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    Arsenal fan, born in Wycombe, brought up in little old Prestwood. Played management games since FIFA Manager 2005, moved to FM in 2010.

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  1. Won the league with Arsenal first season on 16.1 just prior to full release. Has it changed much since Beta?
  2. For years and years, the media have slated Arsenal's Olivier Giroud. In my opinion, the criticism is unfair on the striker. I'm a huge fan of Giroud. He excels at bringing others into play and links up the play between the lines very well. On top of this, his goals per minute ratio is very impressive. So my first challenge for this FM is to bag Arsenal the domestic title using only the Frenchman up front - to shut the media up. We line up as follows: GK WB (a) CD (D) CD (d) WB (s) DM (D) BWM/DLP (s) W (a) AP (s) IF (a) TM (s) So far Giroud has grabbed 10 in 15 in the league (top scorer) and 7 in 6 out in Europe (top scorer). His average rating is 7.54. We sit 3rd in the premier league table - just 4 points shy of leaders Manchester City. Who's had more / less success with Giroud? And what kind of changes do you suggest I make?
  3. Introduction Let's create an effective tactic. "Masterclass" Meet the Team Brighton and Hove Albion. Season 3. First season: promoted via playoffs (5th). Second season: Premier League - 15th. Media Prediction (upcoming season): 18th Shape Attacking: The key part of the tactic will be the AMC - and the movement around him. I wanted a tactic where the AMC has an abundance of options in front of the ball. All too often in modern football the only option of going forward an AMC has, is to play in the striker, however often the striker is outnumbered 2:1. This results in the AMC losing the ball / passing backwards - ineffective possession. Lots of possession is good, and shows control. Ultimately, it's what you do with the possession that counts. Defending: On the back foot, we have strength in the most important area of the pitch - the middle. Back to basics: the goal is in the middle of the pitch, therefore the most dangerous area on the pitch when you are out of possession, is the middle. We don't want to give opposing playmakers any room. So, we use an aggressive presser of the ball (regista), along with a deep lying playmaker, and most importantly, a half back to hound opposing players in this key area. Meet the key players: Ivelin Popov Anthony Knockaert Diego These three will be our choices of AMC over the coming season. I am unsure as to who should be first choice so I will rotate each equally - possibly selling one in January. Perhaps by then my tactic will have altered, in which case I might be able to fit two or even all three into the Brighton side. The Instructions I'm sure these will change in line with performances. The instructions will help me to achieve my aims of creating a tactic that: Has effective possession Creates a high number of CCCs / HCs Is defensively stable Over each game I will evaluate strengths and weaknesses and attempt to alter the tactic for the better. I will post match analysis after each game (to begin with) and you can follow along/give feedback.
  4. 31 shots on goal happens in every league around the world every week? Please, show me evidence
  5. I can bash the game all I like....But it won't get anywhere. How the **** do I fix this? Ulloa and Rodriguez have scored 10 between them in the first 8 fixtures but now this.....
  6. Players that are not key players are valued far too highly. I should not be quoted £50m for Evans in the first season.
  7. Anyone else having horrific conversion rates? 5 CCCs + 7 HCs - 2 goals. 1 CCC 7 HCs - 2 goals. Should I be expecting more? (I am expecting more) Is this a problem? Other than this the ME is incredible compared to 14.2.
  8. Despite having the team instruction 'stay on feet' all season, my Schalke side have received six red cards in the first 17 Bundesliga games. Unrealistic?
  9. It's pants. Half of the chances in a game come from corners and the majority from the keeper fumbling it, defenders scoring stupid own goals etc. /rant
  10. Wrecked my tactics. Gone from a mid table side to losing eight games on the trot. This patch has barely changed the ME. I still get the same old ********.
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