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  1. Sounds good yet it should not be abused
  2. I am playing with Fenerbahce, currently battling for title with Besiktas and Bursaspor. Here are some transfers: (these may not show up for you if you don't have all the leagues) 1) Walter Gonzalez - absolute beast, bought him for 0.625 euros, salary around less than half a million euros. 2) Alejandro Chumacero - very good player that can easily play in first team, cheap as well. 3) Lucas Lima has his contract ending in January. You can snap him for free. 4) I've gotten guilherme siqueira, dede for free on January as well. 5) You can loan many quality players such
  3. Hey guys, I fired my chief data analyst to hire a better one. My new analyst is not preparing any opposition analysis. Does anyone know how to get it going?
  4. Just to clarify, these were all reported to Head of Turkey FM researcher in past years and he acknowledged the issues. The problem is Turkish teams have naturally high levels of debt but due to grants(they are not applied in FM) they all go bankrupt and end up having 12 - 15 players in their entire squad. So it is a very specific issue. I am not a year in my current save but from what I've see Turkish clubs still make very unrealistic and faulty business. Signing a player and putting it on transfer list the same day?
  5. U seem like an Arsenal fan, maybe you will need those toys you manufacture if you ever played a save where Premier league teams had 12 - 15 players in their squad because of AI issues.
  6. I've been in touch with the Turkey Head Researcher for a year or two now. A lot of Turkish fans already addressed/(uploaded saves) the issue of Turkish clubs transfer policy and he admits the issues as well. On my original post I gave 2 examples of issues that arise. This regen thing is new though, it did not happen before in any FM. I find it odd that Fenerbahce signing 16 year old with 125 CA or so. It happened with other players as well. http://forum.turksportal.net/vb/showthread.php?t=126076&page=13
  7. I was trying to highlight the fact that AI's downgrade is shadowing the new features
  8. I've been playing football manager since 2005 I believe. I know this post is going to get flagged or deleted from what I've been seeing. Anyway, I would like to say that I do not want a scouting system that just makes my life difficult. I don't need the new features to make the gameplay more difficult than it really should be. What I want is AI of this game not to downgrade each year. AI needs to make smarter and realistic transfers. Example: Trabzonspor buys Constant Djakpa on a free transfer at 12 July 2017. The player is put on transfer list the same day.
  9. Hey fam, I am looking into start a game with Karlsruhe. The squad has a lot of potential players, yet the squad feels very unorganized in terms of roster depth and player roles. Can anyone suggest me a good formation or help with players?
  10. I like the idea behind the new scouting reports, however it gets very tedious to go through this process if you are a player who likes to scout many players/or want to play the game a little faster with efficient scouting. We should have the option to change it. The game is definitely not as responsive and significantly slower UI. During game, when you are making a substation, the green in background is barely different than the main green on tactical screen. As a result, it's very hard on eyes and it is more difficult to read/stare.
  11. For me it is besiktas. great stadium, fan base goals would be to become the first turkish team to win champions league. and can you lead the club to get its third league championships in a row while big clubs try to poach your players such oguzhan ozyakup, cenk tosun
  12. RBL, Freiburg from germany Goztepe, Ankaragucu, Bucaspor, Altinordu from Turkey Auxerre from france
  13. I like the idea of late bloomer, Burak Yilmaz is a good example I would say. I mean when he first made a name, he had a lot of potential, but then he played crap for 5 years and then blossomed when he was 25.
  14. i got few questions. 1) wouldn't u want to tell urs to drop deeper, and perhaps play more direct to counter attack? 2) would this tactic work with limited fullbacks in your experience?
  15. Hi everyone, I'm on my save with RBL and all my fullbacks are excelling at playing limited fullback. My starter left back is a regen with very low technical skills yet a wonderkid so I don't want to discard him On right side, I got Lukas Klostermann who performed great last year as an invidiual. I'm going through different tactics in the forum but can't find a suitable one with limited fullbacks. Do you have any tips on how to get most of my tactics with limited fullbacks?
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