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  1. Full version + build: 20.2.1-1326301 (me: 2026) Summary: I have the preseason and midseason at the same time in the winter of 2021 in my Bulgarian savegame. Description of Issue: When the time came for my players to get back from their winter break, they came back both for midseason preparation and pre-season preparation. This also lead to the fact that I needed to keep my promises for playing time for several of my players, even though those promises had to be kept for the actual next season (in about 6 months) and I was also offered to change code of conduct. Essentially, all things that are done before a new season starts. Steps to Reproduce: Dunno? Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: midseasonbug.fm
  2. Yea, it would be logical to improve his reputation. Thanks, mate
  3. Hi there, what are coaching qualifications? I guess they are needed for a coach to become manager later in the game, but do they have any effect on the coach attributes? I searched the help and didn't find anything in there (at least with the search), Google returned just another forum where people discussed what could be the effects of the qualifications, but still no official answer had been found. Can anyone clarify whether we have a use for these qualifications, or we should pay for them only if we want to see our favourite oldie become a manager?
  4. Hi, I have one question - do you think it is worth making separate schedules (based on the ones you provided) but with a lower intensity for the "unhappy with his training schedule" players? I read these days that player happiness also affects his development (logical, but I didn't pay much attention to that until now), so what do you think would be better - a happy player with a slightly less intensive schedule or an unhappy one, working his a** off in the intensive ones?
  5. Hi, cool skin, but I'm either doing something wrong, or "How to/Manual" and Tutorial are not working with it? When I click "How to" or "Manual" from the Settings menu, nothing happens. Using the default skin or another custom one there are no problems? When I start the tutorial with that skin, it starts but starts like a normal save game - no information popups or whatsoever? I can only play it like a normal game - click everywhere and proceed forwards. Anyone else experiencing those problems?
  6. Thanks for the advice, getting my best youngsters in the first team now and making them available for the U19
  7. Great post, I need just one advice - as in FM2012 we can now make youth players use the first team schedules, I believe that putting the best prospect in the first team (available for the U19 team ofc) and putting them on the Young schedules would be best? Do you think that 15-16yo players are supposed to be on the Young schedule? And by the way, phnompenhandy's suggestion doesn't work in Bulgaria
  8. Amen! I agree with all your points, more or less, but I've been requesting and wanting the bolded one for a few years now. Especially "long shots" being position-specific is laughable - like all DMCs, for example, are good long shooters and no DCs are good shooters from distance. I really hope that at least the individual tactics settings are implemented this year, if not all of your suggestions/wishes.
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