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  1. Topping the group looks like Portugal QF/Spain SF. If 2nd, France QF, Germany SF. If 3rd, Germany R16, Italy QF, France SF.
  2. If you've got a smartphone New Star Soccer actually ticks the boxes to what you're asking tbh.
  3. I think the correct answer to this thread is... "Hated, Adored, never Ignored?" tbf, my contempt for England has waned in previous years. I find myself more and more interested, going back to how I felt before I had enough after WC 2006. I'm enjoying the management, and the youngsters currently in the squad. I just think everyone is alot less giddy than they have been about the WC, I think that includes the Media aswell. Hopefully one of the benefits of an enlarged Euro competition will be allowing the Scots/Welsh to come to the party, they haven't been invited to in a long time.
  4. Coventry are league one? MLG just got attracted by my smell
  5. Another failed point scoring post. If anyone is going to wrestle the club from SISU, they'll need to buy out their floating charge, agree a fee or take them to court. SISU are owed £40m+ the question is, what is the value of the brand/players, because that's all they have to sell now.
  6. I definitely remember saying it would make sense for ACL to buy the club. But SISU are holding lots of the cards, it's just another version of Chanrai this, just pure heartbreak for you and your fans. It's great news that there is lots of interest though, hopefully they've got deep pockets!
  7. Exactly, and SISU is the floating charge holder, so the bidder has to pay the floating charge off in full (or agree a settlement) without it going to court. SISU are owed £40m+ aren't they? Then the new bidder then has to buy the ground, the end certainly isn't in sight atm
  8. I did aswell tbf, but it's always good to see Gman mention it again You should find out what the 20k is, some idiot is still buying merchandise!
  9. I assume season tickets aren't on sale then
  10. I can't believe it's been tweeted by the official twitter account, Fisher operating it on his own or something. It's hardly supporting the owners, just saying look at it from another perspective
  11. I thought it was a well reasoned letter, and it's pretty kind of him to take his time to write all of that out. It shouldn't completely absolve SISU, but it's a well known fact the lease on the ground is completely crazy. A very interesting read, and to think Chanrai offered the trust a £1.2m lease at one point during the negotiations.
  12. Well it would be interesting to see if the FL would allow them to be owners under the F&PPT. It's been strengthened since SISU took over, and any transfer of golden share would mean owners would have to go through this process again. I do understand their argument in terms of the revenue from the ground, but it's wholly inappropriate to go and spend funds on a new stadium, leaving the Ricoh to turn into a white elephant. Effectively without a chance to enter a new club it's basically Walsall or no football for your fans at this time?
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