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  1. I'm playing as FC Utrecht, when I arrange friendlies for my B team squad and let my first team members play in them to gain match fitness so I don't distort the training regime I can't select them as players for first team league matches later that week. This is because a rule is wrongly applied; only 2 players play for both the first team and the B team in the same game week (exception being U23) players. This makes sense for Keuken Kampioen games, but not for friendlies to gain fitness. Can this be fixed?
  2. I will give it another try in the transfer window in july. Previously it was easy to loan out players and have teams pay fees and allow them to play regularly. Now it is often a squad player role and no loan fees.
  3. In previous editions of FM I was able to fairly easily find loans for my players. I'm currently the Eredivisie champion and I'm looking to loan out some fairly talented players, sometimes even for free, but there's zero interest. How come? In previous FM's I'd get 20-30 teams interested in the loan and some teams even paying hefty fees.
  4. As FC Utrecht I'm able to give a player the shirt number 4 while it's in fact retired.
  5. Van de Streek (FC Utrecht) has blonde hair in game, while he has dark brown hair IRL.
  6. I really enjoy FM, but this year's ME is just so odd. The whole ball over the top thing was weird in itsself, but now it seems like a worse version ME than FM 19. There's such a limited variety of goals. I feel like I've seen all the patterns already. It's always one of following: - Goal after a cross from a set piece - Cross to the far post, where a winger outjumps the full back and heads it in the opposing corner - Throw in routine, ends up being a cross to a winger who outjumps the full back and heads it into the opposing corner - Random long shot (
  7. Again, why the high crosses when I set instructions to LOW crosses? 11:30 26:05 - even the goal makes no sense, why not a low cross into the first post? There's acres of space for the striker to run into, 45:40 - beautiful attack, but why the high cross when on low crosses? PSV v FC Utrecht.pkm
  8. Issue: Lots of high crosses & pointless headers from my strikers/wingers. I don't have the instruction to 'float' them, so I tried putting 'low crosses' to counteract but still many high crosses in matched. 01:49 - 01:54 34:45 - 34:50 Issue: Lazy movement from inverted winger. 02:25 - I have an inverted winger who I instructed to 'stay narrow' and a full back on 'attack'. Instead of making space for the full back by coming short to my attacking midfielder who's in posession, my inverted winger stretches the play. It seems inverted wingers only invert once they receive t
  9. Obviously lost one nill after a penalty. I'd be okay with it if we didn't create anything, but the sheer fact we create chance after chance and my players bottle every shot really annoys me. Either reduce the amount of one on ones or increase the amount of goals scored from one on ones. PSV v FC Utrecht.pkm
  10. As attached.. I can't see the pitch when I play a game. Help?
  11. The problem in a nutshell (green circle): Tactics: I instructed my full backs to get further forward and to take fewer risks. What I want from my full backs is this: I want them to run forward, keep it wide and pass it to my central midfielders so we can quickly shift possession from one side and another and force gaps in their defence. I'm getting high possession stats against my opponents, but I don't want 30+ crosses per half. I don't want any crosses at all as I want as much central play as possible as I have quite a few ni
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