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  1. @ZeGermanFM - my account to track the career exploits of my managerial character in FM. Currently running two saves - a "muck around" save with Liverpool (presently season 16/17) and a journeyman save starting with IFK Goteborg in Sweden (season 15/16).
  2. Hey Cleon, thanks again for a wonderful post! I have a few questions regarding first team & reserve team exposure: 1. At what point will you move a player from the Under 19s/Youth into the 1st team full time? When they turn a particular age? When they are good enough to contribute?! 2. I note that you give your players that 1st team experience for their development...do these guys still play Under 19 games as well/train with them? 3. What are your thoughts on Reserve games for experience? Do you make your youth players available for the Reserve team? 4. Similar to question 1, is their
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