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  1. You could have tried overloading one of the sides, 433 wide is one of few tactics that can naturally overload sides, for example in this case, overloading on your right side with support duties so that you force opposing CM, DMCR, AMR and RB to cover your AML, MCL and LB and set space open for your other side to exploit it, you can do this in multiple ways, your setup can work but you don't have any role to provide creativity in that area except B2B and F9, B2B isn't designated creator and although F9 acts in that way he is boxed in by 2 CB's and 2 DM's, mine tactical approach would be to use your CM on some creative duty like AP(s), winger like IF(S) and FB(A) behind them with IF set to sit narrower perhaps, that way you will create overload and overlap on that side which will mean that one of CB's or LB from opposing side will step out from his position to close down your RB or marauding player which will be either IF or AP, doing so your CF or onrushing CM(A) would have position to exploit that channel or your W(A) on other side would get space to get in and cross. Thing about using 2 IWB(S) is great but you are already pushing in a crowded space, and AI will realize that and he will have 2v1 on wings when he defends since his Wide forward players can track back and isolate your lone winger while IWB would stay in middle, you could find yourself in a pinch to punch trough that heavily packed middle and you would need a miracle most of time. Final thing to consider is changing ST role, I would probably go with either Poacher or DLF on any duty, if its poacher he will look to exploit that space you have made, in case of DLF he will somewhat join your overload and pull aditional players with him leaving space for CM(A) and winger on other side to exploit, I would also suggest changing that winger on left side to attack duty so that he gives you width and pins down that side in constant threat, that way he might lure out CB and DM to him just by being there as a decoy, there are many possibilities to deal with these camp tactics which can be deadly on counter, mine prefference is to go gung ho on them, close them down as much as I can and then if i can't do a quick transition on them encircle them and wait for an opening patiently, those 2 DM 2 CB tactics are killer vs most 1 ST tactics, but if you use your team to stretch them around and if you have either a towering or agile striker you can make a joke out of them. Hope I helped ya a bit....
  2. As a EPL fan and a long term Gunner I'm somewhat still disappointed at how things are at Emirates so luckily we have FM 18 to take matters in our own hands, after a good first season I was ready and had the balance to get myself some quality players and start the new era in new direction... As I stated EPL has always been mine favorite league and after years and years of watching it I can tell that now the EPL is loaded with quite few tactical geniuses which each have their own tactical signature, Mourinho and his catenaccio style of low blocks, Guardiola with his pass tiki-taka, Klopp and heavy metal gegenpress, Pochettino high press attack, Sarri with his high def line and good ball retention, Emery with his inverted wingers and more, so I came do a decision to morph best qualities of few of them into one tactic, well lets say tried, others will say if it was a success so far. The main idea is high pressing which can be said is influenced by Liverpool's Klopp and his tactics which are absolutely amazing,(even OX plays fairly good under him), the second idea is to have a backup plan in same tactic which will focus on keeping the ball and creating overload in one side of pitch while other side is left fragile and exploitable, who does it better then Pep(tbh I hate the guy and his pass it pass it style, but he is atm best at utilizing halfpaces in EPL) and finally third man is Wenger, some of you might feel it weird using something from Wenger in allround system but yeah, back in days Wenger played mid-low block in his Invincibles season and it worked for him and will be mine defensive backup if the initial high press fails. The idea What's the big deal here? It's just a 451? Let's say this first, I'm a huge fan of 451 or as some may call it 41221, the simple reason is it has a player in every strata there is, it is much easier to develop young players for me in this system then in any other, you have mid 3 which have a holding player, a runner and creator, you have wide players whom are expected to run create and score, you have wing/full bakcs with different responsibilities and you have a striker, there isn't anymore I could ask for. Team instructions Now the general idea is to use 2 CM's and 3 front players to press high up the pitch, get the ball and do a quick transition which will lead into our goal, easier said then done, we all want that, the other part is mine duties, the left flank is loaded with creative duties, similar to what Sarri did in Napoli and what Pep does in each game, he creates overloads forcing opposition to step out and close down players, the goal here is to have those 3 on left flank closed down by 5 of their players before we switch the ball to other flank, it won't happen every minute, AI isn't that stupid, but it will happen often enough for me, the other side of the pitch has a BBM that roams and might join left side players in creating said overload while freeing mine STC or AMR from their marker since we will add another player into the fry, I would probably use BWM(S) instead of B2B if I haven;t had a quality allrounder like I luckily have, and last part of the overload puzzle is mine DMC, the DMC has DLP role which will make him recycle possession by simply offering mine team a back pass solution when they fail in their intention, also DLP is further away from goal and has a good sight over whole field so he can make that 2nd pass toward other side of the pitch to create an opening for mine RB or AMR, usually DLP will do 2nd passes to RB/AMR who will run in 16m box and then provide assist for STC/AML/Mezzala. The 2nd line of defense is mine other 5 infield players DLP and back 4, they won't be so forcefull in trying to get the ball, they will stand ground and wait for opposition to arrive to them, this makes it easier to defend against pacey wingers since high press will make opposing players hoof the ball 90% of time where you have 5 players who are just waiting to recycle it. That is the general idea, I do make some changes according to match scenes, ie look for overlap shout, if a side is heavily shut in and wants me to attack it and exploit me on counters i will take them on their offer, overlap shout will make mine Wingbacks go further up the pitch and create havoc in wide areas and supllying crosses in penalty box, I also told mine players to try for whipped crosses since I don't quite have any Vanyamas and Girouds who are supposed to join attack, true SMS and Matic are quite tall in FM standards and Lacazette and iwobi aren't to be joked with either but I feel the forwards pace and anticipation is way better weapon for mine players then their height. Mine mid 3 is quite different from most mid trios I've seen over the years in football, the reason behind this is I need a mid 3 that are abble to create, score(CM's) and tackle so I need allrounders, slotting Xavi at his prime in MEzzala or DLP role would spell disaster on multiple levels, same as sloting iniesta in any of mid roles, but being as I am a weird manager with weird ideas i do have that role on the pitch, a pacey agile good balanced dribbler who can assist, that sort of player will always find a place in mine team and that is mine wide playmaker. The whole idea here is to have a team with good decisions, anticipation, workrate and teamwork in addition with good physical stats, each of mine players needs some balance and pace i expect them to close down aggressively and sustain that style of play for 90 minutes. Beauty of tactics so far for me has been when teams open themselves up and try to score one for themselves, then its heavy metal time, press them and retrieve ball in their own half with 3 players almost constantly being forward and sometimes even 4 since Mezzala has a high starting position so when press starts its sometimes 424 formation in their transition phase, with that kind of pressing most teams are forced to clear the ball long and hope it will get to their Diouf style striker who will be disposed. In mine back 4 I have BPD role, this role is there to initiate counter attacks with through balls after the opposition comes near mine def line, so if mine high press fails, and opposition gets to besiege me, this fella will eventually get the ball and try to find either mine RB, AMR, STC, AML or he will try to fin some space for MC's and give them opportunity to orchestrate attacks. OI's OI's are fairly simple as they are there just to prevent buildup from back and force mine front 5 into closing down opposition in their own half. When did I struggle? i struggled heavily vs Conte, his 3511 with diamond mid and 2 WB's gave me hell until I decided to switch mine DM from DLP to BWM(D), the reason I opted for such an option was to try and win that midfield battle, the outnumbered me there, but I had confidence that mine flat 4 will whistand siege from the remaining playerrs which weren't closed down by mine 6 players, simple math was he has 3CB's and 1 DM who aren't gonna join in attack, if I commit 6 players to close down his 6 players and leave 4 of them in a simple wall i still have the advantage, and guess what? It worked, Chelsea got rekt on Stamford bridge Some might say who destroyed whom? They had more shots on goal then you did? So lets analyze the shots Chelsea shots from inside the box: Morata: 2 of which 1 from corner Hazard: 2 from decent positions Guerriro(WBL): 1 from wide position Their CB's combined: 2 from corners, headers from 10 or so meters Arsenal shots: Lacazzete: 2 from 5 meters both goals since goal was open 1 blocked Ramsey: 1 from 5 meters again on open goal Lingard 1 missed HC Decide for yourselves which chances would you prefer for your team. Conclusion so far i'm having a blast. I'm still tempted to try and provide different role to Mezzala but i simply can't get away from the role since its superb, i initiatively wanted to go from RPM but he doesn't overlap and surges into attacking area as often as mezzala does and he would/t be able to press as high as mezzala, 2 AP's on same side isn't ideal for me so I wrote that one off, I still change a role or 2 depending on opposition, like a Chelsea game for example, or a game vs weaker sides where mine RB gets the full attention he needs with CWB(s) so he can surge forward from get go, CF to support role so that he holds on ball and comes more into midfield to link with CM's and AP leaving space for IF to exploit, it all depends on matches but most of time its jsut a simple mentality change to counter with retain possession WBIB play out of defence in matches I want to close out and simply rest mine players, most the time I have the luxury of playing lower intensity in final quarter of the game so mine players don't get taht much fatigued... Some player screens from current season: Some of you might feel mine squad could be better, i opted for Woodburn and Lingard since those 2 are perhaps the future of Wales and English football and I want to give poor guys a chance, Matic and SMS are mine fellow countryman so that's a no brainer, Alexandr Trent is world class for me personally, although I'm a gunner Bellerin is simply like a blindfolded bullet train and I wanted someone with more "mentals" and techical cappability, Monreal was too defensive thus Josh Tymon gets the chance, do I even need to explain why Elnenny, Xhaka, Aubameyang, Welbeck and Ozil got sold? either you work or you play for Man City and finish 5th, yes Aubame i'm talking to you, current squad isn't full of depth but i hope they will manage to provide wihtout too many injuries and get some additions in Winter break along the way. I'm satisfied with forward players tho I'm thinking of adding in a young prospect for Wing positions so he can replace Mkhitaryan, 30 years offensive player isn't in mine book unless he is Luca Toni at least. Cheers fellow managers and I hope you find this helpful and give me more ideas to improve mine current idea.
  3. K76 v 2.1.2 I'm sorry for late response, forgot to turn on norifications on this post, dumb me... I think I got it from FM scout page or from sortitoutsi (double check mine spelling, I always spell that site wrong) it was some time ago so I'm not quite sure which one of those 2 sites...
  4. I'm not really posting this because of results(which are great) but because you can use some new options to achieve some new styles of play which can really add stuff in game, thing is I wanted to use new roles to do old stuff in more efficient way, as for result they are outsanding even for myself, usually when I play I micromanage each game and switch mine shape and mentality accordingly to opposition and add/remove TI's for specific situations, so I can't really say this is instant match win tactic, but its something I enjoy playing I played something similar in FM 17 to mine current tactic but without Carrilero and Mezzala and IWB didn't do what I wanted him to do, which is to serve as a CM on support, I used WB(S) with IWB PI's, CM(A) instead of Mezzala and RPM(S) instead of Carillero to generate as much heat as I can on right side and then boom switch to left, good days And I agree, Mezzala is easily mine new favorite role in this years FM
  5. First and foremost we need to face the truth, it doesn't matter how much you are a gunner this isn't gonna happen any time soon, we all need to face it and let it sink in, second thing which some people will mention here is squad which I have on mine disposal. Ever since FM 08 among few of mine friends who played with me over the years I had the greatest quality in managing transfer window and pulling some good transfers in and out of mine club, I have to admit it I had some seriously good fortune on this save and I got almost perfect players for mine experiment almost from start of season 1, so let's start with what this is actually about. TL/DR first paragraph isn't related to tactical stuff Here the story starts, with new roles additions to this years FM one can make some really weird and cool combos which can make players overlap and act chaotic to untrained eye, the thorn in AI side is that some of worst opponents I came against in FM series over the years (yes Mumu and Klopp thats you 2 I'm talking about) have a preference of marking specific player with another player, so I decided to try and bypass those pesky defensive and counter attacking destroyers by creating as much chaos as one can in one single tactic. Left Side of the pitch: So lets start from left side, on left side in this tactic we have W(S) who will mainly stay wide and drag opposition FB(WB) out of his natural position and create space for midfielder to come in, in some games in which teams played flat 5 in the back I switched this role to W(A) just to get some more width and penetration down that side. All that space for whom? Mezzala will use it, from what I have seen and witnessed Mezzala is considered by most as an midfielder who will mainly rush inside the channel and wait to get picked up and try to score, I couldn't disagree more. Mezzala isn't simple B2B-IF hybrid to me, for me he looks more like a RPM-IF-hybrid, he will move into channel, he will get in goalscoring chances, but he will also play others in and act as a creative outlet, mine first impression was the same as 90% of community(the posts I've seen so far) I though finally I don't need CM(A) and I can use a fancy role instead, but to mine surprise we got something even better. Mezzala will try to get to that half space on his side and if he has the ball and tries to go there he will act as AP(A) who takes on a player and waits for them to go for him and then just puff a pass somewhere and whole defensive positioning gets shifted out, if he is already in position I saw him switching places and moving outside towards out line and swapping his place with winger which leaves defense stunned whom to follow and where, but mainly his position would be somewhere on the edge of 16m box where he can pick a pass and distribute to CF or to someone else, I can't describe how good this role is... So we have 2 offensive players on same side who are trying to make overload in that halfspace by themslves, and since winger is already wide we don't need another wide player in the mix, but we can use more numbers in middle to control the possession game and to provide back pass options, that's where IWB comes in. IWB(S) is fairly demanding role, so far I have tried him in multiple roles since I started mine experiment, if he is on IWB(D) he wil sometimes collide with HB, if he is on IWB(S) and with hold position PI he will get left out of game from time to time since he will be too far behind, I haven't even tried attack duty since I want him to act as mine recycling/trough pass machine and not as a Dani Alves "I'm gonna run for 25 meters and then hoof it to 5th row cos that babe is fine" I don't want those heroics I wanted him to take Mezzalas spot and to release him so that he can do his thing, and boy he did. I would say that IWB role might be most demanding one in terms of finding the right player, he is more like a Regista type of player then that of a wingback, he doesn't need that much crossing since if winger stays wide he won't reset to normal WB and he will act as a regista of sorts, I don't yet have a player whom I would be confident enough to use with "Dictates tempo" shout but that could change the whole concept of IWB as we see him now. So this trio of bad boys covers for each other and just by staying in their roles they create spaces which are there to be exploited and used. The right side of the pitch: In 451 I generally like to use one side to overload the play and keep possession and use the other side to "release" the players, but since we heard that the mezzala role is actually similiar to that of a AP I was tempted to change it but in the end I stood by mine favorite role on right side. On right wing we have a AP(S) he is told to sit narrower so that his position is closer to that of a AMCR then to and AMR and thats where I want him so that he can drag defenders towards him and unlock defense in best manner possible (trough ball) some times he will cross tho rarely, his main duty is to try and combine with others around him and keep the ball untill he sees the run and tries to pick his teammate. I'm confident that a player with "comes deep to get the ball" PI and high workrate/teamwork(Not you Ozil) can be played on AP(A) since he won't be selfish and he would actually go back to help his RB partner. Since AP(S) is positioned towards middle of the pitch and he cuts inside we have a whole lot of space to exploit down that flank, and no one can do it better then a 20 pace 20 accel machine, yeah thats Bellerin in his FB(A) role, now a choice of his role was decided by hard experiment, if mine striker was lets say Lewandowski, Kane, Benzema, Mandzukic(read meat grinder) type of forward I would defo pick WB(A), main difference is WB will bomb forward much more, and since mine forward is lil' Dybala I can't excpect that many crosses to connect with him, so I picked FB(A) who will time his runs and be more patient about it and still involve himself in possession game by providing that option out wide, stretching defense and making half channels for AP(S) to exploit. So once again 2 offensive roles need some cover, and what a great time to implement new Carilero "shuttler" role, this role is mine dream come trough since FM 12, so many times I had to use CM(S) and tweak it like mad, and now finally he is here, the half space cover, Carilero will cover those halfspaces left by FB and AP if there is a threat down that side after FB leaves his position, if there is no threat, he will act similiar to CM(S) and provide passes from his side of the pitch making that double layered midfield which always has options and always has numbers upfront. Striker: I've been using mine Dybala, and mine Lacazzete in season 1 as CF(A) for whole first season, then at some point after selling Lacazzete I wanted to give Dybala some more touches with the ball so I started using DLF(A) role on him, DLF(A) will start deeper and try to dribble, pass, shoot or find some space for himself, while CF(A) will do the same but he also has roam from position and he will do much more(description of the role says it all) imo for a player like Dybala with small frame good balance and agility, good passing game and good mentals DLF(A) is way to go, he will get involved in game more since he will drop deeper, he will drag defenders out of place, he will assists, he will carry on transitions and hold up ball until there is a free player on the wings, he will do it all. If I had a different type of striker, previously mentioned meat grinder types I would use them as CF(A) since they got some physical presence, they can jump for the ball, get on the end of most crosses, they can impose themselves physicaly and bring others in via flick ons etc. Even DLF(S) roaming target man PI setup sounds nice. Defence: 2 good old central backs and a Halfback, best defence one can wish for, especially with how HB acts, god I love that role, basically he will always be there and try to recycle possession for your team and he will provide a screen for CB's when in defence and close down pesky AMC's or those drop deep forwards. While HB is amazing on his own, the mechanic of "split" with him in field is even more amusing, HB will split CB's so that they will get wider then their usual position, if they are wider that means they cover a lot more of the pitch wide and they are ready to counter long ball threats, and by doing so they release our carilero of some of his defensive responsibility, and also cover IWB's slot so that he has the time to come back to his LB position in time before opositions transitions comes to him. Combined attack: So I mentioned that I liked using one side for overload and other side for exploiting, it can be done here, easily by doing 2-3 roles adjustments, but this is actually a fun setup to run with, you are actually creating overloads on both sides, each side has 3 designated players to overload it and they will more then often draw more opposing players to close them down and to try to neutralize them, and that means your other side of the pitch is free of the pressure, and in all that madness of constantly providing chaos and creating overloads left and right the spot opens in middle just where Dybala is waiting for his chance, that's the most likely outcome for me, others do score, but he is the striker, he is the main threat which often gets forgotten, simply because Mezzala and AP draw too much "AGGRO" on them just by being where they are. Your attack looks something like this: (I gave Dybala the SS role on purpose just to emphasize that he will be in that between CF and AM position while you are on attack) The HB will form back three near middle with CB's; Carilero will protect his right side(he will be a bit more to the right tbh) and IWB will fit in on left side Mezzala occupies left half channel, while AP(S) will take his right one and Winger and FB(A) provide the width and give defensive players the decision nightmare whom to follow. That is mainly how this system operates in attack. In defence they are asked to prevent short GK distributiion and to close down more, 451 isn't that much of a top heavy formation but it has a really good spread of players from their initial positions which makes it easy to close down oposition and prevent them from building play up from the back and forcing them to hoof the ball. The defensive line and offside trap are shouts which I tend to remove and change during the course of game, if a team is trying to force their way on me I will go Slightly higher D-Line and ofc Offside trap to cover that wast area behind them, if the team is a stubborn defensive side I will drop slightly deeper in an attempt to draw them out. In case I'm playing defensive maestros (MuMu), I don't know how much have you fellas analyzed the way Mumu sets his team up in FM, but the SI team did an amazing job at copying real life Mumu, he once told, years ago, that he always likes to have 4 players behind, and thats what he does, he has his LB/RB on defensive duty, you can see it if you watch the game against him, and if you have a player in AML/AMR he will provide pressure on him and make him unable to join attacks. In this case scenarion (mine favourite) I would drop deeper and go with fluid, fluid makes team more unified and thus makes it easier to defend from his wingers since they have no support and if you are fluid you will get the upper hand since he will always get doubled and disposed easily, also since you are deeper and fluid your team will be more compact but still enar their starting positions, and by doing so you will draw his DL/DR's on D duty and make some space for yourself to exploit trough good transitions. For example vs 4231's I would go for higher D-line, Offside trap and structured shape, if it is Man City quality 4231 which has good players I would drop mentality to counter. By pushing the D-line up you effectively disable the opposing AMC since he has nowhere to run to because you have a DM waiting for him, and by closing that space you make it harder for them to track you back since his winger gets either dragged out of position by tracking back your players or he gets behind and he can't be a counter threat for yourself, either way he looses, structured shape will make more spaces between your players and by doing so and with suprluss midfield numbers you will win the battle in middle since his midfield will lack support from the wingers which provides you with extra numbers. For other 451's Higher D line and fluid works for me since mine midfield is always gonna win and draw oposition, I mean, face it, I have 5 players constantly in there with occasional additions.... For stubborn oppositions which camp hard I usually go deeper and structured tho, sometimes I like to rape them with constant pressure and I go high D line and structured, depends on mine mood Most important thing for this defensive setup to bring fruition is to neutralize the "firestarter" the firestarter is the player who makes the web around your defense, in 451 DM wide that would be DM whom I neutralize and tight mark from get go, without that option of back pass opposition is on nails since each missed pass can result in a deadly turnover, in 4231 I would tight mark and hard tackle both MC's in 4231 DM Wide both of DM's in 442 both CM's, you get the picture So there it is, tactical experiment of using different roles and combinations to achieve the total confusion among the opposition A big thank you to Cleon and Rashidi and his channel BustTheNet who explain a lot of this stuff and how to use which role and what to expect from changes in in your setup.
  6. I'm aware of the insight you provided on positional switch and domination with slight tweak, I liked that topic, but idea here is to also have transitional options, and like really good options, I have players in each strata for transitional play an quick goal smashing provided it plays like I imagined...
  7. I'm aware that 442 isn't best for possession styles especially due to the fact that you lack midfield depth with only 2 players in there, but mine idea was to make passing options so that players join the middle to even that battle and to do so without loosing 442 strength which is wide play, by doing so I feel it makes a variety of options available for mine team when in possession while still providing decent cover when I'm in defense, final idea is to use STCR(DLF) to mark opposing midfielder so I can get 4411 style when I'm defending, and I don't want to use DF since his passing is really short but DLF gives greater variety to attack, that was the ideak DLF helps with def bottle necks and helps with midfield domination....
  8. Wanted a second opinion on this on, Idea is taht WP cuts inside and gets to left side to link up with WB(A), DLP(D) holds position for recycling, on right side FB(S) is told to sit narrower and cut inside, that's mine try to replicate IWB(S) movement without him having roam and more risky passes PI, BBM is told to Get further forward, idea is to use him as runner from deep, and DLF(S) is there to link up WP(S) BBM and W(A) especially for wingers sake so he isn't isolated, if it was a technical player I would've gone with F9 instead of DLF(S) but with this setup I think I have covered all terms, the width, the passing lanes, the connection between roles and overall balance, other PI's for players are for strikers to perform high block and for wingers to perform medium block duties. I'd like to hear second opinion if some areas would be overcrowded by too many players in them and if BBM can be in truth used as deep runner, thanks in advance.
  9. Depends on situation, in some matches (vs weaker sides I draw them out by lowering mine closing down and mine def line, waiting to hit them from successful transition or build up when they decide to chase me), in some games I use roam from position and pass into space(mostly vs sides who close me down a lot, so if they are closing me down I can exploit the space) sometimes I change attacking duty of mine WB to support to create a better chance for overload(imo support dutyes and defined playmaker ones are masters for overloads) the rarest of cases is putting a sub of MC player and using one with long shots and telling him go for it, try to be Juninho Penambrucano and shoot the hell out of them, that last one is last resort but it worked few times
  10. If you use W(A) and CM(D) who holds position and winger goes wide that would isolate the winger, option to make not so isolated is to use BBM or RPM on that side which roam, CM(A) also can work to exploit that space becase winger will draw opposition wide, but it depends on formation, in 4231 I would use W(S), CM(D), FB(A), and AM(A) to pair that side up for example. It depends on formation, any preferred ones?
  11. I'd like to start a discussion about during match changes with certain tactics that I use depending on tactic AI lines up. Beside winning matches mine other goal is to create overloads and to unlock the golden zone and get most assists and defense unlock passes from there, which is contrary to long ball assists, crosses are fine since I scored a good amount of goals from crosses whcih were created by actually exploiting golden zone and making that runner free to do his thing, also transitional attacks which occur from time to time are also fine, but main goal for me is possession and goals with sturdy defense. Mine first tactic which I made from scratch by reading Lines and diamonds, reading Cleon's stuff about art of possession, and listening to Rashidi's YT channel is 41221, I'm quite proud of mine achievements with that tactic, I went unbeaten for a season with 2 draws and in second season I managed to win all of the games, but I noticed I struggled vs certain formations 4231, 4141(not all the time, tore RM in finals and they used 4141), 4132, these tactics posed quite a challenge on mine team and I had to really really micro manage team to get a wing from those, especially vs Man City 4231, now I could've camped and countered them, I have players for that, but I want to win using certain system. The system: https://ibb.co/ccCpFb basically this is mine system with minor PI's like ones for high block, medium block, dribble less for DM , Shoot less often for RB/LB and both MC's, sit narrower for AMR so he draws LB for WB(A) to run into space and GK distribution PI's During games I used TI's to adapt to certain treats and to exploit oppositions weakness, for example, droping D-line to normal vs Utd, passing into space, roaming from position TI's and changing RB role to WB(S) to counter Martia threat (utd played high press 41221 with def line standing off) so to avoid that high press I used roam, to exploit space they left I passed into space, and because I feared of Rashford Martial combo pace I went with normal D-line instead of slightly higher vs 442 I went with slightly deeper D-line, much wider, lower tempo shorter passing and patiently dragged their defense around the pitch until mine players found a hole in defense(IMO 442 is weakest formation vs good 41221) during matches I made changes to counter all sorts of threats and I can say game is really amusing when AI gets serious(like Pochetino for example) the highest threats I faced were 4231's and 4141's, Bayern gave me trouble with 2nd ECL game since they used 4141, I won in the end, but they choose to stand off and to wait for a chance to counter me, 4231's game lots of trouble to control midfield and exploit half spaces at same time, worst game of the season(game said so) was vs west Hams 4231 which used target man, I barely scraped trough them by going lower tempo shorter passing retain possession, roam from position and dropping deep, I basically lured them to me and forced them to close me down eventually which they did and I managed to score 2 times, city did different style of 4231 relying on creativity which was imo worst game, if I'm to be realistic that's only game in season I should have lost since they almost outsmarted min side, they had 2 CCC's which I think no one else had unless I had like 6, and that made me worry, in truth I could possibly change RPM(S) to CM(S) and use strong type mid to cover the ball and use him as secondary pivot in mid for higher up the pitch possession recycling, but I had a different idea. Idea: https://ibb.co/cUnjgG This is specific idea to counter 4231's Wide, I know 442 or any other 2 striker formation would work the best, problem is I don't have the players for 442 and I feel I can do mine style of play(which I described) better with 4231 Narrow, so that's why I made decision to use 4231 narrow, but min concern is it set correctly? Idea is that RB provides width and AM(S) opens space for him while CM(D) covers his runs, AP(S) should be able to work with them since he is positioned central, on other side WB(S) will bomb forward but not that often and Idea is that AM(A)(AMCL) uses the overload on right to find space which can lead him to goal scoring position, DLF(A) also has same goal as AM(A) but isn't involved as much in build up play as AM(A), so basically right side creates space for left side which scores, as how it will help me battle 4231 Wide? Well idea is to nullify their AML, AMC and AMR positions by passing trough middle and pressing their whole back side and exploiting the fact that they have only 2 CB(S) without proper DMC cover(I'm also considering dropping MC to DM strata and using HB RGA combo and changing wide AMCR and AMCL to playamker roles while switching AMC to AM(A)). So I want to hear opinions from other players about this idea of mine. https://ibb.co/bKgkMG Version with RGA idea 2nd Idea: the other idea is the one to break down 4141's and the formation which I'm considering to use is 4231 Wide, the reason for using these 3 formations is specifically min player choice, with these 3 formations I have the possibility of countering most of in game formations and mine players on the pitch can play those roles so it is easy for me to switch between formations and get that upper hand over basic formation setup. https://ibb.co/bXM8ab That's basically it, I'm confident in mine 41221 and I know with mine squad and quality in players I can out turn most formations, but after learning how mine 41221 works I want another challenge with 2 new formations for mine team. PS. I tried 4231 narrow with 2 MC's in setup versus Porto in friendly and we won it, but I'd like to hear 2nd opinion. Porto PKM: Arsenal v FCP 4231Narrow.pkm cheers and thanks for reading
  12. So mine question or a matter I would like to receive advice in is mine Half Back in high press system, I'm aware that defense wise Half Back mainly acts as a screen and shifts his position like sort of anchorman and closes down opposing player with the ball, now mine question would be would he and mine time in general benefit from setting him to close down even more and tighter marking? but that draws another question, would mine CBs benefit from close down less instruction then? if he is already closing down opposition and limiting their passing lanes would it be beneficial if CBs closed less and remained in ther spots so that they don't come after same opponent as HB leaving me exposed? Next question on matter would be how would them 3 perform in offside trap system? And final would be would WBs(FBs) take the same benefit from close down less if it is possible or would it be better for them to have more closing down so that they press higher up the pitch? On note mine system uses: Mark tighter, slightly higher def line, Offside trap, be more disciplined, stick to positions on Control mentality with fluid team shape I think those are all of the TIs that affect defence. P.S. I cn provide screen shots of current TIs and PIs of players spoken of if needed
  13. I'd like to share a tactic I made for mine Arsenal side, I'm not after likes or sorts I'm mostly after seeing is it good on overall base since it was made around mine current squad. The ones I'm most interested about are PRESA series of tactics which are Control based 451, Attacking based 451 and Control based 4231 DM WIDE, so if anyone has spare time on his hands and is willing to try them out and provide info here is a link to FM base where I posted whole description and analysis on the few tactics I made: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-17-tactics/366119-little-mozart.html Cheers and thanks for your time
  14. Ok, Im fairly new to posting stuff to the forum, so if I make few mistakes please notify me of them and give your own suggestions. Everyone who plays FM has one and only one goal and that is to make the STREAK, the perfect season the successive tittles, trebles and everything that goes with it, the very best of you want to take Portsmouth, Wimbledon, Nott Forrest or in mine case Sheff Utd to their glory days, for all of us to succeed in our goals we need to get consecutive wins over and over again with best possible scenarios and also to have some luck in our transfer market. After hours spent searching for perfect players I can conclude there aint such, perfection doesn't exist in FM, ofcourse CR7, Messi, Toure, Pogba and few more are close to that state, but I'm writting this to offer some guidance and insight to everyone not just top tier team managers. so after failures with some players(failure for me is avg rat under 7.40 in 20 league matches in his 2nd season) I decided to take different approach. It works by simple team cohesion, now most of you know that that team cohesion is best thing to have in your team and that good squads depend on it, well I took that a notch higher, mine rules of signing are high determination, anticipation and decisions for people who play fluid style I could suggest workrate and teamwork. I found that Barca like approach is very possible but few conditions must be met, now some may call this cheating but I call it insight, yes I used Genie scout to check mine players hidden stats after some time, players with high consistency and pressure ratings that meet previous conditions are real gems, so now you can see where I'm going but still can't figure the whole point yet. If you happen to get your hands on type of players I have described you will have something nearest to perfect team, I know I said perfect players dont exist but perfect teams do, with some knowledge you can exploit best your players have to offer and minimalise their bad sides. I personally favor possession but I like fast ball movement since it makes it easier to find a gap in opposition defense that waym that is why I need high decision stats so that mine players can decide in a brink of a moment which pass to make next or if he is off ball which run to make etc. anticipation is mine must attribute for good offense/defense combo not only a player who has good decision rating in addition to anticipation will know where ball will land but he will also know which move to make if you add pressure and consistiency stats to that combo you will have a player who will get work done on regular basis. I'm not saying a player with 20 in those 4 and low attributes in all the others parts will win, Im saying that you need those 4 stats for perfect teams. Determination is the 5th attribute I havent mentioned earlier it is a single best attribute for gelling squad in, if you happen to have a squad full of highly dtermined players they will become a close bunch faster and wont feel down when they loose, concede get injured etc. You certainly do need a logical tactic setup for all this I mentioned to work, you can't excpect to run 5-5-0 without AMCs and score 10 goals each game or to run a 0-5-5 and concede 0, be logical, Im just stating something taht may already be obvious to majority of you. So you dont misunderstand me Ill make an example: Lets say you are looking for classic deep playmaker, lets say Andrea Pirlo is something close to perfection in this role (his earlier days when he was more agile) he is a player who roses in all attributes needed for the role and has all the attributes I mentioned above, he would be a perfect DLP, Im aware that decisions attribute is needed for DLP role Im just stating an example of a perfect fit of mine philosophy and mine explanations. With a whole squad of 11 players on pitch high on their attributes needed for role and high values in 5 above mentioned attributes you will basically get a squad who will rarely waste shots, waste possession in stupid maner and understand each other and thrive to become a real force. Thanks for reading I hope I get some sort of feedback from you guys Feel free to give me any questions I will try to answer asap, cheers
  15. Its working good, Im on 15.3.2 and have transfer updates aswell currently on mine glory road with Sheff Utd, just follow instructions and you pretty much cant loose
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