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  1. Hi folks, Its time to upgrade my laptop for FM17. I have £500 tops to play with, I only use my laptop for FM and for going on the internet, no other games and I'm not on the net much. No downloading movies, streaming anything like that. I like to play with a couple of countries going, never more than 3. maybe 10 leagues going tops. I never use the 3D stuff and just watch the highlights with text comms. I add in the odd kit & badge add ins but nothing too fancy. Hope this is all the info you need, can anyone recommend something I should go for? Thanks!
  2. Hi folks, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for FM14 but I have no idea what sort of spec I should be getting. I've found plenty of info on minimum spec but having had a laptop running FM13 that was around minimum I want to go for something that stop it sitting "processing" for minutes in end!!! Any ideas what I should be looking at when I head down PC World?
  3. Hope you don't stop, this has been a great read. Can I ask did Liverpool ever regain any former glories?
  4. Yeah Bigger M looks great. You've done well so far, you did say you wanted top 10, but changed your mind after checking out the squad fully
  5. Great read B.W.G, great that you've moved through the leagues so well with Sunderland! Any big clubs dropped in Argentina or Brazil you could grab hold of? Could I ask to see Col U facilities page? Who brought them up? I'm from Colchester and they hardly get half their ground filled never mind being at a level that could support PL level!
  6. Where's the Champions league final being played? Surely not at Sunderlands new place???
  7. Great stuff! Hopefully England will end up improving as much as W&F!!! Good luck
  8. Wow this is all amazing! Has been a great read catching up with it all. Are you gonna continue with Wingate & Finchley now your England manager? Are you still just running the English leagues? What are the comps histories looking like? Liverpool still stuck on 18? Any chance you could upload your game? would be great fun playing that far into the game? My laptop would take weeks to get that far into the future even holidaying it.
  9. Any news Tom? Have been enjoying your threads for the last 12 months. Feel like we're missing out
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