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  1. Looks like there's no update today then. My plan for the weekend now has to be changed
  2. Given the current intake issue, I thought you're making another ranting post I think it depends on the responsibility you set. If it is assigned to your DoF, I assume it's better to reassing to HoY as they normally have better required attributes
  3. Depends. For me it is, it takes out the fun of beating your rival to win the league, knowing you play them twice at home.
  4. It's even worse IRL so if the bug is that they tuned it down too much in fact
  5. Calm down. This is a special year, I doubt the team have a lot of time working together. Big issue but understandable
  6. No he just sorted by team name so you can see he played the same team away twice in a season
  7. I have my doubt too. I have a feeling this issue needs a few tweaking here and there before they find the correct balance. I'm holding my save
  8. I'd say continue with the save. You will start a new save when they release a new hotfix anyway. There should be hotfix on the fixture issue as well
  9. Looks like they haven't fixed the issue related to duplicate home games in the league. I think that is the gamebreaker for me too. I don't want to play in the league where I can play my opponent twice at home, that's unfair
  10. Paid for it already. I need a cure for my Man United disappointment in real life at the moment
  11. This ruined my Charlton save as the new chairman decided to invest all the money to buy two players in a position we didn't even need to strengthen
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