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  1. Depending on the opposition, either a playmaker or wide midfielder both attacking (ML)
  2. Ah nice one. I was actually looking at him last night and exactly that, Tempting but retraining may take a season. Ideally looking for someone who is at least accomplished. Tempted by Dembele (60-70m though) and Denis Suarez (around 30m) but not convinced yet. I have pulisic from Dortmund and Mata might just stick with and see what happens.
  3. Hi all, just finished first season and am looking for an LM/LW for first team. Just sold Martial for 70m. Went in for Griezmann but he went to City! Cheers
  4. Hi Macha. I implemented your recommendations last night with regards to the Close down more/Hold position with a core 4 using 4231 wide. Initial results are solid and can certainly see the benefits you are suggesting. With the right AMC settings it also offers a nice pivot option in Midfield. I note your suggestions above with regards to certain formations. I have been working on a 352/532 (3 CD, 2 WB, 2 CM, 1 AMC, 2 ST) and it has been working quite well but I generally am not happy with the defending. I just wanted to ask your advice on how you would implement your "core" with a back 3 formation. Would you turn it into a 5 or take a different approach? Thanks again
  5. Hmmm, interesting. Not personally struggling with the tactics but like your theory. Will give it a go
  6. I told him that basically it wasn't happening and he seems to have fallen in line so far. In an ideal world he would stay. Who did you end up with if you let Falcao and RVP go? Getting rid of RVP is tempting due to his age and with him being injury prone.
  7. Started a proper game last night after messing around and getting used to the new engine, and so far so good (albeit about 6 league games in). Using a flexible attacking 4231 wide which is a slow tempo, possession based system which builds from the back and then allows the front 4 to do the damage. Also designing my first ever 352 based on the plethora of CB's but this is very much a WIP Changes that I can remember (at work at mo, will post more later) In (total of around 50m) Balanta Samper Munir Damian Geoffrey Kondogbia Dele Ali Ashley Williams Out (brought in around 35m) Smalling Carrick Valencia Anderson Falcao has started very well, Rojo seems quite solid and Munir has started very well (scoring a winner at Anfield after coming on as sub is one way to start your utd career! ) Rooney in this and previous save (albeit messing around) has started poorly, contemplating selling him in Jan to fund the Falcao transfer if he carries on. PSG have unsettled DeGea but im hoping a kebab and a hug will bring him round! Staff wise, Decided to "demote" Giggs to under 18's manager and hired McGuinness as a coach while replacing Giggs with Tassotti from Milan (epec Assman stats, especially for Opp inst) Just how bad is Giggs in this game? He shouldn't be my under 18's manager but I just cant bring myself to sack him. I wanted to know how people have faired with selling Rooney/RVP and maybe DeGea? I dont want to sell DDG but if he forces the issue I feel I could get a big fee and snap up valdes on a freebie which at least in the short term must be a viable option? Cheers!
  8. Hi, I am planning on buying FM15 later today and I have heard from a few friends that the tactic creator has been revamped once more. I have searched the forum and have not been able to find anything, so was hoping someone could point me in the direction of what has changed in creating tactics? I don't need help creating one, I just want to know what's different before I install tonight (planning on reading on train ride home!) Thanks all
  9. Started a game with WBA and just about to start Third season. Finished 8th and then 2nd last year. Just about to spurge my CL money. Really enjoying the game so far have managed to keep core players and supliment with quality youngsters. Surprised at how many people offloaded Sinclair have stuck with him and has been a constant goal threat. Managed to loan him for the second season and again for this season too.
  10. When you look at the player overview it will detail his position. Then, you will see 5 star ratings on his preffered role. The higher the stars, the more suited he will be
  11. It would run it but dont expect it to be very quick or expect to run a substantial database/leagues because that is a low end spec/processor
  12. That looks very good and will be more than ample to play most games at a decent level. FM would run like a dream on that. With regards to the Dell, I am a bit biased have had an XPS 17 for 3 years and have had no issues at all with it. I did find that it would get quite hot when play extensive amounts of time for FM, but since upgrading to an SSD it definitely runs cooler (and alot quicker) Was the laptop overheating and blue screening/crashing? Because high end laptops, especially when playing games will get hot. Its just the nature of a laptop.
  13. Personally I would stay away from HP as my expereince of them (through work) is pants. But, with the budget you have you could buy a very high spec laptop. Budget Choice - http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/vortexIV-LE/ Neutral Choice - http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/xps-15-l521x/pd#overrides= (Choose the XPS 15) Money is no object choice - http://www.dell.com/uk/p/alienware-17/pd Playing total war (depending on your settings) to a decent standard I would recommend neutral/money is no object choice
  14. Use inside forwards and have a supporting attacking CM with your striker in a support role and use the shout "play through defence" I have found this works very well against 3 at the back. I tend to use 433/451 whatever you want to call it
  15. Wijnand - That is very impressive. I commend you because having the patience to play that long is very dedicated. I must admit though and this isnt a dig considering your resources I would of expected to win the UCL more frequently. Any particular reason may I ask? I have a swindon town game on at the moment and I am around 14 seasons in I think. I have got to the point where my finances are building nicely, have a shiny new stadium and my squad is probably as good as I have had on any game. It has become a bit boring in the sense that everything is done. I dominate and its quite difficult to improve my squad. I am aiming this season to win every possible and so far so good (I have won the Community Shield, Super Cup, World Club cup and am 8 points clear in the league along with Later stages of League cup and CL) How do you keep it fresh? I notice that you dont buy much which would make it harder to stay motivated in my opinion, but would be interested to know if you have any tips on how you keep it going? I dont want to end my swindon game but as I said it has become a bit boring! And again, Kudos for your save its very impressive.
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