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  1. Winger play works fine, but they don't seem to cause any threat near the first post or in the box when there's more often than not plenty of space to do so. Additionally, when they receive a pass ahead of them they always do this first touch where they run past the ball instead of trying to do a first time cross or making a run into the box. Also, wingers don't try to involve other players in the box and instead will go for own successs regardless of role or player instruction. All in all it's not just link-up play between striker and winger, it's their decision making as a whole. My view is that it is mainly caused by the lack of central play in general (players don't detect space and opportunities when the opponent sits deep + strikers are too static) So it's not wide play itself -- it's the transition from wide play into the box.
  2. I really enjoy FM, but this year's ME is just so odd. The whole ball over the top thing was weird in itsself, but now it seems like a worse version ME than FM 19. There's such a limited variety of goals. I feel like I've seen all the patterns already. It's always one of following: - Goal after a cross from a set piece - Cross to the far post, where a winger outjumps the full back and heads it in the opposing corner - Throw in routine, ends up being a cross to a winger who outjumps the full back and heads it into the opposing corner - Random long shot (this is good, not too frequent) - Penalties - Winger cuts inside and tries a long shot - Odd tiki taka in the box where the striker could blast it, instead passes it to a winger
  3. 75th minute, key highlight. Fila passes it deep for Kerk, who as a winger has TWO options he can deliver a ball to. Instead he tries to ram it at the GK? De Graafschap v FC Utrecht.pkm
  4. 03:23- ample time after a throw in to attempt a cross, but instead of either cutting back or succeeding to cross (near or far post) he smashes it into the #16 09:00 - defender heads it clear, why does my striker not anticipate to pick up the ball from deep? 11:17 - my winger cuts inside, runs over the entire patch to pass it wide for my next winger to again run into the full back 27:10 - my full back receives it wide and runs into the box, into their full back 32:10 - inverted winger has two guys ahead of him and a full back in support, decides to smash it into the opposing duo instead of involving his teammate 38:40 - their DM loses posession and my striker just runs it into the GK instead of involving teammtes 39:45 - again someone smashing it into a full back on the wing 46:25 - inverted wingback can pass it to my free #7 (winger) but passes it wide to #38.. makes 0 sense 49:59 full back gets the ball back from a throw in and is immediately put offside, happens too often. I've got a season ticket and I've literally seen this happen ONCE in three seasons. 52:50 - again smashed into a full back with a winger right behind him for possession 72:00 - full back can pass it to #19 but moves it wide to the winger on the right side.. 78:38 - again the winger runs into a full back 81:45 - again the stupid offside throw in.. 87:20 again smashed into the full back 92:40 see above FC Utrecht v PSV.pkm
  5. Heya, my star player is a winger with high decisions, flair, dribbling, agility, technique, passing, crossing, etc. but every time he gets the ball in the final third he just runs, waits and wastes posession. There's many a chance to try and give the ball to the striker for him to tap it in, but he's not doing it. Making me wonder whether wingers are programmed to behave correctly as the same thing happens over and over again every match. He's on a support duty as a winger. Also watched my back-up winger and left winger and I see the same patterns. I won the game 5 - 0 so I'm happy, but I see so many odd things going on. Examples; 1:15 - winger start out wide, gets the ball, beats his man and loses possession instead of trying to pass or cross to the striker at the near post 20:34 - winger starts out wide, makes a good run when he gets the ball, beats his marker and passes it to a midfielder instead of trying to service the striker at the near post 76:02 - striker runs into winger position, just runs into the full back 77:21 - right winger could have straight passed for the left back but didn't, why? 77:23 - left winger runs deep but doesn't make a run at goal earlier, why not? there's loads of space. Additionally, he's an inverted winger so he should be cutting inside, instead he runs into the full back 89:12 - could pass it to inverted wingback (#2) but instead runs into the full back FC Utrecht v AZ.pkm
  6. I instructed my wing backs to man mark their wingers. What happened during a corner for my team is that after it was taken and we lost possession my full backs ran to their wingers and ignored their striker who had the ball, giving him space to go to goal solo and score a goal. So it's the De Graafschap goal you gotta check out. FC Utrecht v De Graafschap.pkm
  7. Again, why the high crosses when I set instructions to LOW crosses? 11:30 26:05 - even the goal makes no sense, why not a low cross into the first post? There's acres of space for the striker to run into, 45:40 - beautiful attack, but why the high cross when on low crosses? PSV v FC Utrecht.pkm
  8. Issue: Lots of high crosses & pointless headers from my strikers/wingers. I don't have the instruction to 'float' them, so I tried putting 'low crosses' to counteract but still many high crosses in matched. 01:49 - 01:54 34:45 - 34:50 Issue: Lazy movement from inverted winger. 02:25 - I have an inverted winger who I instructed to 'stay narrow' and a full back on 'attack'. Instead of making space for the full back by coming short to my attacking midfielder who's in posession, my inverted winger stretches the play. It seems inverted wingers only invert once they receive the ball. Issue: Lazy movement from striker 18:50 - My pressing forward (attack) could make a run in behind the #22, instead he remains at a jog pace. 72:13 - 72:21 - He jogs into a central position, but does no more 721:21 - 73:02 - He drifts out wide, but doesn't make a threatening run whatsoever.. what is he even doing? I will add more issues to this thread. FC Utrecht v Viktoria Plzen.pkm
  9. I see this issue is known, when is it fixed? Thanks.
  10. an explanation on how i can manually alter this for my save is also fine because I just want to be able to play the game. :/
  11. Summary: two issues: 1. new rule that says you can't loan more than 7 players over 22 to foreign clubs (which i believe not to be true), 2. i also can't extend current loans that follow these rules. 3. every loan for under 22 players to foreign clubs is also blocked. Description of Issue: can't loan players due to new rules (that have never been introduced in the first place) Steps to Reproduce: try loaning any player under and over 22 to non-dutch teams and it will be cancelled Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: FCU zonder vd Maarel yo wtf oi wtf.fm
  12. Can I get an answer for my questions SI? Thanks.
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