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  1. The crashes ive provided the dmp files for have all happened since using a custom db (for Jan transfers) yes
  2. This is a nightmare FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.08 00.39.08).dmp and there was another crash which didnt generate a dmp file i'm now using a custom db, badges and faces but again these are relatively new additions and ive had the crashing problem before using them. runing 5 nations and 11 leagues. 37000 players wy do you need this? DxDiag.txt
  3. the french reserve teams seem to be limited to the National 2 divisions from what ive seen
  4. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.01 21.03.24).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.02 23.55.21).dmp
  5. another crash dump FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.03.31 01.06.49).dmp
  6. yes the crash dumps i attached are the only crash dumps i have on my windows 10 pc (upgraded from 7 recently where for some reason crash dumps werent being saved at all). my updates come automatically through steam so i'm on 18.3.3 since it was released. i think that update pre dates the crash which froze the game turning the game screen white
  7. i am using a custom db now and was when i got the crash which caused the white screen. Is this a known issue then? The custom db is very new and i wasnt using it when the crash dumps i attached were created
  8. I like this game but every version i have ever bought over the years has had the problem of a random crash here and there. Now the other day i beat barcelona 3-0 with 10 men, beat my only rivals in the league and progress in the french cup all in the space of about a week game time and then my game randomly crashes. Fuming. But this time its not the normal crash which creates a popup error message but instead the game screen goes black for a second and then white and the window is frozen and cannot be minimised but all other applicatoiosn work fine. Doesnt look like a dump file was created unfortunately but i have a couple of others. I have tried the suggested fixes but still get random crashes. I do use autosave btw but these crashes still cause me to have to replay and often lose games that i'd previously won. To be honest it makes you want to put the game down and not pick it back up FM 2018 v18.3.1.1071766 (2018.03.09 22.33.09).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.1.1071766 (2018.03.11 20.15.28).dmp
  9. I have a monitor with 1280x720 resolution set as my main display on a dual monitor set-up. However when i open FM18 it starts in windowed mode which i when i try to change to full screen it only has an option for 1360x768 (which is the resolution of the 2nd monitor which i dont want to use) and even if i try to change to that the 'Screen Mode Changed' box which appears has a 'Yes' and 'No' option which dont work when i click on them and the screen mode resets after 15 seconds to windowed. I would use windowed mode except it cuts off graphics at the bottom of the screen on some pages
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