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  1. Thanks for the reply, that's annoying! They're not currently playing any competitive football so I'm not sure how they can get promoted to the 2nd tier!
  2. I'm approaching the end of my first season managing Vitesse and my B Team have only been playing occasional friendlies which is obviously really hampering development! Loads of other Eredivisie teams have their B team playing in the second division, is it possible for you to get your B team entered in this or at least some sort of competitive league??
  3. Hi Dan, this is for all players. Start date was early pre season France. Running Belgium, France, Brazil, Holland, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, England. I've uploaded the game into the FTP. It's called 'OL'. Thanks!
  4. Previous seasons data is not showing in my save. When you look at a players past stats it doesn't show any of the data from your save. Have I accidentally turned this off or is it a bug?
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