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  1. Ha Ha I did not know that (though I know the element). I suppose I should have realised: there aren't many words in the world starting Ytt! "The board are disappointed about the departure of Robin Eriksson" (He refused a new contract) Solution? Sign another guy called Robin Eriksson!
  2. Just finished my first season. Finished 8th, as predicted. Nearly got sacked at one stage so have to be pleased.
  3. Hi! I never normally feel the need to post but now that I see someone is doing a similar kind of game to me, I felt I probably should. I always use instant results as I always struggled to ever get a save game past Christmas. I'd try everything and always end up stopping. However, I switched to FMC I tried instant results and I was finally able to complete a season! I had several good saves on FM14: I took Luverdense from the bottom Brazilian tier to the first and Alessandria (something like that) from the bottom Italian tier to the top using my simplistic tactics. I had a decent run as Montrose in Scotland but I got murdered in the Scottish Championship because my squad building wasn't great (I never normally get that far in a save). Quite simply, Instant results made my Football Manager play enjoyable and possible. It does have its own challenges though: my personal favourite came on Fm14 when I was pushing for promotion to Serie A and I lost a game 7-0 at home! (I think I just went to bed and it got better in the morning). You always have to wage wars with your Assistant Manager (it's better on this version) as I remember fighting with him as he has his own favourites which, if left on the bench, will be subbed on ASAP! Resting key players means omitting them from the match day squad or they'll come on at half time half fit! I experimented a little with match plans but I found the defaults were hit and miss and with the effort it'd take to set up another match plan and the analysis it would take to see if it's working correctly, it's easier not to bother (though I may try in the future again) This year I've decided to start a save in the bottom Swedish Division with a random team (Ytterby). I'll be instant resulting all the way again! (Note, I've also tried Quick Pick to increase the speed further but have found the assistant always makes bizarre decisions, never resting anyone until they're almost dying (which inevitably is when the cup Final is!)
  4. I thought that you can approach the player if they haven't signed a professional contract or a pre contract agreement, which can be signed on the day that they are regenerated. I think that richer clubs can afford to sign pre contracts but poorer clubs cannot, so they remain on just a youth contract, with no other contract to start when they reach x years old (17 in England). They can then be approached.
  5. It's worked very well for me Won the Northern Irish league three times in a row with the team predicted to finish 10th then 3rd then 3rd Very good tactic, thanks very much for allowing me to enjoy this success.
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