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  1. This is a great tactic and has seen me through the Unemployment Challenge a lot quicker than I had thought. Plugged into Grimsby and got Auto Promotion, then promotion from League 2 with Crawley and League 1 with Plymouth in successive season. Currently with Norwich and jumped from 16th to 5th and using a fair few players out of position to make it work (Ravel Morrison is bossing it as the DLF!). Just one note though - I have had to remove 'Get Stuck In' from the tactic permanently. I had a crazy game where I had 3 sending offs and 8 yellow cards! I was fined by the FA after the game for being unable to control my players. I did manage to hang on for a 2-0 win though despite not having a full compliment of players for 30 minutes so that is the upside of this tactic! I thought this was just a one-off but have since had players sent off in 3 other games throughout the season (making 6 in total for the season) and a bunch of suspensions for accumulation of yellow cards for my defence and central midfielders. Since taking 'Get Stuck In' off my players have been much better behaved on the pitch! Cheers for the tactic Mr U Rosler, it's a great piece of work
  2. What was surprised me the most with Everton this year is how co-operative the board is! Kenwright has granted all of my requests (increase youth and training facilities, increase number of coaches allowed). The best thing, however, was that they agreed to sign Depay for me! Cost £12.25m and had a good debut in the first PL match of the season, a 3-0 home win vs Liverpool. Really looking forward to this years save with Everton - I'm hoping to introduce the likes of Green, Kenny, Ledson and Galloway (probably the best behind Ledson, as he has 3.5* potential and 4.5* potential in black - currently tutored by Barry to get resolute characteristics) over the coming season or two. I'll make a longer soon when I finish the transfer window and play through a bit more.
  3. So my 2nd season in charge has come and gone and it was fairly successful. We won the Community Shield against Chelsea 1-0 which is my first (and, so far, only) trophy on this save. In the Champions League were overwhelmed and our small squad could not cope with all the added fixtures so we crashed out in 3rd placed in the group and subsequently played Stuttgart in the first knock-out round of the Europa League, but again we could not compete and lost 2-1 on aggregate. In the domestic cups we did very well, getting to the final of the Capital One Cup where we were unfortunate to lose to Liverpool on penalties after drawing 0-0 after extra time. We had the chances but we just couldn't score, which was the story of our season really. In the FA Cup we made it to the QF's but against Manchester City we just could not take our chances and they dumped us out of the competition. Our lengthy participation in the cups and the extra fixtures they bring had a negative impact on our Premier League form as well, and it was not until the final 10 games of the season, after we had largely been knocked out of the cups, that we mounted our assault on cementing a European spot for season 3. We did achieve this goal, which was my minimum aim for the season, by finishing 7th in the league. The only upside to the PL season was that Sczezseny won the Golden Glove. So an unspectacular second season overall but a solid one given the lack of quality in my squad. Having 6 loanees in my side by the end of the season is a big indicator as to how poor my actual squad was, so I needed a big summer transfer window to turn things around. With all of our problems scoring goals last season I needed to bring in some firepower up front. However perhaps it was more than just the players that led to us not scoring enough goals - perhaps it was my formation and tactics? With that in mind, I went about addressing the formation and ditched all 3 of my current tactics as they all operated with a lone striker. Instead, I have decided to approach this season with variations of the 4-4-2 formation which will hopefully see us score a lot more, even if it is at the expense of conceding a few more. So, here's a SS of my transfers: I tried to ship out as much of the deadwood as I could, but I still have Howard and Pienaar at the club as I could not find someone to take them off my hands. They'll be leaving in the summer and I'll be thankful to have the extra £80k or so a week to spend! I wouldn't classify Rescaldani as 'deadwood' but he was very, very poor for me and after two seasons of persevering I decided enough was enough and he was off for a tidy profit (originally bought for £350k). As for incoming transfers, I needed to bulk up my striking options as Guidetti was the only one left at the club. Rodrigo and Bony will be my main goalscorers, whilst Quagliarella and Jovetic (who are not in the SS because I've got them in on loan) will be my creative strikers. Quagliarella is here only for 6 months because I'm trialling Rodrigo in the F9 position for a bit, and Quag is there to provide back-up as I know he is good in that role (was on loan with us last year). Hughes and Josue will provide back-up for the MC and AMC positons respectively, both at good prices. I am hoping that Hughes will develop into a world class playmaker. Boilesen is purely back-up for Baines, who is more defensive than Oviedo. Alabi is a regen AMC who is a 4* rated English player, hopefully he can cut it in the PL one day but he has spent most of his time at the club on the physio table so far. And here is how I'll be lining up: FIRST TEAM SECOND STRING So a bit of an uncoventional formation but my thought was process was this: * I wanted to play with two strikers, and I've had success with an F9 and CF before. * I wanted to play with an AMC to accommodate Barkley in his favoured position. * I wanted an AMR to play Mirallas in his favoured position and give Gauld a position to play (developing very nicely for me). * I wanted to give Baines a lot more freedom to join the attack and be a creative threat for my team. Tactical decisions still to be made: * I am unsure as to whether I should be playing WB's or FB's but for now the FB's are offering good attacking threat and also keeping it tight at the back. * I need my DMC to hold his position and cover for the LB when he gets forward, but also to recycle possession from deep and give it to my more creative players. I have him as a DM for now, but I am debating switching him to an Anchor Man so that he has very little creative freedom and just plays it simple. My worry with that move however is that it will leave the MCR too isolated... * The role of the AMC is the last thing on my mind. He is currently set to an Advanced Playmaker with 'roam from position' as an instruction, but I am debating switching him to an Attacking Midfielder, or even a Shadow Striker to offer work rate up top and also a goalscoring threat. If you've read this far then thank you. I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts about the tactic I'm going with this season, especially ways to improve it or thoughts on the possible weak areas I've raised above.
  4. I play him as a Target Man on support when he does play. Been very poor this season though which is why I've loaned in Quagliarella to compete for the F9 position with Dybala. He will get opportunities this season though as Dybala is also on loan so come next season I'll no centre forwards at the club that I have confidence in. There's nobody coming through the youth system either that is ready so it's definitely an area that I'll have to look at. Bojan is available on a pre-contract and could play the F9 position but he wants roughly £60k a week which I deem too much for someone of his ability.
  5. So my 2nd season with Everton has been very mixed so far. We've struggled to cope with the added fixtures that CL football brings and the extra games against stronger opposition has really highlighted the old age of some of my players and the lack of quality within the squad. With the poor finances of the club there was not much I could do in the transfer windows and that has led to a total of 6 loanees being at the club (4 joined in the summer, 2 in January). The season up to January has been very mixed but I think the results reflect the ability of my squad - solid, if unspectacular. Going into the New Year we were 8th in the Premier League but well within touching distance of a top 7 finish. We were knocked out of the CL in the group stages after finishing 3rd but the Europa League has drawn us a winnable tie against Stuttgart. In the League we have done very well and were into the semi-finals against a Championship Huddersfield side. January 2015 review - Everton season 2 The main weakness of the squad has been scoring goals, so in the transfer window with my limited funds, I dived into the loan market. I was in search of an AMC to add creativity and a goal scoring threat, so when Josue was transfer listed by Porto I jumped straight in and loaned him in for the rest of the season. I inserted a clause where I can buy him for £3.3m at the end of the season if I am impressed by his performances heading into the summer. Quagliarella was the other loanee to join the club, to add competition to Dybala and Clayton for the F9 position. We started the month in positive fashion, knocking Oldham out of the FA Cup with ease as Ryan Gauld scored a brace. The first leg of the Huddersfield tie was much tougher than expected and it was only through an O.G and a Distin header from a corner that we took a lead into the 2nd leg. We rolled Cardiff over in convincing fashion as Mirallas scored 2 in a very impressive performance. Next up were 2 games I was determined to win against teams near us in the table but unfortunately we only took a measly 2 points. Poor finishing and some awful defending from set pieces meant we continued to maintain our position of 8th in the league. Our great form in the cups continued as we knocked out Huddersfield with another 2-1 win, Barkley and Mirallas sending us into the final where we face Liverpool. The FA Cup 4th round is hopefully a foreshadowing of what will come in the League Cup as we dominated Liverpool from start to finish and progressed into the next round of the FA Cup where we will face Premiership Reading. Lastly, we finished the month with being completely outclassed at the Emirates (a match to forget) and dominating bottom-of-the-table West Ham. This set of results sees the Premier League look like this: I am extremely happy with our defensive record as we tie the least goals conceded in the league with Mourinho's Chelsea. Distin and Jagielka have been superb whilst Stones, Duffy and Souttar have been impressive when called upon. The problem lies in attack as we cannot score enough goals to kill a game off. Very rarely this season have we won a game by more than 2 goals (the West Ham game was a rarity, and one that I very much enjoyed). A screenshot of how I am lining up is below - I am open to suggestions as to how I can get my team scoring more goals. The tactic has gone through 3 different variations since the start of the season but I have finally settled on this shape as something I am happy with. I have found a balance for my two deep midfielders, as the DM sits deep, recycles possession and covers the more advanced midfielders and the DLP is just slightly more advanced and links the defence and attack, often switching the play to one of the full backs who push up and provide width. I am tempted to switch Barkley to an Advanced playmaker, however I feel with a DLP and a F9 I already have enough 'playmakers' in the side, so I have opted for what should be 3 goalscoring roles to push ahead of the striker and provide a presence in the box. I can't help but feel a lot of my goalscoring problems comes from the fact that I simply don't have the quality goalscorers in my side. Dybala, Rescaldani and Mirallas only have 14 for finishing but they're the ones who have the highest attribute rating for it! That being said, I love the movement of the F9 and the striker does get ample chances so I am confident that when I have a world class striker in that role then I will start winning games by bigger margins.
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