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  1. Anyone got one with Ibiza 😂 after their exploits this week!
  2. Hi everyone, Hope you're all good. I was wondering if someone could perhaps help me. My regens generate with no face and its the standard silhouette, as if you don't have the facepack loaded in.... Is there anyway to change this, I'm presuming I clicked something at the start of the game? Thanks in advance, Brad
  3. Have done this method yesterday. I keep. Simming two months and the consortium pull the plug. Of note there hasnt been a tycoon after about 20 sims. Is this pot luck of getting a tycoon? Will there ever be one or because of the team I am there won't be a tycoon? There is interested buyers but no tycoon. Will one ever come? I've done it with Burton Albion BTW.
  4. How didn't I check that. Thanks for taking the time to screenshot and reply to help me. Thankyou both. Much appreciated. Happy gaming 🙏🏼👍🏼
  5. I have changed them both but still only works for the dark one and not the football manager original skin. Is there a clear cashe button?
  6. Hi all, I am doing WorkTheSpace RB Barca challenge. I have the logos and kits in the right folder. But on the original skin it won't load as I haven't cleared my cache and this is the skin I was using prior to putting the logos in game. As you can see from attached I can use the logos on skins I haven't used prior to putting the Logos in game but not the original skin... Also. On this new skin my manager game face is now gone. As you can see it's the blackface cut out despite having my 3d model loaded in!? I presume clearing the cache will help but I cannot find it on preferences > interface... Can you help me please. Thanks in advance guys, Brad
  7. FC Porto - Tycoon - Sept 2018 Currently manager having had a successful couple seasons. I've managed to keep hold of the best youth players at Porto; Andre Silva, Ruben Neves, Rui Pires, Diego Dalot & Rui Pedro. Also signed some great players; Saido Berahino, Predrag Rajokovic & Mohamed Dahoud. Just started my third season, the first season after getting a tycoon takeover. Only downside I don't have many leagues loaded. Its the 17.3.1 Patch. https://mega.nz/#!TA9mRJrL!ebvwhUqx6v-3bUx5YkTV9J3I9cqnUPHhhuO8qbGeWik
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