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  1. Nation: Somewhere in Europe Division: Doesn't matter European Competition: - Media Prediction: - Board Expectation(s): Realistic Transfer Budget: See "other" Wage Budget: See "other" Finances: Prefered not in dept but doesn't matter really Other: Looking for a team like Borussia Dortmund. Great fanbase with the potential of becoming a great team and the potential of getting access to big money after a few seasons. I hope you guys know what I'm looking for
  2. Could you explain this more detailed please? I somehow just don't really understand it
  3. I'm not sure if I read it here, but i read it somewhere. When a counter happens some of the TI's are ignored. Is this even correct? If yes, then which TI's are overwriten and which are not? Like: Can i play a counter attacking system with something like 'look for overlap' ticked on?
  4. Hi, is there an Update or something that makes the DFB coach use real players? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks. Will take a look at them when i'm back home. Is the National the lowest playable league in france? I got a bet with my friend who will collect more achievments this year. And there is the one with "bring a Team from the lowest to the highest league"...
  6. Nation: Germany, France, Italy or Spain Division: Lowest possible European Competition: - Media Prediction: Prefered top 10 Board Expectation(s): realistic if possible Transfer Budget: any Wage Budget: any Finances: any Other: The team should have the best youth setup possible (especially youth recruitment should be high).
  7. Sorry, is there a link to the thread which I am missing? Or can you post the link to the thread please? I am trying to create a 442 in my Hansa Rostock save, so it would be a great thing to read...
  8. Holy ****!! This feels pretty horrible right now But: Don't shoot the messenger! So thank you for your awnser Cougar...
  9. Hi, one short question on scout assignements: When I creat a new assignement what does the selection of the transfer budget do? I can select from automatic to €269M... Thanks for your help...
  10. Hello, I took over the dutch national team in the year 2016. After 3 years (I'm currently in the year 2019) I wanted to bring some younger players into the national team since the kinds of van Persie or Sneijder are getting too old... My question is now: How do i scout players for the national pool? Is there any good guide? My google search didn't bring much up... Thanks!
  11. Since there is still no PSV thread, my question is: Could I do one on my own? Or do I have to fullfil special requirements to do so?
  12. Did i get it right that I have to use the Transferbudget of second season for this? Is it possible to buy the 50% from Juve right from the Start?
  13. I'm going to start my Sassuolo save soon...but I have a question first (even if I'm pretty sure it's already awnsered in this thread): What do I have to do to keep Berradi after the first season? The co-ownership-thing confuses me :confused:
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