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  1. The problem in a nutshell (green circle): Tactics: I instructed my full backs to get further forward and to take fewer risks. What I want from my full backs is this: I want them to run forward, keep it wide and pass it to my central midfielders so we can quickly shift possession from one side and another and force gaps in their defence. I'm getting high possession stats against my opponents, but I don't want 30+ crosses per half. I don't want any crosses at all as I want as much central play as possible as I have quite a few nimble, agile players with solid dribbling, passing and movement. I'm hoping that the full backs running up will draw out their players to make space for others. Instead of this, my full backs consistently throw away possession by smashing the ball into the opponent. I don't want them to cross unless they either have enough space and time to make a good cross, or when they have absolutely no other option. I play with five(!) midfielders and one striker, so my full backs always have a passing outlet. I want the full backs to create space by staying wide and making runs, so we can quickly shift possession to the other side and look for gaps in the defence with a smart run or through ball. How do I make them do this? Some examples of their behavior:
  2. https://imgur.com/yDMABqt Can someone explain to me why this is called off for offside? My player smashes it into the opponent. The players that are offside don't have any effect on the gameplay, yet the ref cancels this. This game is in the newest patch and I've never had something like this before. I attached the PKM. Excelsior v FC Utrecht.pkm
  3. https://imgur.com/yDMABqt Can someone explain to me why this is called off for offside? My player smashes it into the opponent. The players that are offside don't have any effect on the gameplay, yet the ref cancels this. This game is in the newest patch and I've never had something like this before. I attached the PKM. Excelsior v FC Utrecht.pkm
  4. I don't like using a mezzala because of what another user mentioned: " In my experience, the Mez has hardcoded movement and seems to also be a bit of a magnet in pulling the other midfielders toward his side of the field. This is great at creating overloads, but in this case not so much" I fear the role impacts other players behavior too much.
  5. Picked him up from Santos for 475k. Additionally, two gems from FC Utrecht. They're my captain and vice captain in 2023 :D.
  6. Also wanting to humblebrag about my captain.. really happy with this guy. The starting captain (Willem Janssen) is a model citizen and I managed to turn this guy into one, getting his determination from 15 to 18 in the process.
  7. Back again, my team has played four games so far and some things worry me about my current tactic. Any tips on how to fix these issues? So far all your comments have been really helpful in making this game more enjoyable for me, pointing out obvious flaws I couldn't think of myself. Current tactics: Pro's: - Good link-up play through the middle - Wing backs are actually able to cross and more often pass it wide when they can't - There's space to run into - Good build-up play from the back thanks to the defensive midfielder (DLP) helping out alongside the CM(S) and AP(A) - Great recycling when we lose possession up front because of midfielders not making runs but actually staying back a bit Cons: - My striker misses three one on one's every match - Vulnerable to teams out wide - Vulnerable to quick counters, luckily I have two really good CB's and a great GK - Can't get my right AM to work! - Use of ACM position. My left second striker is incredibly involved, making runs, dribbling, dropping deep and all that. He's involved and starting up quite a few attacks, getting goals and assists. I'm struggling to get my right ACM to work. Initially I gave him the the AM(S) role but he was barely involved. SS(A) didn't work either (figured I'd mimic the successful SS(A) on the left) so I put him back to AM(S). What I want him to do is to link midfield to attack, but he's often being bypassed by my AP(A) and my SS(A). I want them to play 1-2's and use each other to make space in the middle, or to draw out markers. Those four midfielders don't work together that well, it's mostly the AP(A) and the SS(A) deciding what's done. Example: A clear set-up for a 1-2 with the attacking midfielder results in.. The central midfielder just running past.. he has the PPM runs through centre though so perhaps that explains it? - Defending width. Because I have no wingers the opponent often passes from one side to another, leading to my wingbacks facing two opponents. It takes a while before my central and attacking midfielders start denying space, and I want them to immediately deny space as hard and quick as possible. Making my two attacking midfielders man mark their backs seems to work to an extent, but I want them to mark space rather than players. Is there an option to do this? Example: The opponent just switched sides, so I expect the left side of my midfield to shift to their side to deny space, but instead they.. Jog in the middle and allow the opponent to make a pass on their half..
  8. Hello, My striker is consistently failing to score chances when presented with one on one's. He's got fine stats and the opposing GK's aren't that good, so I'm a bit lost why this happens. I added the stats of two GK's and that of my striker. My striker has wonderful stats, the keepers are proper mediocre. So it's a bit of a surprise he's missing them against them. I think he had at least 3 in each game! Feyenoord v FC Utrecht.pkm FC Utrecht v Willem II.pkm ADO Den Haag v FC Utrecht.pkm
  9. Post PKM's when this happens if you want to help.
  10. All the more reason for SI to work on it for FM20 then. ;-)
  11. Central points of communication work wonderful as far as I know. If they communicate transparently that'd be a good first step. Managing expectations is a second issue which you can do by having a focal point of communication. All that has been said now is "we're working on movement for all striker roles" in a seperate thread. Seems far less efficient to me than making a single thread in which they outline where they are in the process. That way I know they're checking whether it's ripe for a patch. People making comments about an issue SI is already working on can be referred to this focal point. Simultaneously SI could implement links to the bugs forum where players can upload more PKM's to help SI out. It's a win-win situation if done right. The point you adress is more about the way you use the means of communication, rather than the tool I'm trying to describe. I 100% agree with you though -- but again, it's why managing expectations is important. It's also exactly why having specialized communications staff is important. They could manage this focal point in the right way. Spreading bits of information in a select amount of lines on particular threads -- that is what seems impractical to me.
  12. Why do you feel there is no need for a central point of communication? I'm trying to explain why I think it is a good idea but I can't think of a reason why it would be a bad idea. The only downside would be the extra effort, then again, SI has plenty of users paying for their product so hiring staff shouldn't be a problem.
  13. I do this already, but there's no clustered or organized information on what issues have been picked up and registered by SI. Sometimes there is are response in an individual, separate thread to specific issues yes. But when I feel there's an issue in the ME there's no central point where I can find whether they already registered this particular issue. Usually it's also no more than one line that they've registered it. With the striker movement issue it took weeks before SI confirmed - again in a seperate thread - that they will work on this in a patch. That's limited information that you have to search for in seperate subforums and whatnot. A focal point of communication would make things much easier.
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