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  1. Hey guys sorry I haven't had much chance of replying since...ages ago... been extremely busy with work and other commitments. In particular sorry DirtyAce that I never replied to your queries, I think you have must resolved them yourself now!
  2. I have played the latest version for a couple of nights and I find that generally the chance of "pick up from where you left from" achieving reported positive effects seems to be lower, I'd say around 5%. But again, there has never been bad effects reports. Just to note it here
  3. Hi! Your scenario would fall under this I believe: "If I am expected to win, morale is above average, and especially if complacency has been reported by my Ass Man in his pre-match feedback, I always say "don't get careless" as a general teamtalk, with individual teamtalks following the abovementioned approach on players who have over or under performed. Note here "you have faith" is available for overperformers, not "you can make the difference", the effects are the same." And thanks to JLJ27 I believe your query as to "underdog" has been answered!
  4. Hi apologies again for the delay in replying... been extremely busy and traveling... Thanks a lot for all of your replies! I agree with you that sometimes "pleased" when leading by 2 or more goals causes a slow/bad second half even when there is no complacency reported. I myself sometimes use "dont let your performance drop" too if my team has previous reacted well to it in general. I should add this point to my OP! From my experience it is common that your ass man does not report nervous or complacency levels when you are not on winning/losing streaks. I feel that it is not a bad thing if your ass man never reports anything, because that takes 1 factor out of the equation and you would be able to judge what to say by looking at morale, previous ratings and past trial and error results. From my experience all my Ass Mans worked the same for reporting complacency/nervous levels in prematch report and I have not discovered any attributes that may affect their ability to do such reports. I would not look to "Backroom Advice" as to the teamtalks, because I believe the "complacency" report there is linked to an analysis of past results and not future predictions/observations. Slight favourite would be close odds in my opinion. "For the fans" is 99% neutral, it works to the extent that it avoids bad results on players who do not react well to "none". "I expect win" is to ensure that your players do not get complacent when morale is high and/or you are on a winning streak. I do not believe that one can say that certain teamtalk definately has certain effect on pressure/morale - one cannot say that "expect a win" must have the effect of increasing pressure on all teams/players; conversely when people say the "pleased" talk always reduces motivation, I would just show them the screenshots in my OP which shows that when used correctly, multiple players can be motivated by "pleased". Thanks wwfan, interesting read indeed! I have experienced this when my squad is mostly young players and/or when it is my first 10-15 matches with my team. However as I manage the team for longer, the chance of my team reacting well to "I want to see more" increases and eventually it reaches the point that I mentioned in the OP where 90% the chance you get 1 or 2 players motivated by that talk, especially subsitutes coming on at 1/2 time. I would also avoid saying "I want to see more" if your squad morale is low. I make sure that I do individual talks on overpeformers even if my team is losing at 1/2 time. I do not believe that this aspect has been recoded. But if you continue to have problems please let me know and perhaps details such as the age of your squad and the general morale level would help us analyse this a bit further. You are flattering me mate There are multiple other threads here where people have achieved success with teamtalks using different approaches! It is indeed common that most players do not react to full-time talks, the usual reactions I get for full time teamtalks are: "Happy. Looked delighted" for "pleased" in the first 3-5 matches that I am in charge of. Thereafter "didn't seem to be listening" or "none" to "pleased". "Happy." on players who were singled out by your talk, e.g. my team gets a draw and I "sympathise" generally but say "pleased" on a player with 7.5 rating, that player may get a "happy" reaction. or when I say "pleased" generally but say "delighted" on players who have outperformed others, they may get a "happy" reaction. "Angered" - could happen when you say disappoiting or angry to players at full time, especially if it is unjustified. "Seemed confused" - could happen when you were expecting a win but you draw/lose, yet you say "pleased" or "symphatise". At half time, I would subsititute off players who underperform and who have been proven not to react well to "disappointing" or "i want to see more". If your young players are playing their first few matches, I would say "pleased" on them if they get a 6.7 rating or more by half-time. If they have been playing a lot of matches, I would just substitute them off when they underperform. At full time I would generally try praise a youngster who's played his first few senior matches, but if he underperforms, I would generally say "none". Thanks! Glad to know that!
  5. Sorry guys I've been busy with work and could not reply promptly. I do not think the attributes or CA of the Ass Man makes a difference to his report on Teamtalks. I think if you would like, you could post up 3 screen shots for the teamtalks that you use for a match (pre, half time and post), then I would be able to see which talks were chosen for which player under which rating/moral, and be better able to comment on why your Ass Man is not noticing anything. I see. Hmmm...if you check all of my screenshots in the OP, half or more of the players in each screenshot get either "Didn't seem to be listening" or "Nothing Specific Noted". The key is that if one or two players get motivated by your teamtalks, it ususally gives you a win, of course, the more the better. However I do understand that you are not getting positive feedbacks at the % suggested. As I stated in the OP, certain players react to certain teamtalks more often than others, hence some trial and error exercise is required. I do not think that lack of reaction to teamtalks is due to tactics or squad quality. With more trial and error (e.g disappointing and you have faith on different players) you should be able to get more reactions. Similarly if you would like, I could see the screen shots for your teamtalk selection screen at pre-match, half time and end match and try see what the issues are. Of course you would need to tell me the pre-match feedbacks on complacency too I would judge the effect of teamtalks purely by looking at the Assistant Manager's Feedback on Teamtalks at the end of each match. If in the games that you lost away your Ass Man reported that your teamtalks did not work, then it is the issue of teamtalks; however if one or more players got motivated by your teamtalks and you still lost, I would think that "it is your tactics" To see whether it is the problem of pre-match talks, I would specifically look at the scoreline by half time and the Ass Man feedback on pre-match teaks. Let me know the results if you do so. Glad to know that it is working well for you. I think it is a good suggestion to try "we can win this" but with individual "expect a performance" if you can remember the players who got demotivated before and/or if you think that certain players are likely to get demotivated. To be honest I have not had the courage to try that, because from my experience random players would get randomly demotivated by "we can win this!" or "wish luck!". In the near future I may start posting screenshots of matches that I play to illustrate the pre-match, half time and end-match talks that I do, then show the end game result and explain why I chose those talks.
  6. Hehe I think the result by half time is a good indicator for the effect of "wish luck" if no effect is shown in the Assistant Manager's Feedbacks on Teamtalks. Do you usually obtain a lead by half-time after you use "wish luck"? For me the last time I used "wish luck" two of my players got the "seemed demotivated" result. Anyway I will try more
  7. If I am not putting a youngster/ my 2nd team on, "I expect a win!" at the start and everything else as usual. That's because I don't want to lose games even if they do not really matter - losing games cause a drop in morale for many players, making things harder for you in the next game. Thanks pandemonium. I agree about personality affecting the choice of and the effect of teamtalks. As to when the players are reported complacent, I will try "wish luck" myself sometime and see the result! However I only judge the result through Assistant Manager's Feedback on Teamtalks, not motivation By the way to others, "show me why you deserve a place" or "impress me" etc are really just equivalents of "I expect a win" and "Expect a Performance", they appear in friendlies only.
  8. Thanks for sharing! Though I have to respectfully disagree about player rating being "very misleading". I would rather say player rating is the only accurate indicator for determining who is playing/has played well/poorly for the purpose of teamtalks. Again to me the Assistant Manager's Feedbacks on Teamtalks after a game is the only accurate feedback for the effect of teamtalks. Motivation can never be an accurate feedback, because it changes due to way too many factors not related to teamtalks, as I have explained in some post above. If anything is misleading, the motivation feedbacks (e.g. playing ok, looking motivated) are misleading. I think I have explained a lot already in my OP and subsequent posts my view on the deficiency of using "motivation" as the guiding indicator for teamtalks and feedbacks for teamtalks results. By the way the descriptions for post match teamtalks that you rely on such as "had a poor game, had a good game, had a storming game" are all purely based on player rating. To take a simple approach like the above would at least mean to me that you are not taking advantage of the high likelihood of improving performance via "you have faith" on players with 7.5 rating or above or players who have scored, via "dont get complacent", or via "disappointing" on those reported as "looking motivated" but having a below 6.7 rating.
  9. No worries mate, let me know your progress! Those ususally get 5.5 rating or lower, so 99% of the times I substitute those off. By the way in the future please try not quote my whole opening post, it's a long post and takes up too much space if it is quoted in reply...
  10. While I agree that it is possible that a team gets used to certain style after a while, the things I have mentioned above have worked for every team that I have managed so far, from Shandong, Aston Villa, Chelsea to Plymouth, Chivas and Barcelona, possibly, because I use the same style every time. As to pre match team talk when your team is complacent, you haven't really read my guide closely have you haha "[scenario 1: Your players are reported as looking complacent] In your Ass Man Feedback pre-match, he sometimes says things like "The recent fine form is unfortunately casting a false confidence on your squad... in particular xxx and yyy" or "xxx and yyy are looking cocky and not focused" or "xxx and yyy thinks our recent fine form alone can win matches" or "xxx is looking complacent" or things equivalent to the above. This typically happens when you are on a winning streak, odds favour you and morale is high. It may also be caused by things said in the pre-match conference but as complacency can be used to your advantage if the right teamtalks are given, I do not worry about what's been said in the pre-conferences, I do not attend them. In this scenario the general teamtalk should be "I expect a win" with "Expect a Performance" on the players named by your Ass Man as looking complacent (followed by "dont get complacent" or equivalent half time whenever available). Likely reaction: none reported but good performance in the 1st half, sometimes "Seemed Motivated", sometimes "Gained focus", rarely any negative effect. Do not ever use "we can win this" or "wish luck" under this scenario. If used, like result = one or two players "seemed demotivated, looked delighted". The individual teamtalks mentioned above may also be used, but I find that on players reported as complacent, "pick up" does not work as well as "expect a performance" does."
  11. Thanks mate! I consider that approach a bit similar to my approach but with some key differences. 1. It does not make use of "you have faith" (I really really think that you should use "you have faith" ) 2. It does not make use of "expect a win" (this is less important that "faith" but I still think using this is better than none when your team is reported to be overconfident). 3. For me "We can win this!" at home is very very very dangerous, I'd say 25% chance of demotivation happens from my experience. 4. It does not make use of "dont get complacent" - again this is a key teamtalk that ensures a good second half performance if your team is over confident. 5. What they say about "I want to see more.." and "Where is the passion.." are about the same as what I said about them, they are spot on about the huge effect these talks may have. However, not saying "you have faith" to overperformers is likely to cause you miss the chance of having an even better result or ensuring a turn-around; or worse, cause the overperformers to be "confused" or "angered" by the "I want to see more.. " and "whereis the passion" talks and make you unable to turn the match around. Of course all of the above are simply based on my experience, but I do have very strong belief in them! Once again thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks mate. For friendlies I use "result not important" if my general morale is average or below and/or when I do not want to risk injury. I use "impress me" when morale is high and fitness condition is generally good. Half time I usually just say "pleased" or "symphathize", I rarely do individual talks in friendlies, because to be honest I do not care about friendly results. However, sometimes the results of friendlies affect your players' morale at the start of the season. Hence generall I would play 1-2 friendlies against my under 18 team as the last two friendlies before the start of a season and own them 8-0 etc to boost morale This has nothing to do with teamtalks though. No talk at all for pre-match and half-time and better results than doing teamtalks! I've never tried that before. Very interesting! If you could please let me know what your Assistant Manager feedbacks are for the "none" talk pre-match and half time. I did experience occassionally that saying "none" gives the "more relaxed" reaction. It is also weird that you are not getting reactions from any teamtalks, at least you should get "didn't seem to be listening" hahaha. Nah seriously you should get a reaction from "you have faith" 80% of the times, provided that you use it under the conditions that I set in the guide. Lastly just to emphasis that if you are trying my guide, I would highly discourage you from looking at the "Motivation" information while trying By the way to everyone, so far I've been getting a lot of "thank you" messages and replies from people who achieved good results following my guide (or some part of it/tips in it) and I appreciate them very much; but equally for those who have tried my guide and failed to achieve desirable results, please please feel free to tell me and discuss the issues, like JLJ27 did. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your reply mate. Great to know that my guide helped!
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