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  1. I couldn't agree more, they were mearly ideas/suggestions for the next version as the title of this discussion asks.
  2. Man, where do I start... 1. Why do you need a game to tell you this? You don't already know the answers? Try speaking into a dictaphone and playing it back, that'll solve your language needs, and check your birth certificate, it should tell you where you come from. Want to know your favourite staff member? Ask yourself this question; "Hmm, who is my favourite staff member?" I think you'll find that answer to be satisfactory. Seriously though, that's all just fluff that you'll care about for a week tops and then forget it exists, SI need to concentrate on issues that actually make a difference to the game. 2. Did you ever think about reading the announcements for FM 2007? 3. Select one league, low detail, small database. Bingo. 4. How many managers do you honestly think sit in their offices with a piece of A4 and some crayons designing next years kits? 5. Sure, league switching is a great idea! That is if you want to wait 45 minutes for the databases to load each time... Not to mention the midfield of problems there would be with all the events that has taken place since the start of the game... 6. Ah, ye olde youth development tool kit. I have one in the back of my car. Whenever the young lads at my clubs don't progress to be world beaters (and I mean all of them, every one, yup, every young player in my club needs to be Thierry Henry by the time they are 18, 'cause that's what happens in real football everyday yes siree bob) I just give their knees a tightening up with my special "make player faster sprinter now" screwdriver. Or I MIG (Magical Inert Gas) weld their injuries so they never suffer any ever ever again. To be honest, it sounds like you've just thought "Gee, what things would I like in my game and blow everyone else out there". If that's really what you want to see happen, contact your nearest college offering game programming courses and code your very own tailor made game. Call it "Candela Cash Manager 2007". But for now, and on these forums, the only ideas that should be taken seriously are ones that genuinely progress the game for the global market. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Smart guy huh? Details, details, details, it's all in the details.
  3. Since I originaly posted this in the wrong area, I might as well post it here too. I. Me the manager: It would be nice to have more information just like the players have. Place of birth, favourite staff, languages spoken, and statistics like all other managers and coaching staff. Also, why can't it show my true favoured formation? No matter what I run, I really love that 4-4-2. II. Better scouting: Scouts always seem to be pointless in the game and never actually find anyone of talent or even in a position I use in my formation. III. Much faster processing: I always feel like so much time is spent on watching the scores of competitions my team is not involved in. I don't really care to see each induvidual score of the UEFA cup or the lower league rounds if it's irrelevant to my club. Why can't these competitions always process as quickly as they do in the early rounds of UEFA and Champions Cup? IV. Sponsorship: I think it would neat feature if each time your clubs sponsorship is re-newed, you could change the look of your teams uniform. (from a solid colour to pin stripes to hoops.) V. League switching: Since the game runs fastest with only one league selected, it would be a cool feature if you could switch your selected league. Example, when you get that piece of mail saying Arsène Wenger steps down as Arsenal manager, you cannot do anything about that if your only selected league is France. What if you could apply for the position and if you're selected as the new Arsenal boss, Football manager would then load the new league and remove your previous one without removing all the current statistics. VI. Youth development: Some better tools to develop your own youth players into quality. This always seems to become a problem for me as the game goes on and you need to register home grown players for Europe. Even though I have all five star coaches, everyone in the youth team is rubbish.
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