to help this situation? I've tried changing training, roles and still nothing! Some images for you guys to see: Analysis Shots http://i.imgur.com/BNlFEaH.png Average Positions http://i.imgur.com/G8tlKc4.png Match Stats http://i.imgur.com/qiFv5vt.png Tactic instructions http://i.imgur.com/AAQKaEH.png Tactic roles and positions http://i.imgur.com/O53RhFx.png
  5. Any possibility of adding background selector/opacity?
  6. Some may not work this way, if they don't check the required version. It should read like this: <string id="required_version" value="15.2.0" />
  7. None of the skins I have have that last command. Are you sure it's that?
  8. They are now selectable but you can't change skins. I've got all of my skins showing on preferences and when I choose any of them and click confirm, nothing happens.
  9. I know they are possible but it's a game, I want efficiency, not realism in this aspect. I think FIFA and PES don't have this in. Ball is the yellow spot near Odegaard's left foot, highlighted in blue. The image is the exact moment the ball was kicked. http://i.imgur.com/2zb1vuA.jpg
  10. I know in real life this type of errors exist but it's a game, it's supposed to be efficient. Odegaard shot the ball, Vallejo headed it in and the linesman said it was offside. Like, really? http://i.imgur.com/CbcmZMk.jpg
  11. Hello everyone. Me and some friends recently released a website about FM. Actually, our website was launched about 2 hours ago. We have FM Player Reviews, FM Guides, Skins, Databases, Facepacks, Logos, Tactics, Challenges and Real Life posts. Our idea of having a website came from our facebook group (FMNutters). A lot of our members ask for tactics, logos, etc. and we thought it would be a good idea to help them (and to everyone who accesses our website) finding them more easily. We have high hopes and we are trying to be original, trying to have some unique articles either about Football Manager or real life Football. Here's our website: http://www.fm-nutters.com/ If you have any questions, please comment here and I'll try to help you.
  12. It's done, http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/391370-FM14-14.3.3-Can-t-get-a-club
  13. Cheers man, I'll upload it whenever I can.
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