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  1. Excuse me for the question . But how could SC Freiburg as one of the most low budget-Bundesliga-sides afford to spend 40 Mio pounds for Pereira in 2021? i guess their complete squad-wage is lower than 40 Mio Great results btw!
  2. With Arsenal i got average Possession of 58 % after first season. Even in tough away games vs City, Pool, etc. But with Dortmund only ~ 48%. Is this because of the Clubs reputation or the style of play in Bundesliga? Dortmunds players should actually be better than Arsenals in first season. Nevertheless it is a great tactic!
  3. Left only the general training to AM, everything else done by me. No OI. I watched every game in text mode and worked with shouts.
  4. This one ist just awesome! Won the League with 100 points (average possesion of 58%), EL and CC (very unlucky in FA Cup against Liverpool) with no major tranfers. Pepe is a beast as RF.
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