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  1. Just started with Lyon and need a new cb. Cant decide between gianluca mancini and wallace. Suggestion?
  2. Gomez and trent is the same. Alisson is downgraded (!). Woodburn as well. Youngsters ki-jana and ducan got very improved.
  3. Champions of Europe in season 2.
  4. Got a crash dump on previous save with 1. FSV Mainz 05, so had to start over again. Did well on my previous save, finished 2nd in Bundesliga with 62 points in the first season. Will also this time playing a 4-2-3-1 gegenpressing inspired tactic. And stick with the same system, not mine it up all the time, with i did the last time. Have started very well, and after 7 games in Bundesliga we are 1st, with 6 wins and 1 draw. Will upload after the season. Transfers: Just bought Francisco Trincao as well, he will be joining us january 1st.
  5. So the difficult 2nd season with Mainz is under way. Its been a busy transfer window, shaping the squad with some real talented players. With so many young players its going to be some ups and downs this season. But were hoping for at least a Europa League spot. Its going to be tough, with the other teams improving their squad with a lot more cash than we. Especially Bayern , who has signed Julian Brandt and Federico Chiesa! Transfers: Really happy with the transfer window. Got some quality in, Palacios and Almada will be in starting line up, the rest will rotate and be given a lot of game time as well. Going to be more rotation than the last season, since were now in Champions League, Not the worst group , but not the easiest either.
  6. I have always loved to play in the Bundesliga, even more this year after the league was licensed. Was after a long term save and in the end i decided for Mainz. Purely because of my admiration for Jurgen Klopp, and Mainz will of course play a gegenpressing style. And rely on buying young players for the future. The board wanted avoid relegation and the bookies tips was 14th place. But with the right addition and some luck i was hoping to fight for a Europa League Place. Transfers: Absolutely love playing with Mainz, they have some real talents. We were doing good in the league from the first kick on the ball, way ahead of the expectation. When we came to the winter breake we were 4th and we started dreaming about a sensational place in Champions League. RB Leipzig were flying in the first half of the season, 10 points ahead of Bayern before the 2nd half of the season. But with two straights defeats in january, and we suddenly were sniffing on a league win. It was so tight, as you can see in my previous post, and with 3 games to go we had RB Leipzig home, and would with a victory be on level points. 2-1 to Mainz, after a 93 minute goal from Pierre Kunde. That win meant that with two match days to go, Mainz, RBL and Bayern all had 59 points. Unfortunately we lost the next game away to Frankfurt, and Bayern beat Leipzig. And they were crown champions! On the last match day both Werder Bremen and Hertha Berlin got past Dortmund and RB Leipzig , and stole the Champions League spot away from them! But so happy with the first season. Going to be a much tougher 2nd season. And will try to bolster the squad with a good bbm.
  7. Last attempt on a long term Bundesliga save. After some tries with Leverkusen, i decided to give it a go with Mainz. Will do a post on it when the season ends. But just have to post a picture of the league table with 5 games to go! What a crazy end to the season.
  8. Wich tactical style do you guys recommend for Leeds? The plan is to play 4-1-4-1. Bielsa is well closest to gegenpressing if you look at the tactial style that FM presents
  9. Love playing in Germany. Even more this year after the licencing. I usually play with Leverkusen, but after winning Bundesliga 1st season, i got bored. I want to do a long term save in Germany, and need a challenge, so decided to start with St. Pauli. A team i always have wanted to manage om FM, but havent until now. Will update after the season.
  10. Started with my annual Leverkusen save, always a fun team to managed. Playing gegenpressing style. Still early on , but just had my best comeback ever on FM i think. Home against Dortmund, they absolutely counter attacked us of the field in the first half. 1-4 at half time. Switch from 4-1-4-1 DM to 4-2-3-1 and substituted Aranguiz in as a box-to-box, and this happened.
  11. Here we go, ready for the Premier League. Got a tough start with Man City and Liverpool in the first two games. Really happy with the transfer window, and think i have the squad to keep us up. Time will show!
  12. @warlock thanks for that. Yeah had a lot of injuries during the first season, but was lucky i guess, only small one. Typical i got a injury on Ollie Watkins just before the season ended, out 4-5 months. If I'm lucky he will reach the Premier League start. Have had a really busy transfer window regarding players and staff. And feel I'm ready for the new season. Going to be tough, but i believe we can stay up. Will update after the season.
  13. After reading this thread over some time now, it made me wanted to start my last FM 18 save with a EFL. After some consideration my i decided to go for Brentford. Had a really fun save with them some editions a go, when players like Jota and Lasse Vibe was on fire. Looking at this years squad i see a lot of potential, and a little surprised about the 15th media prediction after looking on the talent in the squad. Playing with Brentford is more about building a club from the start. Just look at the facilities. Small stadium, 0 youth level , no junior coaching and recruitment. So we have a job to do! Going tp play a 3-4-3, with wingers to get the best out of my attacking trio Canos, Watkins and Mercondes. Transfers: I was hoping to maybe challenge for a play off spot before the season started, but we did so much more than that. Playing some good football and absolutely dominating the league from the start. Had a really tough fight with Wolves to begun with. As they didn't lose again before we beat them in january. After that they got some bad result on the way, and we clinched the promotion quite easily in early april Going to be a busy pre season before the Premier League starts. Need some additions in the squad and better staff. Been giving a transfer budget on £32 m. And need to strengthen with a defender, midfielder and attacker. Also getting a new stadium, Lionel Road, with a capacity at 17,000. So we need to play our home games at Selhurst Park to the new stadium is finished before the 2019/20 season.
  14. Decided to give it another game with LFC. Had success the last time, decided to start over after doing to much transfers business in the 2018 transfers window. Lost a bit of joy with that. so playing a 4-2-3-1 gegenpressing style. which suits the team well. Transfers: Didn't wanted to much, but needed a quality striker who were capable to bang in goals. Belloti is the perfect match, with the support of Firmino just behind him. Premier League: A aboslute awesome season from my side. Playing some beautiful football and scoring a lot of goals. The defeats came after the title was secured , playing with the "b-team" before important Champion League quarter and semi finals. Belotti was awesome , scoring 43 goals in the league and 77 in total! And as you see, Newcastle finished in 3rd. And both Mourinho and Guardiola was sacked by february! Carabao Cup: I never regard this tournament , playing with the first team squad players and youth prospects. But they did quite well. Won the final 3-2 after extra time against Tottenham. Did field my best team that game. The funny thing in the final was that Michel Vorm was injured in the 105th minute and Spurs had no subs left. So played with Harry Kane in the goal the rest of the match. The player who impressed most in this tournament was Liam Millar. Will try to develop him further. FA Cup: Another trophy back to the Anfield cabinet. The other big teams had a horrible tournament, leaving us with Bournemouth, West Ham and Middlesbrough in semi finals. Middlesbrough that we just manage to beat at Wembley. Champions League: For the 6th times! Got a tough group with RB Leipzig, Napoli and Barcelona. But was easier than expected. Over home record was vital, and big wins at Anfield made us to the final. Since we lost all the away legs against Porto, Juventus and Bayern. Won the final 2-0 against Atletico.
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