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  1. You raise all the right questions, but if you've hung around in this forum for a couple of years, you know that these are the type of questions they never answered. Looking through the first 7 pages of this feedback thread just makes me more certain that making FM18 the first game in the series since CM2 that I didn't buy on release date, was the correct one. Not because it seems like it's so bad or filled with bugs, but merely because the game is going in the wrong direction and doesn't really add anything. Before, there was added realism for every version, and whatever was in there had a major purpose. If it didn't work properly the first time, it was usually fixed in a patch. Then came the focus on 3D and media/player interaction, where it started to slip, with focus now starting to slide from making the game realistic to making 3D-movements realistic. The media/player interactions have been faulted since day 1 and hardly improved in any way, continuously putting you in positions with insane alternatives where no answers suits the conversations (or you end up with only one alternative), or where the questions themselves are raised from a situation that doesn't exist. I don't mind the 3D engine, even though I don't use it myself, but this game has never gotten its fans by trying to be FIFA. The media/interaction-issue though, is a more serious issue, as it is affecting the game in such a huge way (which it to an extent should). To then have all these situations where nothing make any sense ruining your game or the mood in your group, makes it impossible to understand why they haven't put their main focus on fixing this, along with of course making the match engine as realistic as it can be. "The old SI" would. Seeing the new match screen also just underlines my point. Instead of making sure that the most information possible is available to the users, or at least in a way where it's flexible enough to make one choose, some mislead UI-person has prioritized something he think looks good over something that adds something to the game (or maybe he didn't get the time, as adding a roulette version of Brexit was more important). This time they've even removed informatio, and it's not long since we had the same with the tactics screen. Of course some good skinner can fix this, but it takes time and there's enough clicking in FM already if we are not to add even more. Right now it seems like FM is trying to be everything for everyone, but ends up somewhere in the middle which is a very dangerous place to be. It's by far a bad game, but when you're losing out on you loyal followers through the years, and at the same time can't keep up with the desired bells and whistles of the newer gaming generation, you're on top of a slippery slope.. SI soon needs to decide who their target group is. If that means drifting away from the core followers from the start, that now also are busy with kids and families, to cater for those more interested in creating the most realistic face on their avatar or looking at stadium details, then at least be honest about it. The way the new features was presented this year, like a bad college video, was more than enough to convince me that this version had gone in the wrong direction (pretty much without reading anything about it). All that effort could have been used to rather fix media and making a decent match screen. Hopefully I can start playing around new years, if SI takes the problem by its root in future patches, and some good skin artists have come up with user friendly interfaces. ...and yes I know. Everything was better before..
  2. Actually it's not second last player, but second last screen. I've tried to clear the cache.
  3. Hi, Is there any reason why, i.e after making a transfer bid, you're being sent to the second last player you looked at? I can't see any reason for this and if there is no obvious reason that I don't see, I can understand why it's not fixed. Surely it can't be a big thing, but it's extremely annoying having to make a new search to get back to the player you were working on.
  4. My first impressions;¨ - Tactic screen is a big step back and the previous version was much better. IRoles and duties should be on the field, and the new sidebar removed. There is no reason why slots for 12 subsitutes should occupy the first part of the screen, having to scoll to see your players and their statuses. - It's extremely annoying that you can't right click on a players name in their profile screen to ie make an offer or shortlist them. You have to go through the drop down menus or finding his mane another place on the screen and double click there. - Also while you're at a players profile, and want to perform different actions like making a bid or have a conversation, when finished it doesn't go back to the player profile, but the previous page before that. Why on earth would it be like that? I guess it's not considered a bug since it's not fixed yet (must be fairly easy to fix), so what is the reasoning behind this?
  5. I've no problems dealing with "idiots" as we see them many places in the game, but this is obviously not intentional and I'm surprised that it's not being fixed. This is just two examples but this happens a lot in different forms and shapes, like i.e your examples Pelz. I can live with this until the next patch, but it would be nice to get confirmed that this is something SI is aware of.
  6. I've had a lot of instances where players wants to discuss their future with me at the strangest times in the season. Just now I had one player who wanted to move to a bigger team, but when I told him he could achieve his ambitions here and that we're seeking to gain promotion this season (we're secured play off with one match to go), he says he can't wait that long. Then after the last match, with only play-off games left, another player comes to me worried about the lack of first team football. Being a hot prospect I had plans for him next season and promised him first team football then, however he couldn't wit that long and got pissed when I didn't want to send him on loan (to who, season is over?). This needs to be sorted out as it affects my team morale before the important play off matches... Anyone who knows if this is a known issue?
  7. No one really? Must be a possibility to turn it off?
  8. In my game Colin Pascoe has agreed to pay Kolo Toure almost 30k in order for him to change clubs. How can he do this on my behalf, when he's not in charge for anything regarding transfers?
  9. Hi, Anyone knows how to get rid of the rotating stadium in the background on matchday? I managed last year, but can't find/remember it this year. The whole thing is making me dizzy... Appreciate all help
  10. I hope that is the case, but then it is the managerial abilities of the AI's that aren't differensiated enough. There should be a difference in how often a top manager are able to exploit those "weaknesses" in our lack of experience, but right now it seems like it is the same case playing a team in the Premier League or Blue Square.. If SI or anyone else actually feels that this isn't a problem and is working the way it should, then one should really make an effort to explain why. Short "it's your tactic-answers" will never solve anything..
  11. If that had been the case, they wouldn't have created 30 chances/shots every game without scoring. Nor would AI have 50% or more utlilization on their chances all the time. I'm not saying that there is some kind of conspiracy behind this, but the explanations to why the differences are so extreme are not good enough.
  12. The explaination that someone needs to come up with is why this "only" happens with teams managed by players and not AI-teams. I think I can count at one hand the times I've seen this happen for me against an AI opponent the last 4-5 years, but the other way around I could have given you numerous examples. For me, if the ME is working properly, it shouldn't make any difference between AI and us, but obviously it does.
  13. I'd rather have plenty of patches throughout the game, instead of having to wait a long time for one or two major ones to be launched. Also, the latter option would also leads to bigger problems if it has been "tweaked" too much. That said, the level of errors in the release version of the games the last years have been way too high. In my opinion this is a result of the game now using more time on looking good rather than being realistic, which leads it closer and closer to any FIFA-hybrid. I can live with the same ME being used in many releases in a row, if it's just tweaked as close to realistic as possible. I do not need 100 new features every year or an even cooler looking 3d-simulation, as I'm buying Football Manager for the realism. The fact that they stop patching the game halfway through its "life cycle" is more annoying. I understand that they need to focus on next years game, but given the history of the last releases, one thing should exclude the other. I'm one of those wondering if I should play one of the games for 1,5 years and then start chagning games after each january patch instead. That way you get the game at half price with less errors (which obviously creates more value) but uses the game for the same period. Unfortunately this far, I've been way too impatient for this However the likelyhood of me dropping one of the games soon (I have all of the games both in teh CM/FM series) increases every year, and I don't think I'm alone unfortunately.
  14. To lower the level of ratings in itself isn't a problem as long as every other aspect that gets indirectly influented such as morale also takes this into consideration, but that some positions seems to get the "blame" for everything or that it leads to a downward spiral isn't good at all. IMO it has been to easy earlier to get good ratings, especially for DM/DC's and goalscorers, but it just needs to be linked to the actual performance/stats of that player. I've been annoyed for many years that a penalty would like to a large increase in a players rating. You can still be crap and net a penalty, but I've never seen this in the game. I'm not sure how the player ratings are calculated, but if it's linked to the stats for each game, surely it can't be too hard to fix the issue and hopefully we'll be seeing results of this in the next patch.
  15. For me this was the same in FM13, and maybe the single most annoying thing with the game as it is so unrealistic. Almost no matter how my game went, losing or winning (unless a player scored a lot), my defenders or defensive midfielders got a high rating. I cuold put in junior players in the same positions and they still got rated high. For me defenders either got a high score or a low score (of a mistake lead to a goal), seldom average. I'm therefore very suprised to here that this hasn't been changed in FM14 (haven't played the game yet). Could someone please confirm that this is being looked into?
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