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  1. I'm playing a 4-4-1-1 on a standard mentality, with full backs on support, with wide midfielders set to help defensively also. The majority of goals I concede is always a ball from the middle out wide, where the full back I have set to every possible instruction to stay wide and mark the winger, is playing next to my CB. He cant make it out in time to block the cross, the cross comes in and my CB barely even jump for the ball. My question is, what can I possibly do to prevent this? Seems to happen in every game I play and is unavoidable at times.
  2. Quick update guys. Season ended up being a massive success! Went back to a simple 4-4-1-1/4-4-2, made sure to watch my games in more detail to analyse things going wrong, small tinkers here and there, managed to win the league! I'm no longer a Serie D failure with Campobasso!!
  3. Thanks for the advice so far guys, gonna run with what you have said and will get back to you later on.
  4. Welcome to my post on Campobasso. Campobasso are a team founded in 2014, currently playing in Serie D. They have been reinstated as a team several times, due to money issues over the years. I fell in love with the team during FM13, having ever since then tried extremely hard to go on a long term save with them every year, but ultimately failing with the club every time. The most I have achieved is promotion to the Serie C1. Each year I end up rage quitting and doing much better with an established team (I won the Champions League with Palermo in FM15). This year, I have decided to fully commit myself to Campobasso and not back out of the challenge this time. Unfortunately, its not going great so far, hence why I'm here asking for help. We are predicted to finish first in the league and have the squad to do so, but I am currently sat with 1L and 5D from our opening 6 games. My Vision My goal with every team is to play an attacking, more possession orientated 4-3-3 system, with more narrow wingers supporting an onrushing midfield with overlapping fullbacks to create overload options. Here is what I have created so far, with very limited success. And the instructions Would anyone perhaps give me a critical view of what could be going wrong? I want to try and keep my 4-3-3 vision as much as possible. Campobasso have a fairly talented squad for the division, with the main strengths at CB, Wing, ST.
  5. So I've been using the tactic for a little bit and have found a lot of positives. The tactic overloads exactly where I want it to and the defence is also pretty solid. The only real issue I have encountered so far is playing against bigger teams. I'm currently using 'play narrower' which I think may be one of the problems, was just enquiring how others think I should set up against the bigger teams. I am playing as Dundee so mainly the only bigger team is Celtic but also in the Europa league.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, would a CM on support and maybe a DLP on support work better?
  7. Hi guys, I was hoping to gauge an opinion on an idea of mine. It would be a 4-1-2-2-1 with a standard back four with two WB (S), a holding HB with a CM (A) BBM then two IF (A) with a False 9. The idea would be for the wingbacks to overlap the IF's driving inside, to put pressure on the defending FB's, with the False 9 drawing the two CD's out of position for the pace and flair of the IF's to move in ttowards goal. The CM and BBM would also move forward and help out with the attack to create overloads. I was thinking of a high defensive line with high tempo, with a fluid setting. What does everyone think?
  8. Thank you for your reply, I may look to remove the WM and play one DM and 3 CM, thus making it a more defensive formation. Do you think that F9 is the best role for my striker in this formation? In terms of fluidity, coukd you shed any more light on it? It has always been a source of confusion to me.
  9. Hi guys, I'm currently managing Racing Santander in the Liga BBVA after winning promotion twice in three years. I'm currently sat in 11th but not really winning matches with any ease, often scraping by. I understand my squad is weaker, but even in matches we are expected to win we don't perform. So my first question is about a new formation I am planning on creating and I wanted to gauge your guys opinions and see if I have made any glaring errors. GK CB CB CB WM BWM AP WM IF F9 IF The WM would be most likely be on support, the BWM on defend and the AP on attack duty. I would be playing a wide, high pressing game. My main concern here is the lack of defensive shielding. My second question is about fluidity. In the formation I have laid out, what would be the best way for me to ensure that the team defends as a unit but also attacks as one, I feel this would be vital to this formation being succesful. If you would like any more information I'll get back to you ASAP. I apologise if some of this post is hard to read as I have posted this from my phone.
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