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  1. Even if that's the explanation, it's still weird that someone playing for Dortmund's second team would win an award for being best in Europe. Who's next, Hereford's striker, for scoring 40 goals in Vanarama? For comparison, this year the award was won by a PSV Wonderkid, scoring 34 goals in 39 matches in the past year and a half (too lazy to see how much of them were in the past year, the goals are split 27/23 and 12/11 for the past two season). And here's the kicker - he's not playing in the B team, scoring for fun against amateurs. He's playing for the first team and currently Man Utd, Tottenham and a few other teams are scrambling for his signature. A bit different from my deadwood that I'm trying to offload for 3 mils. So, all in all, this can be the reason for the situation, but this is by no means a normal situation and it must be a bug - maybe not taking into account the reputation of the division he's playing in? Or, maybe, taking the current division he's playing in (Bundesliga) and assuming that all those goals got scored in it?
  2. Hello, a player of mine just won the Golden Boy award by playing only 1 competitive match for me. Weirdly, his stats are also displayed wrongly - they say 56 matches and 35 goals (an award-worthy stats). I'm attaching two screenshots and I have also uploaded my savegame at the exact time I received this news item in the cloud, called buggy-fink.fm
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