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  1. do you know where you can customise view and you can choose potential? i was wondering whose opinion it is
  2. whats with the different star ratings for players in the tactics screen compared to the player profile screen? How do i adjust it and which one is more accurate?
  3. Hi guys, My game is stuck after i just finished a match and tried to save the highlights, its been this way for 30 minutes now, ive pressed cancel but its still stuck. I have no hotkeys, and there is only one part of the highlighted that uploaded to the folder. What do i do, i want to keep this match
  4. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/425791-Manchester-United-4231-Narrow-QUADRUPLE-winning-tactic
  5. The Tactic: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g520eef4dc258f1ca999654851d79e52a24ea97aac I swear guys this tactic is OP, I did the same tactic last year and got great results, this year its even better, I manage Manchester United, After winning the league in the first season i backed it up with the League, CL, FA, and CapOneCup and Community Shield. The key to this tactic i think is to have very creative players in your squad who can pass and are technically sound, especially in the positions just behind the striker. These are the instructions: http://imgur.com/avHD2qf Obviously from there retaining possesion is key, hence "retain Possesion" and winning back possesion "get stuck in". Also if you add the Run at defence instruction with players like ronaldo in your side you'll find you get alot of dribbling goals. Also make sure team shape is set to "fluid" to allow these guys to have the creative freedom they need to score you goals. This is the team :http://imgur.com/1TZVDBc From there you can see each players role. Make sure you have backup tactics, my 424 tactic is when im chasing the game, my 433 wide tactic is when i need to change things up during games (ie; not playing well, surprise opp etc) Set pieces and penalties etc are straight forward nothing special about them. My record and Ronaldo's Record: http://imgur.com/kHIy0X9 http://imgur.com/Fd0Aw3L http://imgur.com/oAI63uq Edit: Messi Incoming http://imgur.com/yizujJ0
  6. did you try the second link?maybe its the file sharer, or the way im doing it, can any of you guys go through the correct steps
  7. oh ok, one of the things i cant get my head around is , how do you get your tactic into a file which someone can just download and play off haha
  8. thanks man, ive only tried this with manchester united so i dont know if its only good for clubs with really creative players, yeah i dont know how to upload tactics, im willing to try if someone tells me how
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