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  1. Will definitely use when the player face pack thing is fixed!
  2. United hog all the 15+ CA PA scouts and its difficult to get them.
  3. Alright, so here goes: When any player scores there is a tiny stutter just before they score, it was like this in FM15 too, but not until after an NVidia driver update. Another in game issue is slight stuttering when the TV mode camera zooms out, however my FPS stays stuck at 60fps, it was not like this in FM15. Specifications: Windows 10 64-bit Intel i5-4690k @ 4.2GHz (OC) GTX 970 @ 1.4GHz core (OC - mem also OC'd but forgot whatever +400 mem results in) 120GB Kingston SSD (fairly recent) 2TB HDD (7200rpm) 16GB DDR3 ram (this **** is good ram too) Anyway basically... my PC is..... more than you need for FM, I presume my issues are driver related with NVidia's recent drivers being absolute bollocks?
  4. Add support for dual monitor setups.. I just love having two screens but I can't have stats on one and the game on the other...
  5. The researchers massively overrate players like Balanta.. I love players like him but he's Europa League quality.. yet he's still playing at League 1-Championship level. Perhaps I underestimate River.. but I've never seen them play or teams in their division.
  6. £500,000 per month at Manchester United... was on like £200,000 two years back until Real Madrid offered me big wages to manage them.. United matched it and I stayed. (wouldn't have left anyway )
  7. Transfer list in my experience - best place for him.
  8. Lewandowski has been nothing short of a monster for me! Only Phil Jones is letting me down, getting sent off a lot.
  9. Any decent graphics card is fine in my opinion - those being the GTX 750 Ti (Probably could get a cheaper one, but for £100 its a beast) Any Haswell i3 or above, though an i5 would be better. 8GB Ram, even though FM doesn't use more than 4GB, your computer will be forced to use the bare minimum available with 4GB, reducing the ability to multi task.
  10. When you load up Football Manager because it is a habit and not for fun. (I do this all the time, I am bored of FM15 now - I want to play The Forest or something on Steam yet I select FM and press Play then you are like damm wtf)
  11. Happened to Angel Di Maria during the 2018 world cup, he breaks his ankle, is out for like four months, he comes back for me at United in like October... he's become bollocks, his pace dropped to like 12 and acceleration to 13. Sold to PSG for £24.5m! He had a phenomenal season for me before that year though, 8. something average rating with 17 goals and 20 assists.
  12. Giving players more power without giving us more options is stupid...
  13. I got approached by Italy after two league titles, two capital one cups, two fa cups, one champions league title, accepted and won the 2018 world cup. I'm getting job offers from everyone now, Bayern, Leverkusen, Juventus... even Manchester City when I manage United. I think it's more realistic than it was last year.
  14. What I have noticed, in my first ever save with United I stopped playing at November, injuries were just.. to much to handle, de gea, and all my backups were injured so I played Rooney in goal, I fielded an under 21s team with a few fit first team players because most of my first team were injured, this was aggravated by the fact that United start with a side that has a lot of injuries. In my new save I managed to avoid this. But I still had a lot of injures, in my second season I switched my playing style and my injuries were... acceptable, I never had more than two players out at a time, I had an even smaller squad than my first season. (Because I couldn't offload the deadweight like Fletcher, Fellaini, etc) In my third season it was the same, fourth was even better, I think I only had two injuries and I still had an even smaller squad. So my opinion is that injuries are somehow linked to your playing style and adapting to your training schedule. P.S This is a crackpot theory, but my observations over a four year period with Manchester United saw injuries decrease as the players accumulated to the congested fixture list, my training (Def Positioning, Rest before and after, Balanced, Average), and my playing style. I can safely say that in my fourth season injuries were just... to sparse, my only injury over two weeks was Rafael who broke his ****ing leg. (re-trained Kovacic to that position however; and he performs better)
  15. I resigned on my United save just to see what would happen (didn't intend on keeping it that way, reverted back straight away) but Alegri moved to succeed me as Italian Manager, Laurent Blanc was hired over Guardiola who applied to replace me... basically the chain reaction saw at least one top manager leave just to join another...
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