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  1. Oh that's why my small striker keeps getting bad ratings when he's not scoring,now that's just bad design.
  2. I used to play the older versions up to FM 08,and around january i got the new one. I started with my beloved L'pool,and the instictive reaction of a newbie when setting up the tactic is to think about real life football and to tick all the fancy instructions like very fluid,hassle oponents and so on..How did it go?Horrible,i was losing and drawing with the relegation teams,blowed away by any decent side,getting out of cups early and so on... I was really really frustrated,because u know,the quality of my players should be enough to get at least some decent results. After a while i got it.You can't traslate real life football in to the game,to get what you want the only way is to play by ME rules.That's why in the tactic section the most shared tactics are the one wierd looking,they would not make sense IRL,but by ME behavior they work well. Someone mentioned Civ 5.Well that game is telling u pretty fast if something is wrong..To much unhappiness?Dude build some temples.FM is far from being so straightforward,it requires allot of efort to be successful.
  3. Yeah i have seen it only once or twice,imho it's because in current ME they rarelly have the chance to round it, in 90 % of one-on-one the strikers are shooting from outside the penalty area,very annoying.
  4. Thank you very much for the tactic,it's really working for me with Liverpool.I was scoring for fun,but as someone mentioned,because all players bar the CB's are getting in the box it leaves the team very exposed to counter-atacks.I switched the BWM to HB and while i'm scoring less now,it gives more defensive cover,and it allows to work the ball out of defence better.
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