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  1. JulesD

    Too many long-distance goals!

    Eight goals in two matches, six of them are from set pieces. Think I've had three one on one attempts from my side that were all ruined by a striker with good finishing, technique, composure and decisions and the 'consistent performer' trait.. FC Utrecht v Heracles Almelo.pkm FC Utrecht v Sparta.pkm
  2. I don't recognise this issue. Only oddity is that amateur teams seem to be able to win promotion to the second league. So now I'm getting teams like Rijnburgse Boys in the second league lol.
  3. JulesD

    Too many long-distance goals!

    This has been reported and is under review. Hoping to hear about about it from SI now, e.g. how soon will this be fixed.
  4. JulesD

    [Holland] Data Issues

    https://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/860107/bazoer-doet-water-bij-de-wijn-zeker-weten-maar-het-draait-niet-altijd-om-geld-.html Cheap loan from FC Utrecht, so please no draining in the new database.
  5. So much this. If the current flaws get fixed it'll be so much better. First step for SI though is to not just tell us it's logged, but to give us a roadmap on how they plan to work on this and within what timeframe. The communication so far has been nothing but dreadful. Meanwhile the PR department on Twitter is going strong. Rubs me the wrong way to be honest.
  6. You can make a monkey wear a tuxedo, but it'll still be a monkey.
  7. Really? So we're stuck with the current flaws until march because that will be the final patch?
  8. Just wondering, there seems to be a quite a few issues that have been logged and that are being looked into. Are you guys able to communicate anything as to when these things will get addressed in a patch? Or where in your process you currently are when it comes to fixing this? It feels like we're being left in the dark when all we read is that it's being looked into.
  9. JulesD

    Long Shots

    Four goals, four long shots, literally no striker movement. Please give us an update. FC Twente v FC Utrecht.pkm
  10. I'd like to know when you're going to be patching some of the more frequently mentioned issues, particularly those related to the ME. Some feedback: - Players are mentioned as a former player of mine when they've been a trialist at most. Considering I bring in quite a few trialists to see if there's a cheeky free agent in there I end up having former players all over the league. - Determination drops happen a bit too often. I have a 13 determination team leader, and all my 14-16 determination players are getting it dropped to the same level. Now I have an 18 and a 16 determination team leader alongside of them, and thanks to their social units some players have good determination again. It makes me happy, but makes it incredibly gamey. I'd rather leave my 34 year old back up players with great determination as captain&team leader, instead of my 13 determination world beater who makes the difference every game. Just seems unrealistic - I'd like more emphasis on mentoring opposed to this sort of gambling. Match engine: - Strikers failing to score one on one's seems to be overrepresented in this ME. I know it happens quite a bit in real life, but whenever I see a one on one I just assume they miss it now. - Striker movement is really static and doesn't differ irregardless of PI & TI. Only exception is when I make them man mark a player or put them as a pressing forward on defense. - Majority of my goals seem to come from set pieces: headers, long shots, corner routines that go in (pass it to a player on the edge of the box, long shot). - Corners seem to be hit over the box and resulting in a goal kick or throw in a bit too frequently. - Quick counters seem to go in far quicker than other types of goals, and this seems to be happening quite often. Sudden 1-touch football from mediocre players. - Full backs end up hitting crosses into the first opponent too often. Full backs shouldn't just try to cross all the time, I want to be able to tell them to pass it to strikers and midfielders who come short. It's impossible to do this in the current ME. - I have a lot of players with great attributes and PPM's to make killer balls. I play with three strikers yet they rarely receive one of these, more often than not it's my wingbacks who are on the receiving end. - AI teams seem incredibly defensive in their set-up. I've won the league twice after four seasons, with a mediocre squad, and almost every squad I play is incredibly defensive. edit: Three strikers bunched up together with the instruction to keep it wide. Also have the instruction 'hit early crosses' on, but you can guess what my full back did. Exactly, he ran into the opposition. Also, the score is because of four long shots. Two of them from my midfielder with 9 long shots. Think he's scored quite a few goals now, opposed to my strikers. Clearly, that's not how the ME should work.
  11. Pressing forward defend helps. What I also like to do is play with 3 strikers and use two of them to manually mark their full backs to create an advantage in midfield.
  12. Much to my frustration there seems to be a rather large amount of bugs in the match engine in this year's version of FM. I've been playing the game quite often and I find myself quitting the game and doing something else after a match more and more due to the unrealistic behavior of the engine. Here's some things I noticed: - First time shots get blocked, goalkeeper dives and remains in the same position far too long. Almost every single second attempt seems to result in a goal. It is clear that in real life goalkeepers tend to respond much faster and are able to dive quickly again. Additionally, most goalkeepers don't ACTUALLY DIVE when there's a shot that gets blocked. - Strikers are useless to say the least. Unless they're tall targetman they'll rarely score. For some reason, static strikers seem to be doing extremely well from crosses and set pieces - usually through headers. Anything that isn't an aerial challenge seems to be futile. - Even though you patched wing backs into being semi useful I still notice them making quite a few positioning mistakes, even when they have high stats in the required areas. - Wingers seem to enjoy passing the ball over the backline if they can't seem to get past their direct opponent. - Players won't move towards the ball in long-space passes, allowing easy interceptions. - Dribbling/flair/balance etc. seem to be fairly useless, I've had the likes of Lamela and Eriksen get knocked over by fullbacks with little to no physical stats over and over and over again whereas I'm roughly three seasons into the game, letting them start every day. Trained both of them so they'd stay on their feet more easily yet it feels as if every single winger/playmaker is just really, really weak.