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  1. Could you please give us a run-down on the TIs & any PIs you've used? I play on FMT on an iPad so cannot download the tactic. Thanks!
  2. Could someone please post up a screenshot of the TI's? I'm playing on tablet & just want to make sure I got everything properly. Thanks!
  3. I'm running Win10....and am in October right now. No issues sighted. Will confirm once I'm into Novemeber
  4. Just another wording issue that I've come across. Message is regarding a career milestone: "The game against Avalanche was a new milestone for Maple Leafs'...." Suggest inserting "the" before "Avalanche" and before "Maple Leafs" so that it reads better. Alternatively, replace Avalanche with "Colorado" (and Maple Leafs with "Toronto"). OR add "forward" following Maple Leafs' so that it would read: "...milestone for Maple Leafs' forward Tyler Bozak..."
  5. Hey guys, another quick one: The subject heading for a message that appears in the inbox when the board is pleased with a victory looks like this: "game pleases Maple Leafs Board" I suggest that the g in game be capitalized and consideration given to lower-casing the b in Board Cheers!
  6. Just a quick little bug report. I've started a new season with the Leafs and the standard hiring frenzy is going on around the league. I've just noticed that Randy Carlyle and Dan Bylsma have signed as Scouts with NHL-organisations. Given their reputation, and their preferred role of Head Coach, this doesn't seem right. I doubt that we'd ever see those two in such a role IRL. Note, I am using the most recent iteration of the TBL Rosters; I'm not aware if this would have an affect or not. Thanks.
  7. In this trade: Traded a third-round (No. 79) draft pick to Tampa Bay for a third-round (No. 80) draft pick and a 2015 seventh-round draft pick. Imagine I'm Tampa Bay. My scenario I offered 2 x 3rds for their 3rd and was rejected. On the face of it, my trade is better than this 3rd & 7th. I'm not suggesting that I should automatically, every-single-time be able to trade two worse picks for a single better pick, but the trading systems, as it stands, does not allow this to occur even once. I repeatedly made the same trade to every team and was rejected. Hence why I think its a bug. And w
  8. Thanks Harper - that is precisely the explanation & evidence I should have provided.
  9. I can understand that in that scenario, and particularly if you were drafting first in the 2nd round, that 2 x 3rds may not be a good deal - I'm not suggesting that in all cases this is a bug. However, to be flatly refused by every team? And further, at the end of my 4th paragraph, I offered 2 x 3rds and the response was a single 3rd in return? Surely thats not right?!
  10. I'm not 100% sure yet if I've encountered a bug or not so I wanted to get a feel from everyone else playing EHM at the moment to see if they are experiencing similar issues. I believe there were some issues with trading before the latest patch (15.1b) and that some changes were made to that with the patch. My issue appears to be with draft picks. ie: a trade that involves only draft picks. Scenario: I had a bunch of 7th, 6th, 4th & 3rd round picks that I was trying to move to other teams in order to draft higher. I'm aware of the value of a 7th pick versus a 3rd, for example, so the trad
  11. Good Afternoon, Having dramas taking a screenshot so I guess you'll just have to take me at my word. I've found an issue with the news item that appears when you a Conference Semi-Final in the NHL. News item as follows: "Blackhawks are through to the Final with a 4-2 win over Blues at United Center, Chicago in the National Hockey League Western Conference Semi Final." So the issue is the use of the word "Final" as opposed to "Conference Final" or "Western Conference Final". I also think it looks rather clumsy without a number of "the". My suggestion: "THE Blackhawks are through to the WES
  12. Lol, created a wonderkid for yourself, mart? Notice your manager name is Pinnington and you have a wonderkid called Pinnington too! Not judging, I do it from time to time to add something different to a save, but wonder how realistic your results are? If you've added a wonderkid in, what else have you edited?
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