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  1. Huge thank you to the advice earlier in this thread. I have had a lot more success with tactics and I managed a 7th place finish last season. The problem I have now is that counter-attacking isnt working any more - teams are starting to play more defensively against me. I switched to a more posession-based game with great success at the start of the season, hovering around 2nd/3rd just before January. After this I really started to struggle. Opposition teams would regularly have more shots than me and it's been a struggle to grind out results, even against weaker teams I have just played Leicester, who are in the Championship, away in the FA cup and these were the match stats (them in light blue, me in dark). Luckily I scored a break-away goal in the last minute to win 2-0 (it was much closer to being 1-1). I feel like I am conceding too many opporunities against weaker opposition. This is the formation that I used in that game (I have been tinkering with the tactic and used to play the same but with Shorter Passing and Be More Expressive). In games where I am favourite I tend to go with this formation: The idea behind both tactics was origninally to keep possession and try to dominate games. After the initial period, for both tactics, teams were starting to create more chances and I was creating less, which is why I tried to go more direct in the 1st tactic - it hasn't helped with the opposition shots though. I would understand if it was against top teams but I seem to be struggling against everyone! I would welcome any advice on where I can improve! Is it the player roles/duties that need tweaking, although they seemed to be working before, or have I got my team approach wrong? I guess the thing I need to learn is how to adapt to when the AI changes their approach to games against me - a tactic that works then seems to struggle.
  2. I will see what results I get with both roles. In terms of defensive shape, am I correct in thinking that the Carrilero would be better for structure as they may not get pulled out of position as much as the BWM pressing the opposition? I have now done exacly as you suggest :-) A couple of games in and tweaking things as I go - hopefully things are starting to become clearer - for some reason I cannot get the AMR to perform. If you dont mind me asking, what 3 midfield roles (2xCM and DM) would you use in this formation, trying to remain defensively solid and aiming to avoid relegation(!)?
  3. Sorry, I misunderstood you what you meant by tweaks. I have read your awesome guide on defensive setup (wish I had found it sooner!) and put together a 4123 (using my new DM) to use against strong teams (I can use it as a base to adapt for easier games): The idea being to retain solid defensive shape (and regroup to it once possession is lost) and counter when we win the ball back. I started with a lower DL and Very low LOE but my CD's are relatively quick so I bumped them both up one level. Tight marking and get stuck in because I want to try to disrupt the opponents attacking play. The BPD can link with the DLP to progress the ball up the pitch. The DLPd can then sit in and protect the back 4. I have put the right FB on attack duty as I now have the cover in the DM position - is this okay, or should I drop it to support? I wasn't too sure what roles to play as CM. I went with BBM to help both defend and push forward and support the attacks. I chose a simple CM as I didn't want another playmaker and a BWM wouldn't necessarily help to keep shape. Could a Mezzala work here? Hopefully, once I can get this defensive tactic sorted, I can look at something more attacking!
  4. You are correct, and I am realising this. I will try to find some reading to understand it better. You have mentioned before about a change in mentality may need a change in player roles and I need to better understand how this works - as I clearly don't! I have managed to sign a DM on loan for the rest of the season, so I will have a go at putting together a 4123 but I'll try to understand player/mentality roles better first, or I will just end up in the same mess again. Your help has been invaluable in helping me to understand things I didn't understand before - thank you! - I just need to work you what the improvements are!
  5. Okay, I have moved back to defensive and moved both AMR&L to support. I'll have to stick with the B2B as it suits my players better, so I have switched teh IW to a W but on support to follow your other advice. This is what I now have: I have just been hammered 4-0 at home by Liverpool and I only had three shots (they had 19). I'm in the middle of a run of horrible fixtures, all games I would probably expect to lose but I am conceding lots and not scuring many: I am probably in a downward spiral that no matter what I do with tactics, we will struggle. I thought I was getting the hang of this when I got promoted - I now feel totally lost 😂 Maybe I have now gone too defensive?
  6. I moved it back down to standard. Would you change both sides, or just the LB? With the AMR being an IWA, would a WB offer more width than a FB? I have moved to Balanced to see if this will create more chances. Following your previous advice on particluar attributes, I will try a different line up. My DLP, whilst creative, isn't particularly strong in those attributes, even though he currently has the highest Av. Rating in the team!
  7. Sorry, copy and paste error! This is what I meant to show: I lowered the pressing to try to keep the shape as you mention - I should probably remove couter-press too? Are the Defensive line and LOE more appropriate in this one or should I drop them further? It will be difficult to move from this formation at the moment due to the players I have - I don't have anyone that can play DM well until I can sign one. I am definitely more defensiely solid with this tactic but I create very few chances - I lose most games 1 or 2 nil. It would be nice to have something in the middle of the 2 tactics - much more defensively solid than the 1st tactic but one that will give me the chance of winning a game or 2! And one where I can get the AM to perform well.. I'll take a look at the CM players I have and check their stats - are these appropriate roles to have in a 4231? - thank you for your help!
  8. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to setting up tactics and I would really appreciate some help! For the last few versions of FM I have just used 'plug and play' tactics but for FM20 I want to learn how to build one for myself. Using the tactic creator I came up with this tactic for my Reading side and somehow won the Chamionship in my 1st season without and additional transfers (must have been luck!) - I was playing a W in place of the IW and I think I was playing the WB's as FB's. The idea behind this tactic was for the DLPd to offer defensive protection and the AMs to play a more central role whilst the PFa was chasing down the ball. Playing this high level pressing game clearly didn't work in the PL and despite having a good number of shots in games I was struggling to win any games. I adapted the tactic to something similar to the below, to add more structure to the team and prevent players being pulled out of position. This improved results and I avaoided relegation on the last day of the season (media prediction was to finish bottom). I thought I had found a couple of tactics that I could build on but I am now strugglin in my second season in the PL. I have signed some better players and the media prediction is 18th (currently in the relegation zone). I have tried both tactics this year - the 1st one against weak opposition and the 2nd against top teams and I seem to have a couple of reccuring themes: Tactic 1 creates quite a few chances but few goals. Opposing teams tend to have fewer shots but will win the game. Tactic 2 barely creates any shots (maybe 1 per half). Whilst it is more solid defensively I inevitably lose by a goal or 2 (or more against the very top teams). The AM always performs gets low ratings (6.5 or lower) in both tactics, no matter who plays there. I am playing the AMR as IWa because it is the only role I could get that player to perfom consistenly in. I know the 4-2-3-1 is more of an attacking formation but as the team has evolved I don't currently have a player capable of playing in the DM position (and I have a few AM players). Obviously I will still be struggling this year, with a media prediction of 18th, but I would greatly welcome any advice on how to improve some of the issues above :-)
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