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  1. Eh, I got tons of useful tactical advice when I couldn't even build my team right. Reading complints for the sake of complaining is another thing tho
  2. Try FC Krasnodar in Russian prem. They have enough class and budget to win the league on first or second season, but raising youth (they have prospects and facilities) is another way to go. Somehow AI always ditches their talents and starts buying foreigners, maybe you can make it as it's supposed to be
  3. Nah, don't think so. People have been asking to do something with stale press conferences and flawed interaction for a long time. Since this is not the year (though more news might be on the way), this topics will keep on comoing. Oh and don't forget "ME is flawed, cause I can't score at all"
  4. Club vision is nice, I hope it would really work, not be a cosmetic improvement Development center is really handy, now we can controll all the growth in one window - really cool Rest? Meh.
  5. Hi, people. I've been using in-game (don't judge me please, not for cheating purposes) to create a narrative for my manager and I've stumbled upon a reputation parameter. So maybe someone here knows the answer to following: I've been playing a journeyman and got an invitation from a club in a better league with half a star reputation bigger than mine. By that time I've overacheived all goals, had almost ultimate support from the team and in general was on the rise. I took the offer and as the season was done decided to resign, not to wait a month for a contract to expire, to get extra time for preparations. having taken new team I was surprised to see that half of players was opposing me. I've spent a dreadful 15 games and had to leave after which I only could join a club 1 star lower (that's even lower than my previous) and only a year later So, the questions are, does every resignation gives you a penalty, no matter results or just saving time? What gives you a bigger penalty resigning or getting a boot? I starteed to get into journeyman style, so I would appreciate the answers
  6. I've found two different approaches to go with, when opposition tries to press me into my box: 1. Dry the game down. Mission is - get the ball away from your box and not give it away fast, so they couldn't launch another attack. Instructions are: GK takes time on the ball and rolls it out or kicks short, tempo is high or extemely high, passing is short, play out of defense, work ball into box, attack narrow, dribble less, regroup, hold the ball. You need holding role in DM (DLP, ANC, HB) to execute this and many support roles in general. Mentality - defensive. Best used by the end of game 2. Counter and get set pieces. Mission is to sit tight, but closer they come more agressive you are. Instructions: very low pressing line, but high pressing urgency, defend narrow, long passes, counter, regroup, pass into space, play for set-pieces, shoot more often. You need BWM and ideally P or W(a) up front. full backs are better to be switched to defensive roles, cause you won't be needing much from them in attack and you need them to mark opponent back near the box.
  7. Always have done this since having picked up the game with FM 12, unless parking the bus. Perhaps this is time to start using the role And thanks, I never really thought IWB can stay on the flank, I always thought that this role always underlaps and cuts in on opposition's half.
  8. Yep, pretty much this. I find new training really, really good. I used to complaint a lot about faulty matches, but later I've noticed, that training conversion or attacking set pieces (and I rely on them) really help me winning games. So it goes like this, AssMan plans a week and I make little changes on the go, for example if I stand against a league leader and expect to be pressed in my own box i just choose my counter tactic and set sessions to direct attacks, ground defense and attacking set pieces
  9. Yep, sorry for being carried away. It's just the general dissapointment over a single issue, that for the moment spoils what promises to be a great gaming experience.
  10. No, he is saying "I don't have this issue therefore it doesn't exist". Which is pretty much as ridiculous as generalization
  11. I know, this is late but I still hope to find some support on this one. When playing, sometimes, I feel, that the game would benefit from a challenge when a coach has limited functionalty in transfer field. Have in mind Liverpool commitee or Galiani era in Milan. So I think it would be intetresting if a player could make DoF a main man in conducting tranfers. In my perception it might look like this: When in a need of a certain player, you can enter a task, as you do for a scouting team - a request for what kind of player you need and DoF would come back to you with a list of options for your approval (or Just buy one like Bonucci was fed to Montella). So DoFs would need to have more broad set of stats and even character traits inside the game. This can as well be hardcoded in a certain club's philosophy, for instance, when you take Roma's offer you know, that you won't have any influence on transfers. This might add a pretty tough challenge to FM and make coaching even more realistic. Will be curious to know your opinions on this one.
  12. I attribute this moaning to unprofessionalism. I can tolerate a mature player, that doesn't want to learn new things, but developing youngsters should not complain. I review their training plan and might change the focus, but in most cases I ignore and/or criticize trainig level. If a player shows no signs of progress, I ditch him if possible, go and be Januzaj somewhere else
  13. More like bad positioning, paired with high aggression. I remember having an agressive WB with 10 positioning - 3 reds and accumulated ban in a season. Once it got up to decent 12 it got better
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