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  1. I posted this thread in an absolute rage, couldn't find a way to delete it. My team is playing well in every way, which is why this incredible run of bad results put me in a state of near insanity. Sorry to waste your time .
  2. I am playing as MK dons - got some good loan players, playing a 4-5-1 direct game that suits the team, good movement all around the pitch, defensively solid, dominating the games. I'm not even going to post any pics of my tactics here because there is nothing wrong with them, all the stats look good. I tie four games in a row against weaker teams, where I have closer to 30 shots on goal, and the opposition has less than five, they will always manage to score in the last minutes of the game no matter how defensively I play. The next two games my team starts well, gets in the lead and then my defensive midfielder gets sent off and thus I lose the games. The season is basically ruined - what on earth would motivate me to continue playing this game? In no way does this feel like my tactical choices are the reason for these results. Similar things have happened constantly with different teams, always when all the stats and what Im seeing on the pitch shows my team should win the games. In no way does this feel like real football.
  3. The FM franhcise is becoming a total joke. If your team is dominating in the league you start getting beset by injuries. I dont know what this is is supposed to be, some kind of ******** balancing mechanic. I just had 8 players injured in one game, whilst playing posession football with none of the more physical commands active - no high tempo, no tackling, no closing down.
  4. Knowing how your opposition plays is key to having the right tactics during the match, however, how do you "read" how the opposition plays from your scout reports. What I need to know is whether they play possesion, direct, fast or slow, with a high defensive line or deep defensive line etc. but I can't see any of this stuff from my scout report - or at least I dont know how to decipher it. Basically the computer AI will know and counter all of this stuff when it comes to my team after Ive used a tactic a few times - but I have no clue how the computer team actually plays.
  5. I never said that I refuse to use the forums - I said I refuse to read through pages of tutorials to get the basics of the game
  6. I love football. I watch the premier league every weekend and have done so for years. I have a pretty decent understanding of football and the tactics employed. I really want to like FM, I really do - I've played it since the 2009 version. People seem to be in love with FM14 - it was reviewed at 9 in most places, and the community thinks it's the second coming of christ. I don't get it. I agree with many that the previous versions of the game were too easy - once you got the tactics down you steamrolled, something had to be done and cudos for the developers for making changes. For me, however FM14 has become a hateful game. I just shouldn't play it because I'm not having fun, but there is some voice in the back of my head telling me I will learn it and THEN it'll be great. It doesn't matter what formation or playing style I employ - i never get the feeling that I'm in control of anything. My team might play brilliantly for a a period and then start losing and once that slump hits it's permanent - I have no idea why this happens, I have no idea why a previously functioning tactic suddenly seems to be broken at the core. I have no idea what to do when lower tier teams suddenly know how to counter everything you do like tactical geniuses. I don't know why the backroom staff exist in this game since their role seems to be to sabotage your efforts more than to help you. It seems like there is some internal mechanic in this game that once your tactic is "figured out" by the opposition it is no longer viable - no matter what players you have or how much stronger your team is to the opposition. In my opinion this does not emulate real football. I refuse to read through pages and pages of tutorials or helpful posts to get a grasp of the basics of this game, or to shift through sheets and sheets of tactical data - I follow football, it is not alien to me, I should be able to play this game.
  7. Huh, I'm starting to see why people like this FM release so much now. The micromanaging really does matter A LOT, with some wrong, overlooked things can impact your team performance drastically. Thanks for the advice, it all makes sense and I can see where I was going wrong.
  8. thanks for the replies and advice, cresswell was on the bench for one game in this screenshot because his form had been average 6.40 (full back support), I had also played mcarthur or watson as dlp with defend duty, previousl, but was trying to change things up. Yes, I should have taken a screen shot from those because that was what I had been using. Anyway, your suggestions definetely gives some perspective, thank you.
  9. http://i893.photobucket.com/albums/ac137/janlapp/Untitled_zps38262ddb.jpg' alt='Untitled_zps38262ddb.jpg'>
  10. I mean the players in the team compared to the rest of the league, which makes it a "better" team, not my performances, I thought this was obvious.
  11. I have played the FM series since 2009 and I follow the premier league actively so I have at least a decent understanding of formations and tactics. I understand that the difficulty has been ramped up in the FM14 release, but I find this game basically unplayable. Is there some kind of default mechanic that piles the chances againts you and for the opponent if you are playing as one of the better teams in the league? I have started 6 seasons with Wigan. been alternating mostly between a 4-2-3-1 fluid, shorter passing, more expressive, tactic and a 4-5-1 rigid, more direct, more disciplined exploit flanks tactic. What I have noticed is that one consistent theme is that even if I dominate the match my striker, wingers cant score from any chances, while the opposition needs only one chance to score. I am constantly at the bottom of the table, and it feels like I am the underdog while playing inferiour teams at home. There is never any indication on why my team cant put on any consistency, and nothing in the game motivates me to try and figure out the tactics since it feels like 0 reward for effort. I dont understand the rave reviews for this game, to me its been an incredibly frustrating experience.
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