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  1. yeah lol with like most of teams it tells you what budgets you can get with teams cause kind people have spent there time doing it =]
  2. thanks for the reply arsenal but i recently finished my man utd game got bored after 15 seasons tbh lol and wanna start another game, im not the best manager round here far from it so i want someoe that is a challenge but a do able challenge and in the prem tbh. i wanted to look at all the bedgets lol guess ill have to wait =[
  3. how come i cant get o fmwiki i really need it =[
  4. oh well ok will carry on and see what happens and hope for the best well had my fix now of to work !
  5. i dont go on holiday have not at all and nether do ! my assiant does alot of team talks but i pick the team and do everything this season is the only time i have been over my wadge budget and i have been signing players on free transfers and selling quite a few but i have been selling players i get on a free for like 300k and the board take it all since i have been at the club i have spent £0 all free transfers. I have only applied for one job and that was during a very very bad patch but that was 2 seasons ago ! my club are not in debt they have 500k but i am 4k over my wage budget ! ps And i am manager of bosnia atm as well as yeovil
  6. well i have now started using the press and my current manager stats are :- Club / Player Loyalty = 6 Domestic Player Bias = 15 Fiancial Control = 5 Hands on = 4 Disapline = 15 Tactical = 13 Ahhh and i noticed club stature = Very Poor And my security has gone from very secure to stable ! The Board are Ashemed to show there Faces in public due to the damage i have inflicted How do i improve this
  7. i have over achieved if anything i am yeovil Town and in my first season i was predicted to hover around relagation which i did finishing 20th then in my second season my exppectation where the same and i finished 10th and in my 3rd season i was predicted mid table and finished 13th and just started my 4th i am confused. I dont really use the press much only when i can be arsed cus they get boring after a while just dont make sense to me! Will i get the sack? "I guess the club retutation decreased which is what the board worry about. May I assume that this is in your club stature comment line" It was in montly performence news
  8. My Board have been saying for the last three or so months in my fourth season that :- quote "They are concerned That the club is not being held in the same regard as it was before you took charge" What is this ment to mean ?
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