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  1. I was able to play FM19 absolutely fine on my Swift3 laptop.. 20 is completely unplayable.
  2. What a terrible - terrible - line of thought.
  3. I don't know. I am not on a mac. I have seen a lot of people discussing it in general - not sure on which specific platforms.
  4. I just did a refund. FM19 works perfect so I'm just sticking with that.
  5. Im seeing a lot of the same issues across forums and Reddit. Maybe it will clear up after beta.
  6. Yup. Yeah, I know it’s not the greatest but unfortunately it’s all that’s on the table right now. Just seems crazy that it can play games like civ and ootp fine but fm20 is completely unplayable. looks like I’ll have to do a return on steam... bummed.
  7. Maybe my laptop just isn't powerful for the game, here are my specs: i5-6200u @ 2.3GHz 2.40 GHz 8 GB of ram SSD - Acer Swift 3 Windows 10 The game is essentially unplayable. I'lll click a button and the event action will occur ~4 seconds later. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways I can increase the performance, or is my laptop just not good enough? I find it shocking as OOTP 19 plays perfect.
  8. Doesn't run on linux with PlayOnLinux. I am also just getting a black screen after the initial load screen in a virtual machine. Best of luck man. I’m going to have to put it on my windows laptop.
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