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  1. SI asks to provide pkm's. Besides there are analysis and stats to look at. This is weird how QA reacts immediately on post like "oh my god my ball is black" but doesn't when it is about match engine
  2. Is there a chance for this to be looked at?
  3. Ok I understood no bug then. Thank you very much for looking into it, I'll take the season further then. Sorry for have taken your time, cheers!
  4. Sorry, I've overwritten it, but I have a screenshot of my sharpness by the end of vacation and one of my competitiors. And that's whole league. Attaching them now. My sharpness before the break was fully prepared 94+. Yeah, I see sharpness grow a bit now, but I haven't even noticed it t the first time. It is a big concern, cause now a player needs 10+ games to get a squad to acceptable levels, and even more if you have large roster and use rotation. And that's not to mention bringing injured players back during the season, this task would be impossible. Jano (IF on the left) had gained +10% for two games played. My GK played both friendlies and still has only 60. Many leagues just don't give you the opportunity to schedule that much friendlies, combined with pre-season, that makes your season twice as long and has nothing to do with IRL preparations. I know, that fitness was on latest update's agenda, but this seems like a critical overkill.
  5. Attaching screenshots. I've replayed the date, still the same. Conditions only go down I've uploaded my prematch save as QA_conditions12 as well Thank you in advance. I hope you'll check this issue out
  6. Hello, people. After the last update players conditions went all wrong. I was in my mid-season break (russian prem), first of all my players returned from holidays with 35 - 55 match sharpness, whereas all other teams have it at around 70 (which seems reasonable for a monthly break). Second, match sharpness didn't increase after a friendly, numbers froze as they were. Last thing -conditions fell very slow during the match itself. My RPM (one of the most energy consuming roles) that had 90 minutes on the pitch ended the game with 75%, which is totally an anomaly for 58% match sharpness. Is there a chance to check this?
  7. I've seen this being discussed in other threads, but couldn't find a designated one, so. I have an impression, that ME19 makes it impossible to create a CCC from the center of the pitch, in most situations playmakers tend to switch the bal to flank or pass back. So far I have not seen any 1-2's or killer passes from players, that are actually capable of those and that's strange because I currently play with the same team, same formation and almost same players as in FM18. This could be because ME is driven to wing game of (as I think) CFs in position attacks just stand still, not offering themselves allowing to be marked. I'm ataching PKMs of 3 games , where I had a TI to play through the center, as could be seen in Krasnodar game, only once have my CF received the ball in the box from the center pass, that was not from the center line. Same goes with my overall assists. I have 9 from the center and they are set-pieces and counters. Even if I had Ozil in my team, he would have been useless. I honestly tried to attribute it to "it's your tactics" and deep defending of my opponents, but then again, I have best DLP in the league and very capable AMs, that executed this very well in FM17 and 18. This year's ME more and more seems like a random events generator, that a player can't affect. Together with shots/goals ratio, GK disregarding instructions and inadequate number of corners and shots per game (average IRL 10, average FM19 - 20) it makes FM19 a very discouraging experience so far. Thank you, cheers Rubin v Spartak Moscow.pkm Spartak Moscow v Krasnodar.pkm Ural v Spartak Moscow.pkm
  8. I had a full ME19 bingo yesterday in a match: 25 shots, 5 on goal, 4 woodworks, over 20 blocked crosses, 25 corners and zero passes into box from the center of the pitch. All with a narrow 4-4-2 and focus on centre TI If I were not addicted I would have abandoned the game already
  9. I've noticed that too. Im my case pms are throw long and distribute quickly, but GK anyway takes time and just boots it forward.
  10. Thank you, that's a big relief to hear. So far changes in the game promise so much, but ME is putting me off to the point, where I'd rather abandon the game till the winter update. Glad to know, that you took all these pains into account
  11. Yep, sorry for being carried away. It's just the general dissapointment over a single issue, that for the moment spoils what promises to be a great gaming experience.
  12. Fair enough, I'll post mine as soon as I get off work. Thanks for the answer
  13. With all respect, thread starter has provided some proofs in the initial message. Also, there are numerous complaints about blocked crosses and overwhelming amount of corners around here and other communities. Isn't that worth a look?
  14. No, he is saying "I don't have this issue therefore it doesn't exist". Which is pretty much as ridiculous as generalization
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