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  1. So, i'm Liverpool, i'm against Man utd. Before the 70 minute mark, i'm 2-0 up. Utd have two DEFENDERS sent off with nearly half an hour to go. Any team and person would immediately sub maybe a striker or midfielder to somewhat have a chance of not letting in anymore goals, the AI decide to use thier subs into putting Robin VP on and midfielder. In my opinion this is extremely unrealisic because they are very lucky not to have lost 5-0 in that last 30 minutes. I understand that Utd would of wanted to get back into the game, but doing it by only putting 2 to defend is plain idiotic. Funny tip: Jordi Albi had his debut and got sent off lelelelelelel
  2. Been having this for the past 7 to 8 saves with my Liverpool team. Put out well thought out tactics, and my best team, yet my team lose 2-0 to Crystal Palace and they two shots they had on goal they scored. I had 10-15 highlights, didn't score once. - Liverpool being underrated. Apparently not being able to be the simplest of teams - Strikers miss all the time. Opponents AI score nearly every shot. This is getting ridiculous. Everytime i try to manage Liverpool it's the same thing. Unrealistic matches. Sturridge and Suarez unable to finish, yet they're considered to be the best 'partnership' in the BPL right now. I've tried every single tactic out there. Downloaded multiple. Thought out ones, which i know work. Not enjoying the purchase so far.
  3. Agree completely. Liverpool players seem completely incapable of getting the easiest of results.
  4. I appreciate the responses. It might just be me, but its just getting increasingly annoying when my players dont score despite chance after chance, after chance. I'll try and get some videos.
  5. Appreciate the response. I'd have to disagree. My strikers finish like conference north players (No offense), they have the inability to score the most easiest and blatant opportunitys. Then the AI's seem to finish like Sergio Aguero and Messi.
  6. Still seeing complete stupidity and general unfairness from the AI and my players. My strikers seem to be completely incapable of scoring (Bare in mind, i have players like Suarez, Sturridge, Beneteke) even though they're some of the most clinical and best strikers around, in my opinion, should be looked at. Not able to score constant through balls. Opposition goalkeepers seem to be overpowered, saving the most difficult and powerful shots despite the fact they're completely crap goalkeepers. Half the time, i feel like i'm against Iker Casillas. AI is unbelievably accurate and clinical in every shot they take. I dominate the game, put my best players out. We have round after round of possession and shots despite not scoring (lol) - And then on the 76th minute, they have 5 minutes of the ball and score. Seen this pretty much everywhere in my game, needs to be sorted. Dont get me wrong, i love the FM series, and have been a player for countless years. Just seems this years has been a little rushed.
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