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  1. The Josh McEachran loan to Watford doesn't work. Looking at the site, it says the loan is until January 2013 - should be January 2014
  2. Why has Pepe Reina's loan to Napoli been shortened to January? This is definitely a season long loan deal and don't understand why this was changed?
  3. Josh McEachran should be on loan at Watford until Jan 2nd 2014, and Januzaj contract should expire 30/06/18 (not 01/06/18) I will start to submit the correct way but I haven't amended my preferences to show the player codes in game showing yet!
  4. Also, Adil Rami has been moved to a Season Long Loan to AC Milan - but in reality this transfers won't be going through until January. Is this best set up as a future transfer maybe?
  5. Reading the updated changes list, Andros Townsend's new contract has been incorrectly updated as £60,000 a week - this should actually be £40,000 a week
  6. I'm having this problem also - how do I delete these files on Mac?
  7. Have you managed to solve this? I can't even play the game now as I can't access the preferences and change the settings
  8. I have the same problem as the above - can this be fixed?
  9. Will FM14 make use of the Retina Display on the Macbook Pro?
  10. Will FM14 make use of the Macbook Pro Retina Display this year? Would be awesome if it did?
  11. I have a Macbook Pro Retina, would be nice to hear from Neil if FM13 will be supported and the text will be clear as it should be? and not distorted like FM12?
  12. I have Mbaye Niang on France U21 duty at the end of the season for the Toulon Tournament in 2014..However France were knocked out and he hasn't returned. I'm in 10th August 2014, and France U21's haven't had a fixture since 8th June! Surely he shouldnt be gone for 2 months? They next have a friendly game on 10th October. Anyone else had this? He's my top striker and he's missed all of my pre-season, and my first league game is 1 week away. He is not match fit, and i can't select him because it's showing as him being away with France U21's. What am i supposed to do?
  13. ok thanks. the board havent stopped negotiations so now im stuck with this player i no longer want! the option to cancel board negotiations needs to be added into the game
  14. 2 questions.. I have interacted with the board to bring in a player, which they are looking into..can i cancel this transfer as i don't want this player any more as i decided to sign somebody else? I don't have the option to tell my board not to go through with it, and if the player accepts i am stuck with him without being able to confirm i want him or not? Also I have a player coming in january which i no longer need, i have no option to withdraw this? can i cancel this transfer even though i've already confirmed it?
  15. I thought it was just to install and activate? The below link says different? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279162-Football-Manager-2012-*OFFICIAL*-FAQ?p=7184713&viewfull=1#post7184713 The below which i found on that link clearly says you can play Football Manager without going through the Steam Interface. But i can't get it to do this on my Macbook. The shortcut gets created but when i click on my shortcut it opens Steam again Creating a desktop shortcut You can create a desktop shortcut which allows you to launch the game without having to go through the STEAM interface. To create a desktop short-cut right click on the game from the STEAM Library and select Properties: From GENERAL select ‘CREATE DESKTOP SHORTCUT’:
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