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  1. Grant-Fulham Successful1st season despite being media predicted to finish Bottom was able to seal Champions League football at the Craven cottage next season picking up an FA cup on the way
  2. It was created in Beta but never really started to play the game until full release but this was last night and evening before I had this issue loaded up game there the now and not getting the warnings that they unable to play for me until 1/122 like before so dont know if a patch was rolled out and I missed it or restarting my computer did somethingf? I also verified files etc last night before shutting down maybe thats done something but seems fine now will update when I know for sure
  3. In summer window after 1st season any player i buy cannot play in league until 1st january when they have not played for more than 1 club in past year I have holidayed to start of league games and unable to play or register any players bought in the summer
  4. no idea then not letting me can select solly march as in squad but cant confirm or able to play him
  5. Yes transfer window still open making no sense to me can still register and unregister last seasons players
  6. Update nope cant be registered and never seen this before So my game basicly broken until update out
  7. goin to sign a player turn autosave off and hol to start of season see if it just UI bug
  8. Im having same issue in Scotland end of 1st season players cant be registered until 1/1/22
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