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  1. Jafar Arias (Emmen) had 6 caps for Holland in the database. This isn't right, it should be Curaçao.
  2. Jeremie Frimpong has 3 U-21 caps for Holland in the database. This isn't right. He has 3 caps for Holland U-19 and 1 for Holland U-20 but none for the U-21.
  3. Gervane Kastaneer (Coventry) has set 3 international games for The Netherlands. This is wrong and should be Curaçao with The Netherlands as his second nationality.
  4. As far as i know, the league will be added at the beginning of the new season, so it won't be there if you're in the middle of the season. I think you can see the date it will be added in the game-details screen.
  5. Non-English people do have other ideas about strange names than English people. For me as a dutchman, Boy Waterman isn't very funny either like some other names in this thread. As you can see in the posters screenshot, he isn't English so MacIntosh isn't a common name for him. At Ajax, we had a youthplayer once whose name was MacIntosh either. The same jokes were made about him as in this thread because it's not a common name here.
  6. Read about Fredy Thompson. That remembered me of Pablo Melgar also from Guatemala. He was the second player I always signed after Thompson. Was almost free and was always my number one central defender.
  7. I really liked this skin for FM11, but I see for the 12 version, the player attributes aren't in very contrasting colors (red very high grey very low). That made the skin so great for me. Why such a change in this?
  8. 975 run with 4,2GhZ with air cooling. That's what i read somewhere.
  9. Well, don't have the illusion that a core i7 975 will run all the leagues. But with my 940, I have to say i can run a lot of leagues with an acceptable speed.
  10. This tactic is doing wonders for me. Tried a lot, but this one seems to work at last. The only thing that's irritating me is the annoying 4-2-4 at away teams. Always when it seems that i'll be winning with one goal in away games, the opponent changes to that tactic and always with success. The opponenet gets no more than 4 or 5 shots a game (except the best teams in the league), but when i score in the 82th minute, the opponent changes the tactic and will get 8 or 9 shots in 8 minutes (and of course score one goal more than i). I don't see much realism in that great "feature" of the game. Why don't they play this tactic from the start and win with 10-0? Although, has anyone found the solution for this "problem"??? I always correct in the right fashion as already mentioned a lot in this thread.
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