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  1. Hi Jemal, Much better, if anything, I see too much precision in the long high balls over the defence. In general I am happy with the number of attempts and when they are attempted, it's just that the players seem to be too good at timing the runs / passes and as mentioned to do so with an amazing precision to have the ball land right on their feet as they run in the space. Could see that happening once in a while when the pass is made by a high technique player, but not as easily as it's happening now.
  2. Nope, I am seeing the same, the only header I've seen scored in 5 games, was on a corner, with the player hitting the ball basically on the line. Aside from that, great improvements all around in the play, run ups, through balls. Still see some weird choices, especially switches of play (that at least are less frequent) and when close to the goal when they reach the backline, too much hesitation/passes to the keeper. 1vs1 are about the same, maybe worse than before, but in my opinion it has mostly to do with superman keepers that make guided/teleport saves that in the real world would
  3. Just bumping the thread up... I am not looking for an answer or anything... I would be happy enough if any SI employee actually downloaded the PKMs, since it still shows they have been downloaded 0 times. Thanks.
  4. I am seeing absolutely zero attempts to play any ball through in the middle of the pitch. Partly due to what I believe to be some static movements from the strikers/AMs, they do much better forward runs when you are playing in your own half, but once you get in the final third, they hardly do enough to be avaiable to receive passes or to explit the space. However, the most worrying part, is that even in the rare occasion when you manage to move the ball around well and quick enough to disrupt the defence positioning, and an easy through ball opportunity becomes available, it still do
  5. Hi herny79, Really appreciate that answer, especially about the effect of the specific training focus. I understand that, but to rephrase my point (about not understanding the meaning of these shouts): What kind of change can I expect during the match depending on the improvement (or worsening?) of those player's "morale/moods/etc"?
  6. They may not have a tactical effect, but whatever it is that they do, in whatever context, I'd still like to understand what exactly it is that they do? The same applied for example in the previous versions of FM when you were selecting the match training focus to something like set pieces. Fine it's supposed to help with those, but how? And what's the price to pay for that? Does it raise attributes temporarily, affects the ME in anyway or whatever, and does that mean that it affects negatively something else since to focus on set pieces the players couldn't spend as much time on oth
  7. So, they have been around for some years, shrouded in mistery for the most part on what they actually do, and this year it has gotten even more weird, because to be honest, no matter what the current situation of the match, the result seems to be always the same: push forward/encourage/praise/concentrate: "frustration/overwhelmed", show some passion, demand more: "fired up/focused". It doesn't matter if we are losing or winning, players having good ratings or bad, the match being important or not, the same shouts will always have the same result, which pretty much becomes an action you fe
  8. Well sure, I guess I don't feel too much inclined to prepare a schedule for the whole team aimed at the progress of a single player. Anyways, I thought I might have been missing something or there was some other option hidden somewhere in the UI (like the swap position instruction for example, not the easiest to find), I got my answer so thanks, I'll make do without.
  9. But again, that would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that there's no other way to increase that attribute (or crossing as mentioned as well). It's okay if according to these professional coaches it's meaningless to focus efforts on the dribbling skill, but then why is that not included in some other group, like final third as mentioned, or making a group called "technique" which would include first touch, dribbing and you guessed it, technique? Crossing could be added in the group of the set pieces? I am not sure how I am supposed to train my players to become better at dribbling/
  10. So, most attributes have been grouped together in this edition, which is actually a good thing in my book. However, I haven't been able to see any individual focus group that contains the "dribbling" attribute. For example first touch has been grouped togheter with "passing", technique can be found in both shooting and passing, but dribbling is nowhere to be found? Am I missing something here?
  11. Weird I seem to be experiencing the opposite. I am managing AS Roma, and both Under and El Shaarawy are consistently cutting inside, even when set up as wingers Their preferred foot needs to be opposite to the side you are playing them on.
  12. A few things I have noticed: 1) What happened to the pump ball into box instruction? Can't seem to find that anywhere. 2) What happened to fluid/flexible/structured etc? Again can't seem to find them anymore. 3) Why a striker with a support duty can no longer be given the go more forward instruction? Being forced to give a striker an attack duty means that they will be completely useless in defensive situations by remaining shoulder to shoulder with the CDs all the time. I could understand it for a poacher or a couple of specific strikers, but not any striker with an (a) duty.
  13. I get that the league has an impact, but we are talking about a player that has been nominated the best in the world, who cares for which team he plays, he shouldn't have the same reputation of any random nobody. If anything it's the club reputation that should have more of an impact, but again, to have a player receiving the golden ball, it means he played for a team that won or did very well internationally, so he wouldn't be playing for a crap team anyways. In other words if I want to my players to be recognized as "world class players" I need to be managing in the top 4 leagues,
  14. I have a striker, 28 years of age, raised in my club (Feyenoord) that has won more than 20 titles with the club (including champions league) and personal awards, and he's always been fluctuating between 2.5 and 3 stars reputation... Last season, he finally won the golden ball, as well as best player of the year, best african player, best goal scorer, best player of the league, best XI etc etc. His reputation? 2.5 stars. Media description: Striker. How is this even possible? I don't understand. I mean if he had only been doing well in the league, which has a lower reputation than
  15. Well at the moment I am playing as 4/4/2 diamond, and he plays as APa, but I'd like to change formation for the following season (I like to experiment to keep things interesting), and I thought he would make a great F9. I didn't know that learning a new position took ability points though, I thought that was entirely related to the adaptability hidden trait... In any case, the only two roles I would ever play him as are either what he's currently playing at, so AP, or F9, but what I am having the most doubts about at the minute, is if it's worth it to lose ability points to improve his we
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