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  1. Liga NOS as in the Portuguese League? Those are broadcasted by Sport TV….to make sure you are getting it right, its the one with black and yellow colours. There is one exception that is Benfica's home games which are broadcasted by the clubs own tv. The away games are on SportTV as well.
  2. Mason Greenwood and J. Sancho are just the first 2 exemples that come to mind. There are more tho.
  3. To be fair after the first 2 games where 3 setpieces goals took place, I have yet to see much more in the following 5. Only 2 goals from FK and 1 from a corner, plus one fk goal against, so all seems good as 2 of those games had a lot of goals. Have yet to see a penalty being called since the update so that is also fine (one was called but overruled by VAR). Matches usually end up with 3 or 4 yellow cards so am not seeing that issue as well (maybe the opposite of being on the low side). I am missing the great saves and match rates for the GKs, but other than removing that lovely
  4. So i have only played 3 games in the old save after the update without changing any tactis (only players as all of a sudden 5 of my starting 11 got injured) and what i saw was: more long shots than before (still at least 1 of them going in per game, others hiting posts for rebound goals) the attacks seem indeed more fluid and varied no more tennis passes from sideline to sideline seeing a lot of center passing so no issues in that front as some reported GK are no longer making saves let alone the amazing looking saves they were making before might just be b
  5. Yes. Did have to play the first match just as if it was a first team game but in addition to having almost nobody available (this is scheduled to an international break), it enforces the u19 rule but treats this as a first team game so all of them are making their debut and scoring the first goals for the club. There is already a thread about this on the bugs section but have seen no reply from mods/si so far.
  6. Logic fail detected. If you dont provide the PKMs and a proper report, how can they check if there is an actual issue? So far, what I read from the person that you were replying, was only his own tale with no evidence, that goes against everything Im seeing in my save, for instance. So unless you can provide actual support so that the bug/issue can be replayed and looked into, there is no way to differentiate between bugs, unlucky randomness, exageration on report, bad players, bad use of tactics, or something else that might be the cause of what the posters on this forum are complaining
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