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  1. Mid season fluff seems to happen every season come the end of december till about the end of feb no matter who i am, what league im in or whatever i do ?! Anyone else get this ???
  2. I have a balance of £2.7 Million and am tring to spend 1 Mill up front , 25% sell on and 2 Mill after 10 games yet it wont let me buy the player saying not enough funds anyone hellp ???
  3. Help editor

    DONE - Unlike old FM you select after selecting database
  4. Help editor

    Right i solved the first bit !!! how do i load this editited data into FM ? as it dont show up on start new game ?
  5. HELP !!!! just spent around 2 hours making a DB for a england FC team and saved it and exitid correctly ! went and had my tea came back and cant find it the file . . . .after searching i have found it as i called it England FC as a .xml file how do i launch this in FM ?? Please help guys !
  6. How can i become a researcher of for my local team ??
  7. While i cant see it happening atm as the game needs to be fixed lol but enough about that , still in a few years may be a boost if si needed it ?
  8. Really !!! I never knew of this ! however for si to make an official one along ioth the game i would defo pay an xtra £5 for it ! ** EDT ** I do mean that kinda thing however neeeds to be the whole DB as a classic kinda game i reckon only one 10 team league would work but would be quite awesome to play along with normal FM !
  9. I was sitting at work bored and waiting for this weekend to roll on for some intense drinking and fm when i thought how amazing would classic FM be ?? so what do i mean by classic FM ? well a FM made up of all classic players, Zico, Shearer, Gascoigne, Shilton, Pele . . .etc!!! Now obvo comparing these players to the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Torres etc, is impossible as back in the day of players like pele it was a completely different game but surly this would be an amazing concept? no ?? Now while i understand FM11 is far from perfect ! this would be something for them to consider in the future along side the release of a FM . . . How would teams work ?? Well , my best idea would be for you to make a team at the start of a game with a kind of draw process or even a fantasy football kind of system where you have £X MILLION to spend on players and leagues are randomly assigned to the quality of your team ? now while this would not work as a long term game it would make a excellent alternative or mini game alongside the normal FM !!! so what do you si forumers think . . . ??? Si i am always available to share my ideas with you !
  10. Every scout report i get about any player under 18 comes back with has to Potential to play at the same quality as Player A or to exceed the ablity of Player A. Now considering i am Spurs and they are saying this about Defoe, Crouch, Van Der Vaart, Gomes, King, Gallas ... etc . . . Also the dreaded transfer bug man united just payed 4.2 million for this player . . . http://img21.imageshack.us/f/connorwickhamprofileatt.png/ had real troubles tring to sell people as well such as Bentley, Keane etc all good players but no one wants them
  11. United have this player Transfer and Loan Listed yet when i offer 100% wages 2 mill upfront and 10 mill after for a 7.5 mill rated player they came back with this . . . . http://img258.imageshack.us/i/joshuamaynewsinbox.png/
  12. Print screen help !

    Yes cheers mate !!!!
  13. Driving me mad !!!! want to do a print screen but when i press (fn) + (prt sc) with FM11 on the screen it just prints whatever would be behind it ( desktop, google chrome, etc. . .) Have tried searching internet with no luck any help managers !!! PS Also using the ingame CTRL + P does not work as i save it as text/web and it just shows text saying Tottenham Manager - Joshua May
  14. Rate out of ten guys !!!!:)