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  1. it seems for me like it never happens to them to succeed with dribbling and attacking the keeper, its like they always slowing down letting the defenders reach them, even when they had a great advantage.. what do you think? you saw this? is it something with the tactics? the players are fit to this mission anyway
  2. hi all thank you for those comments. I will share updates, but meanwhile- about training- it looks like for now he will remain on drib, but what is the best way to train anticipation?
  3. hi cleon its an opprtunity for me to say how I love your threads and hold my breath to see AJAX#15 again actully in my theory for football and what i try to get in the game on the attack side of the game is team that capable to threat in as much aspects as we can. I am looking for creating spaces and using speed to get them, and in putting pressure. as for a striker he should be able to be the sharpest part on the attack even so that sometimes he wont take all shots and of course he must be able to help in the fluency of ball movemnt. any way as he is striker for a big team I must have th
  4. ( i couldnt uplod the image because somehow every time i upload my internet dcs and if someone can help, it will be nice) here is the link: http://postimg.org/image/dz5w4x9i7/ im on my 2nd season with dortmund, and bought him from lazio he started pretty old and now hes already 17 How do you reccomend to train him? his potential is 4yellow stars with one black *right now hes on dribbling to prevent this weakness
  5. General training on very low means more time spended on individual training?
  6. putting general training on low or v.low and individual on high doesnt mean individual will have more focus at all?! There must be an advantage to low general to focus individual,?y es?
  7. Clearnce seedorf!!! You must try.. Cheap and very good to start, even un big temas like dortmund. Ave 38
  8. Maybe you didn't understand me fully.. Let's make again an example Lets copy two descriptions that are my tutors Perfectionist : Pro,det,amb 18-20. temp 1-9 Light hearted: pre,spor 15-20. Temp 10-20.pro 1-17 Now few things: 1. When I'm tutoring with the first one do his OTHER att also make impact? (Like pressure handle let's say..) 2. If no, then if I'm tutor with both of them first is first and then the second so I'll get a player with: Det,amb 18-20 ,pro1-17,temp 10-20,sport 15-20 Right? In this way tutoring now with model pro will end in pro back in 20 (theroticaly everything we
  9. If you tutor a player, does every hidden attribute are been passed or only those who relate to his description? For example if you have model pro (professional 20 and um I think ambition 1-10.. lets assume I'm right) so, if I tutor a player , only those attribjutes are passed, or even the rest? The purpose of the question is to discover if you can tutor to model citizen without actually have a model citizen tutor.. Hope this was a clear one
  10. so you say that the changing on the stars doesnt mean anything.. ok .. even so its weird that it changes and attribute you count by the roles or by your sense? EDIT: you think that evev for comparison the star system tool is not good enough right? then how you actully compare players? attribute-to-attribute?
  11. Hey, can you link me to posts on training system? I think ive read all the stuff on the first page and for some reason i wasnt able to find anotrher stuff on search.. can you share some tips? For me, Individual training is not effective as I would have thought.. I meant that sometimes an attribute is not raising no matter what. or it raise a bit ans stops. what about you? do you able to develop player as youd like? Thank
  12. hi! do you think that the stars system is relyable? do you count it? I meant there so many times that in the start of the season player is 5 stars ranked and then declined to 4 after few weeks.. it could raise again to 4.5 stars but most itll stay on 4. Im not speaking on long term (that you could have say that the avarage of the team raised) but on the short term.. what are your thoughts>? please share them here! and sorry for bad english
  13. you know its not clear do you? lets have a little debate then..: what can go wrong with a tactic? player moved very good created chances, no concededs in 10 games and then it started being bad. attacing was the first part they didnt do any good and Reus who played well in his unfamiliar widemiddlefield position (with taking up to inside forward in the midgame wich did wonders) stopped to anything. umm Mekhitaryian was also bad. I dont really know maybe my tactic wich was rigid\counter wasnt gooad actully? you want a picture of it? maybe I didnt do good in keeping players on their high perfo
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