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  1. What does "Mark Tighter" PI on your striker does ? and is it worth using this PI, if i want my MCR to move down the right flank to help my DR in defense and to not get overloaded, how can i achieve this thing in FM ? The formation 5-3-2 with DR and DL
  2. Well for me the thing that need to improve most is pressing(closing down),and the shape without the ball,i would like for example with the ball we play 4-2-3-1,without the ball the AMC and the CF stay together and makes it a 4-4-2. Pressing need improvement,for example pressing immediatly after you loose the ball like in IRL,to createGegenpressing actions during the match. Set-Piece need improvement too,i would like to add in corners Near or Far zone markers,for example not marking the post but marking the zone of the near or the far post. Maybe would be good to add specific markers during corners/free-kicks before every game,for example my player marks the number 5 of the opponent etc... Would be fantastic too if,for example i start as a Barca B coach,after 2-3 years i get the Barcelona first team job like in IRL,but this thing is not possible in current fm14.
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