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  1. When starting a new game, include 'at end of transfer window' in the list of start times. It's not as good as disabling the first transfer window altogether but it might be a workaround at least to avoid squads getting changed up so much from real life in the first few weeks before the end of the window?
  2. Elche averaging 30000+ in game (FMT but presumably full fat game too?) - only averaging 9000 after 8 games in real life.
  3. I've only been playing FMT - really enjoying it :-) A relatively minor gripe is that the Match Feed in FM15 on FMC would inform you when the opposition had made substitutions and who had come on. In FMT this year, you are told there is a Substitution but then have to look hastily down to the bottom of the screen to see who you're opponent has brought on - pretty jarring. It was better as it was before, I think.
  4. Superb update! One omission i noted: Malaga signed Wilfredo Caballero, goalkeeper from Elche.
  5. Reserve teams – to avoid the problems caused by having nations such as Spain and Germany with second teams in the main leagues: We should have the OPTION to treat them either as separate clubs (which hasn't worked at all well this year) OR, as used to be the case, to treat them as regular reserve clubs (which you just can't manage the matches in). This option would have been so much better than what we’ve had this year. News - to be told the winners of competitions or when managers have been sacked like you used to be in previous versions of the game – maybe make this customisable so you can choose the 'types' of news you want to receive? Tactics - as has been discussed in other threads, a Wizard for creating tactics. Or at least to help you on your way. Tactics - the option to 'lock' the sliders for inexperienced gamers so that you and the AI can just have 5 notches rather than 20. This way you could see the obvious effects of changing the settings rather than the minimal changes you'd get from say 6 to 7 in the current system. With it being an option that could be removed in-game, you could remove it when you feel more confident how the various sliders work. Tactics – This has already been suggested but a change is needed to in-match tactical tweaks. The current system whereby you make the change and it only comes into effect when the ball is out of play is fine for simulating the manager shouting from the touchline. But NOT for substitutions. The game should stop and *then* you make the sub as the situation could have altered by the time the game actually makes the change.
  6. Posted this in another thread but it might be better here as a suggestion to help those struggling with understanding tactics: What about the *option* to view the other teams tactics – it might give an idea of effective slider positions for example? Obviously in real life you wouldn’t be able to do this – which is why I stressed it should be an option, turned on or off at the start of the game, same as fog of war etc. That way it wouldn’t hurt or even remotely effect those tactical whizzes who don’t need any help, but might prove invaluable for those who have enjoyed the CM/FM series up until the last couple of editions. You could have it as a learning tool so wouldn’t even need to have it set during your own match if that might be deemed giving you an unfair advantage –instead it might be a nice addition to the options when viewing other teams matches (ie during pre-match previews)? As the game shows no distinction between human and ai users then all this info is in the game already and could only help not hinder people by being viewable?
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