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  1. Thanks , but no i don't need help , as there is none to be had , i only mentioned it because its been bugging me the last few weeks and its something that is just not natural or right within the game , yes maybe saying all forwards are bugged was slightly tongue in cheek ... but is it the game engine kicking in to keep results realistic ? its the only thing i can think of , as there is no other reason !
  2. Not making anything up , just my observation of the game , once a team reaches a certain level , it has only happened to the forwards , every other position performs to the expected level , I've now gone through all the known "Great" strikers and its the same with all of them , yes they score , but the chances to goal ratio is now massively on the miss side of the ratio ? This was not the case the whole way through my career from non league onwards , until now ? Yes I expect the opposition to be harder , park the bus etc and that has happened , but I didn't expect the forwards to get worse at scoring clear cut chances for no apparent reason , it is Very noticeable !
  3. To me , its Not just the TM's that are bugged , but all forwards ! The better the team gets , the better forwards you have , the more chances you make , the forwards just start missing absolutely tons of chances , I dont know if this is down to the match engine coming into play , to keep the scores more realistic or what ? But its got to the point of being ridiculous , where you have won the league & European cup etc multiple times in a row and your100 mIllion forward cant hit a barn door more often than not !
  4. Well im regularly winning the league and Champions cup etc and im now getting a little bored with my normal tactic/s , so while I wait to put in place my long term aim (all England team) im looking for a tactic that is flamboyant / exciting / different etc to break up the monotony of my normal tactics , it doesn't need to be winning proven tactic etc , just something different to try and watch , will be using it against weaker opponent's ! Many thanks for any recommendations :-)
  5. Be very weary of very low priced key sellers ! Buy from authorised resellers !
  6. Maybe its a consequence of a poison lasagne attack .............. :-D
  7. Tried this out in the Championship and although I loved the style of play , it just wasnt getting the results needed , to leaky in defence , so went back to my own tactic , moving forward , now in the prem and was struggling a little with my own tactic , so revisited this one , again great style , but conceded too many goals , so watched a few games full highlights and noticed the opposition were just dinking the ball through the high defensive line for their fast forwards to run onto , to score very easy one on ones , so changed the defensive line to deep and tight marking and it worked a treat , now in 3rd place !
  8. Unfortunately the killer through ball comes from the opposition in my experience !
  9. You do have to be careful , as just a newer/higher model number doesnt necessary mean better , as pointed out above and I know Lenevos updated version of my compatible version Yoga 2 1050 is actually quite a bit of a lesser model !
  10. Hmm not sure if the amount of leagues etc is down to specific tablets , but on my 2gb intel processor tablet the leagues are quite limited , especially if you want it to run reasonably fast , it does give you an indication of the amount of leagues & speed , but even going for the slow option , I dont think the amount is vast .... The 3D graphics are marginally better on my Pc than Tablet , but not enough difference to make it unenjoyable !
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