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  1. Nice to see us being consistently bad in the playoffs in your save. Up the Blades!
  2. I can't get the point in playing a football manager game if you're going to get so annoyed about losing. It's the nature of the football. Losses happen, that's the beauty of it. The heart ache the glory etc.
  3. Done the same slide my friend, although I had shorts on... Carpet burn. Told my mrs I was drunk rather than admit celebrating like that...
  4. Hell yes please!!! This would be awesome if you could save several line ups for different formations etc... I don't think you're able to do that now. Would be brilliant!
  5. I had one regen called Craig something he seemed to disappear of the face of the earth. I might have sold him when drunk but I can't find him.... It's like he was deleted. He was awful stat wise but scored so many goals it was unreal. RIP fella
  6. I still can't get my head around people wanting to do anything other than manage?
  7. I won back to back promotions with Chesterfield and then took the Villa job from which I was sacked. Then got offered the San Jose job it's not broken dude but frustrating.
  8. Anybody know how I can stop my damn wingers blasting at goal from a tight angle instead of placing a cross?! Driving me mad!!!
  9. I'd never take charge of Wednesday... I usually find myself struggling to sell them even the worst of my players... pathetic I know
  10. anyone else got a player you can't not include in your team despite having abysmal attributes? I've got this young regen stirker who I gave a chance due to an injury crisis, and my word he went beserk... 7 goals in two games. And scores most games now. He should by no rights be anywhere near the team! Nobody wants him, he's valued at 12k. Brilliant
  11. I'd hate it to be done away with completely, but it could do with some work. Needs to be more in depth.
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