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  1. The prices are the same in Turkey as every other country that use USD as currency in Steam. As we're not a part of the EU, we belong to the USD area of Steam. edit - therefore, we're not getting it any cheaper such as the case in Russia. And everyone can buy the Steam game %25 percent off the regular price from Green Man Gaming, but it's not available in Turkish there. Only EFIGS and Polish. edit2- I'm also giving you the retail price, which is the same as the Steam price, $39, €29.
  2. Last year, FM12 got released in Turkish Steam market with all languages made available to European countries. Right now, FM13 is only available in Turkish because of... what? That's what I'd like to find out. Why is it not available with all languages? Piracy? If piracy was a concern, why did they made FM12 available in all languages? Because they had no other option? And also, there isn't even a single Turkish scene group in piracy who can clone the game AFAIK. Is the game cheaper in retail? No, it's not. Not compared to the Steam version which is available for 39$. It's made available for 72 Turkish liras. Google "72 try to eur" and "72 try to usd" if you want. It means, respectively, 29€ and 39$. Now, some people are accusing us, claiming that we want too much. Too much? Are you kidding me? I just want to be able to play the game with a multi-language version. Sure, I can go and buy an English steam key from Green Man Gaming (don't know for sure if it'll work or not, btw), but I also want to try out the game in Turkish aswell. If I can't do this with a single copy, it feels so unfair as most of the European countries can play the same game both in their native language and English without any problem. We want an official answer, that's it.
  3. A clarification on the subject from an official person would be great. The point I'm trying to make is this: Why am I being forced to choose, while the customers in many other European countries are not?
  4. But then, I won't be able to play the game in Turkish. So, we can't have both. I think it's pretty unfair.
  5. So, is this the solution, then? There were a lot of unhappy customers, so give them just the Turkish language, and nothing else. I don't think the Russians are happy with the solution, either. And this is to stop piracy? With the game fully integrated to Steam, is there any way to play with a genuine copy of FM 2013 in English, for me, "without" downloading the English language files from an illegal website? If there isn't any, how is this going to stop the game from getting pirated?
  6. Hello everyone, I pre-ordered my copy of fm13 the day it was allowed. However, it's written in the game page (in Steam) that the game will only be available in Turkish language. Not even English is supported. A friend of mine has sent an e-mail to Steam Support to get a confirmation, and their answer was: While I pre-ordered game just to support the producers decision to publish FM2013 in Turkish language for the first time officially in Football Manager series, I also want to be able to play the game in English whenever I want to do it. Not being able to do it seems like a trade-over for getting FM supported in my own language, and it's totally unfair. Is this just a mistake by Steam support? If it's not, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell sigames staff that there'll be a lot of unhappy customers because of this decision. Perhaps you should reconsider. Thanks for your answers.
  7. a good eye candy would be various goal celebrations in the 2d pitch such as running to the manager (bench), forming a circle around the goalscorer etc.. Same applies to red-yellow card situations, if his teammates have to drag him away from the referee, let them do it. Running to the referee when he disallows a goal, re-arranging 9.15 during freekicks would be nice too.
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