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  1. For what I think is the first time ever, I'm with you. I know that PA stars are actually PPA stars, but for me it isn't enough
  2. I've always wanted to see a longer list like that, just for goals and appearances too. Would be cool to see the entire history, as in everyone who has ever appeared for you (only players who are normally eligible for the "all-time apps setting, i.e making an appearance after day 1), listed in order, but I have no idea how realistic that would be in terms of system strain.
  3. I really don't agree with you on number 1. As in, at all. Why would they come to a manager for advice, and not the course staff? The Coaching badges are really a formality that needs to be done incorporating footballing theory and some aspects of coaching, they are not something that a manager will necessarily be better at than his "lower rung" staff, and indeed I'd expect the opposite is often true. Number 2, perhaps there is some scope for this to be improved, but its already decent in game.
  4. Agreed. There are a number of useful team meetings, but the compulsory end of season ones are not well implemented, although I've been fortunate mine mostly have no result (not even a verbal response) rather than negative
  5. Just because I didn't find a specific example in a 5 second search, you are being ridiculously delusional if you believe defending teams are always ready when the whistle actually does blow. It still could be a bug right enough, but your idea that it happens a lot is in my opinion wrong, and your idea that bad luck only happens against you is objectively wrong. EDIT - if it is a bug, then a the proper thing to do would be report it in a proper manner and offer to upload a file to help with it, not throw a little hissy fit calling it rubbish, given that it is not uncommon in real life.
  6. Twice in this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKc40emBx74 I could go on forever Over a sample of any reasonable size, it is literally impossible to say this and not be wrong, unless it is down to your tactical mistakes. Given you probably haven't done anything wrong in your defensive free kick set up, you are wrong that its always against you.
  7. Stadiums can still take a while to get a lot bigger, but if you have cash in the bank then training and youth facilities tend to come along nicely.
  8. I don't think you are being stupud, but I would say that... Firstly, you opposition may well change tactic themselves, so what you were doing might not work. Even if they don't your players might become complacent or overly relaxed, and what was working before might stop working. Lastly, even if neither of the above happen in an overt and obvious way, but you concede a first goal and the come-back begins, then its clear that something is changing and the momentum may have switched. You can then either gamble and keep doing the same thing, like Liverpool did at 2-1 yesterday, and try and get another goal, which they did. Upon it going 3-2 though, they absolutely decided what they were doing wasn't working, and changed their tactics to try and draw out the game, although they did a pretty bad job of it for a while. I definitely get what you are saying about why at 4-0 you might not want to change your tactics, and indeed I often don't initially, but once the come-back against you begins you have to act.
  9. You're welcome If it is real genuine dead-wood, then I start off with sell for value > automatic. For most deadwood this results in no bids, so I then accept the DoF (or other staff member)'s suggestion to use a lower value. Then if this doesn't work I accept his idea of £0, unless he is too good to go for zero in which case I change him to Sell for Value > £(Minimum I will accept). If I am totally desperate to get rid of the player then I used Sell or release, as the DoF can seemingly often get a lower mutual termination compo agreement than a human manger can. Just try your own methods playing around with it too, no guarantee my way is the best. If you ever go on your unwanted list and see the players bid status as "failed", you can click the asking price one up and then one down and then click "confirm" to "reset" the DoF into action, although during transfer windows he will reset himself anyway, but this speeds it up
  10. Unwanted means your DoF (or assistant if you don't have DoF) will actively try and offload the player (basically the same as you using "offer to clubs") according to the settings you give (Sell for at least value X, Sell for £0, Sell or Release). Transfer list means other teams are made aware your player isn't wanted, but nothing active happens and it is up to them to make a bid. If it is dead-wood I always use unwanted list, if it is a good player who I need to let go for some other reason( e.g. they are unhappy), I try and just transfer list them with a set value and wait for offers.
  11. 1 - Career earnings are already shown 2 - It matters a lot in terms of your job stability and chances of getting offered another job.
  12. With what leagues loaded? Did you deliberately much up every job interview? I still get annoyed because "Sunday League" rep gets me offers from too high clubs, e.g. League 2 (with BSS/BSN loaded), or Scottish League 1
  13. I think 'should' is a bit much. 'Might wish to' would be more appropriate. I deliberately choose Sunday League, even on my rare EPL starts. It makes it much harder season one, as well as stopping you just waltzing into a good job once sacked. I can see why many might want to pick and appropriate starting rep, but I'm pedantically not with you on the should, unless followed up with "unless you want to have to still start from bottom if sacked without achieving much"
  14. Manager's don't choose kits, or buy clubs, or really support clubs financially very often. If you want to buy cars then play the Sims instead. There already are changes to player morale/determination etc due to external issues. The idea about different cities increasing aspects sounds like a nonsense to me, why would having a camp in spain, probably with your own coaches, improve your technique? A lot of people it seems to me don't want to play football manager, they want to play some of the other games on the market that introduce all that pish.
  15. Something is definitely amiss here Dagenham Dave. After all, you've done badly in one or two other matches, so it defies belief you could do something good in this one. Losing at half time as well? We all know nobody ever draws matches in those circumstances.
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