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  1. 15 reflexes already is very good.
  2. Ziyech is great at long shots and passing, but he doesn't always have the best decisions. In fact, he always tries it. I think his decision making is completely suitable to the type of player he is. Blind's decisions aren't always optimal as well. He's calm on the ball, yes, hence the composure. Seems like bollocks to raise his decisions because Marin hasn't been a success yet. Also note how stats are always based on performances from last season. The player comes from a foreign database and they always wait with adjusting the stats.
  3. Charly Musonda is injured at the start of the game and is staying in London to recover. Meaning he isn't part of the Vitesse squad and completely unavailable until he is recovered. Estimate is that he is at least injured until Q1 2020. He seems to be completely fit in the game which isn't accurate. He has a chronic knee injury and is struggling to stay fit. https://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/892344/musonda-ziet-vitesse-debuut-aan-zich-voorbij-gaan-oude-kwetsuur-speelt-weer-op.html https://www.gelderlander.nl/vitesse/vitesse-baalt-van-knieblessure-musonda~ac03ef84/
  4. FC Utrecht Staff Marcel Mul is listed as a data analyst while in fact he's the team manager. He's been in service for a long time as a former player as well. I'd say his major quality is his man management and mental side of the game. A correct role would be coach. https://www.nd.nl/nieuws/sport/teammanager-marcel-mul-is-het-sociale-gezicht-van.3545175.lynkx Marinus Dijkhuizen is listed as 'data analyist' while he's a video analyst as well as a coach. He is a first team coach and also prepares the tactical analysis of opponents. I'd say change the role to a combination of coach and second role as data analyst. https://www.fcutrecht.nl/nieuws/2019/mei/marinus-dijkhuizen-langer-bij-fc-utrecht/ Dennis Haar is listed as coach, but is actually assistant manager (just like Rick Kruys -- there's two assistants for FC Utrecht). https://www.voetbalzone.nl/doc.asp?uid=346547 https://www.fcutrecht.nl/teams/dennis-haar Didier Martel is rated incredibly poorly with a JPA of 11 and JPP of 8. He scouted Sèb Haller and Nicolas Gavory, both cheap transfers from France who Utrecht sold with a huge profit. I'd say his JPA should be 13-14ish, as well as his JPP. Ruud Heus is listed as U19 coach, while he's the B team coach: https://www.fcutrecht.nl/teams/jong-fc-utrecht/ Roland Jansen is listed as B Team Head Physio and U19 GK while he's only listed as B team Physio on the FC Utrecht website. He has no history as a GK coach on his LinkedIn as well. Considering he is a professional physio I'd recommend to upgrade his physio stat. René van der Linden: https://www.fcutrecht.nl/teams/rené-van-der-linden. The Jong Utrecht team manager also isn't in the game. Should be listed as b team coach. Players Also, I noticed other players like Mallahi being seen as big talents but I feel St Jago is seriously undervalued as of right now. FC Utrecht let Bergstrom go on a loan because St. Jago is almost there for the first XI: Should be considered the biggest talent by far. https://www.utrechtfans.nl/nieuws/hoofdnieuws/258466/hake-geeft-tekst-en-uitleg-st-jago-is-een-mooi-voorbeeld https://www.utrechtfans.nl/nieuws/hoofdnieuws/248062/st-jago-maakt-indruk-ik-zie-een-goede-centrale-verdediger https://www.utrechtfans.nl/nieuws/hoofdnieuws/254559/st-jago-geeft-toe-daar-spreek-ik-wel-eens-over-met-john Willem Janssen seems to still have relatively good midfield attributes with off the ball 14, flair 12, passing 14. He also has relatively high points in odd attributes, such as corners, finishing and long throws (all 9). I don't feel these are logical attributes to have a higher score dan 6 in. He's been a staple in FC Utrecht's defense for year's and many see him as the best of the rest Eredivisie defender. In fact he's currently better than both PSV's and Feyenoord's centre backs, I'd dare say. I'd say his 'decisions', 'positioning', 'marking' and 'tackling' all deserve an update to reflect this more natural role. 9 marking and 9 tackling for one of the best CB's in the Eredivisie makes no sense. He relies on great positioning and teamwork, rarely making a mistake. Now he seems like a flawed midfielder. Saying he's equally as good at corners, finishing and long throws as he is at marking and tackling doesn't do him justice. Additionally, his jumping and heading should be bumped up slightly as he consistently wins every header. To compensate his attacking traits should be toned down. https://www.ad.nl/utrecht/fc-utrecht-heeft-spelhervatting-als-belangrijk-wapen~a5d9400e/ https://www.bd.nl/willem-ii/willem-ii-laat-zich-door-tien-man-van-fc-utrecht-aftroeven~afe6c064/?referrer=https://www.google.com/ https://www.fcutrecht.nl/nieuws/2017/05/willem-janssen-bevrijdt-fc-utrecht/ For example 2:20, Adriàn Dalmau seems to be a 'mediocre' striker while he performed quite well for Heracles last season and the games that he has played for FC Utrecht he has impressed. He magically attracts balls in the box to him and manages to be dangerous at every chance. I feel his first touch, technique, anticipation and off the ball are seriously undervalued. He's a classical fox in the box, a great finisher. So I don't see why this isn't reflected in his attributes: I already mentioned van der Maarel in an earlier thread and I really hope to see his attributes boosted up. Now he's always the first player you'll sell but strangely every manager keeps him. There's a reason it's like that! e; Adam Maher currently has 'plays one-two's' and 'dictates tempo'. He doesn't make one-two's, but he does try to play his way out of trouble whenever pressed. I feel that's a more suitable PPM for him.
  5. Honda just signed for Vitesse. Perhaps you should also add im to Slutsky's favoured personnel? I think he also wants to use Vitesse as a stepping stone, so there should be a release clause in his contract for CL teams I reckon Also interesting: Honda is the national coach for Cambodia. Lol?! Wonder how that'll look in the database. https://www.gelderlander.nl/vitesse/sloetski-haalt-honda-naar-vitesse-japanner-gaat-meetrainen-in-arnhem~a5e56482/?referrer=https://www.google.com/ https://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/901948/honda-solliciteert-bij-gevallen-grootmachten-ik-sta-ook-open-voor-vitesse-.html https://www.ad.nl/transfer-talk/deal-is-rond-vitesse-legt-honda-voor-seizoen-vast~a6d26970/ https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/aug/12/keisuke-honda-to-coach-cambodia-national-team-while-playing-in-a-league
  6. Can I just say that there's an awful lot of research hours being put into small details of Ajax? It'd be nice to give the other clubs some love as well, so delve into those teams guys! :-)
  7. I'd honestly put vd Maarel over him, he took over the captain's arm band when Janssen was suspended last season in the play offs against Heracles Almelo. Gustafson just scored two penalties IRL, in case you need any extra info for that attribute. I'd say composure is also relevant for him to be able to score so many so consistently..
  8. Also, why is Simon Gustafson vice captain in the game?
  9. FC Utrecht: I feel like Van der Maarel has the weirdest stats and PPM's. - Determination 4, anticipation 10, concentration 9, decisions 7, positioning 10, off the ball 14, flair 12, and 'gets forward whenever possible'? I feel like his determination should at least be 15 due to the fact that's he a level headed professional that coaches use to balance the game. Also, his defending is hig biggest trait, not his skills on the ball. I'd say the traits should be something like this: Anticipation: 12 Concentration: 12 Decisions: 13 (he rarely gives up the ball, always chooses a safe, solid option and has actually become quite good at driving the ball forward. He also makes the right choices when defending) Positioning: 12 Off the ball: 8. He always does the same simple things when going forward: keep the pitch wide and not take risks. Flair: 8. He can do unexpected things, but it isn't a mainstay in his game. Vd Maarel is now just far too useless while he's actually a decent back-up defender. Technically limited, but mentally way stronger than he's currently being estimated. Simon Gustafson: penalty taking of 10: he converted 100% of the penalties (8) last season, should be at least 15-16: https://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/879470/gustafson-houdt-penaltygeheim-voor-zichzelf-anders-moet-ik-je-vermoorden-haha-.html, https://www.fcupdate.nl/voetbalnieuws/347087/advocaat-geen-twijfel-dat-gustafson-volgende-penalty-neemt/, https://nos.nl/video/2285745-janssen-over-penaltyspecialist-gustafson-is-de-nieuwe-haller.html. Also composure at 10 while his flair is at 16 makes no sense. His main skill is his composure at penalties, when dribbling, etc. Sander vd Streek: he isn't for sale at FCU but he's transfer listed in-game at the start? Bart Ramselaar determination of 7? He got into the starting XI of PSV, and after spending a season on the bench he was still professional enough to keep doing his best to play with the reserves to force himself into the starting XI of FC Utrecht. Feels odd. Simon Makienok: determination of 8? This guy is always injured and has just gotten back. Takes a lot of determination to try to stay fit! Cerny: determination of 9? Why? Bahebeck: determination of 9: same story as Makienok. Sean Klaiber: determination of 11, down from 15 last season. Why? Gyrano Kerk: determination of 10, why? Seems really low for a player of his quality.
  10. The problem in a nutshell (green circle): Tactics: I instructed my full backs to get further forward and to take fewer risks. What I want from my full backs is this: I want them to run forward, keep it wide and pass it to my central midfielders so we can quickly shift possession from one side and another and force gaps in their defence. I'm getting high possession stats against my opponents, but I don't want 30+ crosses per half. I don't want any crosses at all as I want as much central play as possible as I have quite a few nimble, agile players with solid dribbling, passing and movement. I'm hoping that the full backs running up will draw out their players to make space for others. Instead of this, my full backs consistently throw away possession by smashing the ball into the opponent. I don't want them to cross unless they either have enough space and time to make a good cross, or when they have absolutely no other option. I play with five(!) midfielders and one striker, so my full backs always have a passing outlet. I want the full backs to create space by staying wide and making runs, so we can quickly shift possession to the other side and look for gaps in the defence with a smart run or through ball. How do I make them do this? Some examples of their behavior:
  11. https://imgur.com/yDMABqt Can someone explain to me why this is called off for offside? My player smashes it into the opponent. The players that are offside don't have any effect on the gameplay, yet the ref cancels this. This game is in the newest patch and I've never had something like this before. I attached the PKM. Excelsior v FC Utrecht.pkm
  12. I don't like using a mezzala because of what another user mentioned: " In my experience, the Mez has hardcoded movement and seems to also be a bit of a magnet in pulling the other midfielders toward his side of the field. This is great at creating overloads, but in this case not so much" I fear the role impacts other players behavior too much.
  13. Picked him up from Santos for 475k. Additionally, two gems from FC Utrecht. They're my captain and vice captain in 2023 :D.
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