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  1. I'm a 'popular manager' on my game at the moment, I quite liked that...
  2. Legendary defender/midfielder/striker is always my favourite!
  3. CM Italia on the Amiga - Cantona was a god, £4m and would bang in 40-60 a season. CM3 - Robbie Keane, he'd cost you about £11m from Wolves at the start of the game but guarantee you 40+ a season CM01/02 - Tommy Svindal Larson - MLC that cost about £100K - legend CM4 (I think) - after the patch a young Greek striker called Papadopolous appeared - He'd cost about £50K and after a season was the best striker on the game
  4. So many memories... First ones were of playing it on the Amiga... Champ Manager and Champ Manager Italia... being Udinese in Seria B and getting compensation for insuring any player that was 30+ and buying Cantona for £4m every time to see him score 70 per season or being Derby in Champ Manager and buying Ade Akinbiyi to destroy all defences. Then onto the PC, my first game was as Liverpool and I beat Arsenal 7-2 with Neil Ruddock getting a hat-trick! lol then having an Anderlecht game on 97/98 I think and getting to the Champs League final in the 4th season beating the likes of Arsenal and Juventus along the way before losing to bogey team PSG. Then CM3 where Robbie Keane was THE man to buy. Would cost about £10-12m but would guarantee you 50+ a season. In a later version (cant remember which) and with the February patch a young greek called Papadopoulos that you could buy for £100K used to become a world beater in 2 years and score 40+ a season... Unfortunately as I get older the time I can spend on it becomes limited so there isn't many outstanding memories of late... give it time though
  5. The Who are you Managing survey

    2 games on the go: 1. Barcelona and England 2. MK Dons!!
  6. Coming up to the end of my first season with Man U and things are ok. Currently 4 points clear at the top of the table with Arsenal 2nd, 30 games played but have only won 20, lost 5 and drawn 5. In the QF of the CL against Inter after claiming 15 points in the group stage and edging out Stuttgart in the first knockout round. Arsenal knocked me out of both domestic cups, 3rd round for the league cup and QF for the FA Cup. So overall not bad, Bolton did the double over me (how embarassing) and I failed to beat Reading in the league (Doyle is awesome!), however I smashed Chelsea 5-1 at OT and Liverpool 4-1 at Anfield (Tevez got all 4) as well as Spurs 4-1 at White Hart Lane. Top scorers are Rooney with 29 and Tevez with 27 in all comps. Signings: Signed a lot of prospects (Alex, Kroos etc) but for first team I signed Huntelaar for 9.5m, Defour for 3.7m and Heitinga for 5m. Sold: Fletcher to Sevilla for 9m, Pique to Arsenal (had no choice because of Gill) for 10.25m plus some reserves. Being honest Huntelaar has done very poor, just 4 goals in 12 starts and 18 sub appearances and is still yet to score in the league! Financially I'm really struggling as well, despite a net transfer spend of only 6m I'm currently 5m in debt. Liverpool won the League Cup against Bolton in the final but are already on their 3rd manager this season due to their CL exit and a shocking 12th in the league. The board is only satisfied so a bit of an up and down season really. If I can bring the league title home I'm sure they'll be pleased but after losing to arch rivals Arsenal in both cups and once so far in the league things aren't exactly rosy for me!